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Costa rica photo album


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Costa rica photo album

  1. 1. September 6, 2005 Poás Volcano has the largest crater in the world. The last volcanic activity was recorded in 1996.
  2. 2. Botos Lagoon is an extinct volcano that has been filled up by rainwater. There aren’t any living creatures in the water because it is so acidic. It is about a 20 min. walk east of the Poás crater.
  3. 3. The “Ring of Fire” Mariano shows the Melissa students that Carlos volcanic Tiffany activity around Paula the world Daniela forms a big circle. Valeria
  4. 4. These photos are of an area close to a volcano in Northern Costa Rica. Hot steam, vocanic rocks and gray mud covered the ground. It was really awesome to see!
  5. 5. Turrialba River
  6. 6. Dominic Alli
  7. 7. Graduation 2009