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Tarea Manejo de tecnologias


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Tarea de la clase de manejo de tecnologias manejo de PowerPoint ...

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Tarea Manejo de tecnologias

  1. 1. Bogota in the last 20 years feel a different choices in theenvironment of culture, public transports, security,education, public constructions and others more, todefinitely all the people try to send a one message, needhelp from the local government and mayor to fix a lot ofproblems present day per day in the most important city ofthe country.
  2. 2. During the early 1990s Bogotá was the capital city of Colombiaand by far the "worst city in the world". Doomed by corruption,narcotraffic, chaos, poverty and violence, Bogotá was at urbandecay.
  3. 3. Then the new policies and try to change of citizen culture, in themidst of collapse the news independent mayor of Bogota, creativea new and different politicians with radically new methodschanged the city at a speed never imagined. Recreate Bogota inthe items like better security, transportation but also a prettier andhappier city.
  4. 4. One of the principal problems and startto change is to protest for manygeneral items against corruption,education, culture citizen, security,public transport, public places, visualpollution that ought to be forbidden onwalls, buildings and houses and otherssocial problems.
  5. 5. Then will to start change the principal reason of the individualproblem, the culture, change moral to the way of the integrity oflife, respect the life and start to transform the city and the sametime organize the state organism to send one message, no morecorruption and will should build with the taxes, a new city, build anew schools, organize the illegal neighborhoods and build moresocial equality, transform the streets in avenues, give morespaces to the cars at the same time respect with the others andtransform itself.
  6. 6. The proposal is to transform the city physically anddemocratically, building parks, sidewalks, bike ways, bussystem, good schools, libraries and hospitals.
  7. 7. The Cartucho Street was demolish, a large suburb indowntown Bogota to be transform, tercer mileniopark and the San Victorino plaza to park of SanVictorino, and the others renovation places at thedowntown city.
  8. 8. The city created a public transportationsystem, TransMilenio, which connectthe entire city, where the buses will beclean and tidy, to contribute aprogress, but the progress of thatsystem in these moments havecorruption, chaos for many peopleused the TransMilenio system.
  9. 9. Petro said in his campaign of government:This transformation that led him important issue for foreigninvestment, new shopping centers, business center, hotelsand other, leading to Bogota is an attractive city, but alwaysfighting against violence, insecurity, inequality and corruptionis delaying the development for good living citizen.