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Esl Writing And Games


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suggestions and ideas on how to match games and writing in an esl class.

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Esl Writing And Games

  1. 1. ESL Writing and games A possible match Adapted from Simone Gordon Gellhaar’s presentation at 7th LAURELS International Conference By Dani Lyra
  2. 2. Memory Games • Match word to picture. • Match picture to sentence. • Match questions to answers.
  3. 3. Give a digital twist. • Use a photoediting site to upload your flashcards and ask students to practice at home. See na exampke here Flickr See na example here Quizlet
  4. 4. Tic- Tac-Toe • Unscramble words • Unscramble sentences • Write questions on the Tic-Tac-Toe and students answer them on the board. • Write questions on the Tic – Tac- Toe and students answer them on the board. • Have pictures / words on the Tic-Tac-Toe and students write the vocabulary or sentences/ questions with the pictures.
  5. 5. Missing letters: • Write words or sentences with missing letters and have students complete them. • Circuit Game • Relay Race • Hot Bag
  6. 6. Relay Races • Divide students into two groups and have them line up facing the board. There are different games that you can play: • Writing words • Writing sentences. • Answering questions. • Circle and erase words. • Chinese whispers. Whisper words/sentences/miming
  7. 7. Hangman • With words • With sentences • With questions
  8. 8. Writing from picture • Show students a picture ( e.g. a scene with objects in different places, a scene with people doing different actions, a book cover. Play different games. • Write words from it. • Write sentences about it. • Answer questions about it. • Write questions about it. • Describe a scene or a picture or a book so that another student can identify the picture.
  9. 9. Matching • Give each student or group a picture, give strips of paper. Have students put the strips in oder to make a sentence.