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Moral journal, mak


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Moral journal, mak

  1. 1. Biography Name : Mak Mun Choon Student ID : 0314928 School : Foundation in Natural, Built and Environment D.O.B : 12/2/1995 P.O.B : Kuala Lumpur, Selangor Address :D4-1, Rose Vista Condo, Jalan 18, Taman Cahaya,68000,Ampang,Selangor. Email Address :
  2. 2. Mak Mun Choon 10th April 2013, Wednesday 10am to 2pm The day was my first Moral Education class. I was surprised to see many unknown faces from other courses. Then, my lecturer isMr.Serit and he briefed us about the subject and introduced about himself. After that, we were given a project that was to form a group of about 10 people in one group, I had meet some new friends from other course and we had to visit a place to help out.After forming our group, we elected BeellyVun as our group leader. He is the student in FNBE. All boys recommended him to be group leader as they believed that he was capable of guiding us in the assignment. Then we had a small meeting about the project. We need to decideto choose orphanage as the place that we would visit. Finally, we chooseRumahCharis which was an orphanage as our place of community service. 17th April 2013, Wednesday 10am to 4pm I was really surprise because we were supposed to submit the proposal today but we had not even started even a word. We were totally panic and asked for extension of the due date from Mr.Serit. Then we started to do the proposal and luckily due to our cooperation, the proposal was done on time within few hours. After class, I finally can release my stress. 24th April 2013, Wednesday 10am to 12pm We only managed to submit the proposal today, it was accepted by Mr.Serit. We were all very excited and waiting the day to the visit to orphanage. 8th May 2013, Wednesday 12pm to 2pm Today is our last meeting before going to the orphanage, we were all given something to do andsomething to bring on to the orphanage this coming Saturday by individually. The works were divided to everyone so that we can co-operate and make things more easier and better. I was assigned to prepare some entertainment for the kids. During the meeting,
  3. 3. we discussed about the transportation for the visit and we got two car for going to RumahCharis. The drivers of that day were Xian Loong and ChooKarKar. 11th May 2013, Saturday 10am to 6pm Today is the day we going to the RumahCharis. I woke up early to prepare the stuffs that I need to bring on to the RumahCharis. We all gathered at school first after we all member arrive, we started our journey. We were all very clamed and also talked about the visit during the way to Rumahcharis. We arrived to there in 45 minutes earlier, so we went to a restaurant near the orphanage to have our breakfast. After Breakfast, we headed back to the orphanage. We were welcomed greatly by the elders. Then the person who in charge brought us to walked around and told us what to do and we saw many young children their age maybe from 5 to 16 years old. They are so cute and friendly when we walk in to the place.Then we decide our work to clean up the places. After us cleaning about two hours, we are going out to have our lunch at KFC. After having our delicious meal we back to the orphanage to complete our work. After finishing our work, we play some games with the orphans and also gave out some candy to them. They were really happy. Although they’re alone without parents, but they have friends around and they help each other to stay strong. At about 6 o clock evening, we went to take a group photo with them and left the orphanage. It was a great day and I had learnmanythings on the trip.Through this community service, I realized that I am fortunate as I have a complete and loving family. I learned to appreciate and cherish every single moment I spend with my family without hurting and blaming them. 26th June 2013, Wednesday, 12pm to 4pm After a month, we met our group members again to accomplish the rest part of assignment. That time I got many assignments on my hand so I need to catch up with each other for a meeting to finish up the report although everyone was really busy.Due to our hard works, finally our moral assignment is done. I felt exited to do this moral assignment with my group members because they were good partner if got chance in future, I would still choose them as my group members and doing the work together. 3rd July 2013, Wednesday, 10am to 1pm This day We showed Mr.Serit our report and fortunately everything was fine. So we continue to finish it up. During the trip to RumahCharis, I had learn that we must be thankful because we have a good place to grow up and study. This trip is a good experience to me.