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Usability issues in mobile web


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Usability issues in mobile web

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION here were 40.04 million users accessing the mobile Internet at least once a month and number increased by 73% over a period of two year. s the prevalence of PDA and other smart devices with Internet connectivity increase, so does the need for attention to the usability of these devices.
  3. 3. PROBLEMS obile devices present several unique problems in addition to the standard usability issues that challenge Web designers. ssues associated with mobile devices are a function of the devices mall Size
  4. 4. low computer hardware low or sometimes  unreliable connectivity ost sites are designed for full scale PCs or laptops and they do not take the mobile user into account.
  5. 5. IMPACT OF LOW RESOLUTION he high resolution screens were spend less time scrolling then there low resolution. obile users spend more time attempting to locate information rather than simply browsing . inimize the amount of scrolling required to find information
  6. 6. IMPACT OF LIMITED SCREEN SIZE ne of the most salient usability issues for the mobile Web is the limited screen size. obile users lack the ability to scan an entire page to locate information. eparate HTML mark-up language
  7. 7. SUMMARY he mobile Web poses several unique challenges to usability researchers and designers. hese challenges are compounded by the mobile Web environment being only a part of the Web universe. hat may be most needed in mobile/Web usability is a standardization of the usability process so comparisons can be