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Toyota Case Study - LIVE MARKETING

LIVE MARKETING Case study on Toyota

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Toyota Case Study - LIVE MARKETING

  1. 1. Dms Intelligence™ Intelligent Customer Engagement Initshighlycompetitiveanddiverse Northern Florida region,this dealer workswithLIVE MARKETING tooptimizebothcosts andimpactsof frequentdirectmail(DM)campaigns. Withcustomersspreadacrossnorth Florida, as well as many diverse households, LIVE MARKETINGhascategorizedthebrand’scustomerhouseholdsintothreegroupingsbasedoncampaign responserates andcorrespondingsalesimpactstohelpthebrandbuildanoptimizedcombinationofdirectmail,email and textcommunicationsfor variouscampaigns. Thesolution hasreducedthebrand’smonthlyDMcampaigncostsbyanaverageof50% andcontributed over$278Kintop- linevalue. BUSINESSOBJECTIVE As part of its multichannel marketing strategy this dealer drops monthly direct mailers to thousands of households in Jacksonville area at an average cost of $1.25 per piece. While monthly direct mail delivers strong awareness around new product launches This Dealer wanted to improve campaign ROI with better targeting, and eliminate non relevant messages. The brand also wanted to gain insights about which households were most responsive to direct mail and which segments might be more effectively targeted via other channels such as email or text message. To cope with competition from other dealers, the brand wanted to leverage customer-response to try and raise Car/Truck sales in such a heavily saturated market. THE SOLUTION LIVE MARKETING harmonized this dealer’s existing customer DMS and transactions data by building purchase and campaign response profiles for every household targeted... The company defined response indexes by calculating ratios comparing sales during campaign periods to same-duration average sales generated both before and after campaigns. The brand’s customer base in Jacksonville was categorized into three groups — (1) High (1.31 average response index), (2) Medium (1.16 average) and (3) Low (1.01). For each direct mail campaign, Group 1 had a positive impact on the brand’s top-line while Group3 had a nil or negative contribution. ©LIVE MARKETING,2014AllRightsReserve WHY LIVE MARKETING? "LIVE MARKETING is our data partner and since using LIVE MARKETING Intelligence™ Solutions, we have been able to unlock insights from our database to offer our customers targeted messages and deals and to drive sales increments for our dealership. Their analytical solutions have helped us identify our customers’ responsiveness to different product segments and associated repeat tendencies, enabling us to better design product launch campaign, therefore reducing waste." Industry : Automotive Sales New and Used No.ofStores: 2 Rooftops Geography: Jacksonville Fl. Key Challenges >ReduceDMinvestmentandexplorealternatives todirectmailers >Mapsector-wiseDMcampaignresponserates to build geographic intelligence > Explore high-gross potential customers Solution > LIVE MARKETING IntelligenceTM > LIVE MARKETING ConciergeTM > LIVE Dashboard Analytics™ Highlights of This Dealer’s Customer EngagementProgram: > Monthly DM investments down 50% >Higherrevenues(onaverage of 2k per transaction) withoptimizedDMcampaigns >Totalbenefit of $278K in just four months >Campaignhitratesashighas2.2% CASESTUDY LIVE MARKETING Drops This Toyota Scion Dealer DIRECT MAIL COSTS BY AN AVERAGE 50% For over 30 years this Toyota dealer has been serving Toyota customers from Jacksonville, Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. They carry a large inventory of new Toyotas, like the Toyota Camry, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Sienna, and Toyota Prius. Customers are the focus of everything they do. They are committed to integrity, teamwork, pride and family values.
  2. 2. Dms Intelligence™ Intelligent Customer Engagement Highsaleszone Mid sales zone Mid sales zone Low sales zone Customersrankedintosegmentsaccording sector’s performance Bottom-line savings on DM Costs – A 4 month snapshot LIVE MARKETING built a channel optimization solution for this dealer, which leveraged a combination of direct mail, email and text communications across the three groups to reduce campaign expenses and strengthen direct mail ROI. Mailers are now used in varying frequencies to generate brand awareness among Groups 2 and 3, while Group 1 – the most responsive – is engaged more consistently with direct mail. Groups not being engaged in particular direct mail campaign sequences get engaged via text message, which potentially drive higher sales conversions than print mailers. Campaign Months DM delivery CRM Conversions 1 Group 1& 2 Grp 2 95 2 Group 2 & 3 Grp 1 5 3 Group 1 & 2 Grp 3 25 4 Group 2 & 3 Grp 1 4 LIVE MARKETING also creates heat-maps for response groupings across various locations to help this dealer continue to use multimedia marketing in areas with highconcentrationsofGroup1and2households. BUSINESS BENEFITS Along withincreasedfoot fallsand betteroverallresponserates and conversions, this dealer has seen over $278K in incremental value added to its top line over just four months with LIVE MARKTINGS DMS Intelligence™ solution in place. Direct mail and other customer campaigns are now synchronized to bear identical messages and offers, providing consistent experiences to all North Florida based customers. With text communications replacing DM in two-thirds of campaigns to low-response Group 3 households and one-third of campaigns to medium-response Group 2 households, this dealer’s monthly direct mail costs have dropped 50%. With LIVE MARKETINGS’ heat-mapping of responsive segments across Jacksonville area, this dealer also now enjoys field- levelintelligenceon multimedia marketing. Promotion Name Equity Tuxedo Buy Back Recall Drop Strategy Grp 1 & 2 SMS 3 & 4 Grp 3 & 4 SMS 1& 2 Grp 1 & 2 SMS 3 & 4 Grp 3 & 4 SMS 1& 2 Savings in Cost 3165.00 8775.00 2363.13 5857.00 Extra Revenue 190,000.00 10,000.00 50,000.00 8,000.00 Profit $278,160.13 Solution Facts >DMsoptimizedacrossresponsiveandnon- responsive groupings of customer households > Sectors with skepticalresponseswere targeted manytimestodefinenature correctly >DMlow-responsesectorstargetedpreferentially throughCRMcommunications >OptimizedDMcampaignsstructuredtoavoid clashingwithCRMcampaigns > Text communications replacing DM, requiring just10% of investment >Synchronizedmessaging—textande-mail communicationsbear same messages as DMs “..We have seen better ROI on marketing investments with LIVE MARKETING’S suggestions and campaigns. Their team is supportive and prompt;they areatrue partnertous.”
  3. 3. Dms Intelligence™ Intelligent Customer Engagement About LIVE MARKETING LIVE MARKETING is the auto industry's first data driven marketing engine platform and connects over 9 million consumer records from the dealerships own data management system, builds consumer profile, markets a vehicle to those buyers, to call them to engage with the dealer, in a very time sensitive campaign. Founded by a team of veteran automotive and visionary pioneers in the data community, serving dealers for over 36 years, the company's mission is to disrupt traditional, old fashion campaigns and drive showroom-up rates through the roof. Allowing auto dealers to concentrate on selling, rather than mindless routine marketing habits that prove to be worthless. LIVE MARKETING has patent-pending unique algorithm that is used to mine the data in your DMS, and is delivering campaigns through direct, digital, and email designed to reach the right customers at the right time. This technology has a high conversion rate and at a fraction of the cost of other marketing options. LIVE MARKETING is based in Tampa, Florida. More info: CLIENTSINCLUDE: TOYOTA|HYUNDAI|FORD|SUBURU|CHEVROLET Visit for more details. Direct contact call 1-855-795-3322 or ©LIVE MARKETING, 2014AllRightsReserved Florida| Georgia|New York|California|Washington DC|Detroit|Utah|Texas