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Project brief

  1. 1. PROJECT BRIEF 1. Project Tittle: Construction hostel 2. Location: At the back of the Taylor’s Lakeside University, the large empty land in front of the building under construction.
  2. 2. 3. Objective: (A) To provide enough rooms for students to live (B) Solve transportation problem 4. Benefits: to provide a comfortable place and a silent place for students to rest and study they homework and etc. 5. Sector: (A) Entertainment-Gym, swimming pool and snooker. (B) Guard House. 6. Site Plan: Our archictect has already design the plan of the hostel, included exterior look and interior look, student’s bedroom, toilet, car parking and etc.
  3. 3. 7. State of Preparation in this construction: Project aim: The aim of this project is to create a better and comfortable place for students. Meanwhile, we also have provided some entertainment place for student to relax at the roof top and also study room. Otherwise, we also provided high security level to protected students to make them safe within the hostel area. 8. Project justification: Once completed, this building would help to: a) Student can enjoy they happy life within the hostel area. b) Student may have quite and comfortable place they study. c) Increase the security level so that can help to prevent something bad happen and protected the student safely. d) Students have enough room to stay within the Taylor’s Lakeside University area. e) Can solve transportation problem. f) Provided enough car park within the hostel area.
  4. 4. 9. Our project main objective: a) Improve the security level to keep students in safe. b) Provided a better and comfortable place for students to relax and studying they homework. c) To use full of the whole land that we choose to built our hostel. d) Provided full of facilities inside of the hostel. 10.Project Description: a) Constructing a 5 level high hostel at the back of our school. b) Prepared enough material to built up the whole hostel. c) Drainage works started properly. 11.Our project merit: once the whole project was completed, it would help: a) Student will safety while leaving they room. b) Avoid transportation problem. c) Safe a lot of times when they going to school. 12. Cost estimate: a) Salary for the workers: RMXXX (each) b) Materials Fee: RMXXXXXX c) Facilities Fee: RMXXXXX d) Decoration Fee: RMXXXX 13. Duration of the whole project: From 29th July 2013 until 30th January 2015, almost 1 year 7 months.
  5. 5. 14. Need help from technical assistance during the construction: We need a professional engineers and constractor to assist the whole construction and project manager to give out a clearly plan about this project. So that we know how the progress of the hostel’s construction. 15. Problems and proposed actions that we facing while construction is under process: Weather, materials that have provided Is not enough and etc. 16.Current situation of project: The current situation of our project so far don’t have any problem, plus we build the hostel on the steady soil land and the pillar supporter also very strong and steadily. 17. Contact Information: a) Project Manager: Mr Darren Ong - 0145678910 b) Architect: Mr Voon Sze Lun c) Quantity Surveyor: Ms Karen Kong - 0143905576 d) Landscape Architect: Mr Beelly Vun - 0168399547 e) Engineer: Mr Ngu Xian Loong - 0198028618 f) Contractor: Mr. Mak Mun Choon - 0165273940