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AWS Mobile Hub Overview


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From my session at AWS Summit Barcelona on November 5th, 2015

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AWS Mobile Hub Overview

  1. 1. ©2015,  Amazon  Web  Services,  Inc.  or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved AWS Mobile Hub Overview Build, Test, and Monitor Your Mobile Apps Danilo Poccia, AWS Technical Evangelist @danilop
  2. 2. What to Expect from the Session 1.  Mobile Hub background 2.  Feature overview 3.  Demo
  3. 3. The best mobile apps are built on AWS
  4. 4. “Mobile” growing in all directions Published mobile apps continue to grow… …As “mobile” platforms expand to new domains TV Watch Car *Source: Vision Mobile 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 2011 2012 2013 2014 Published Apps in App Stores ('000s)* iOS App Store Google Play
  5. 5. Apps are also getting more complex …To cloud-connected appsFrom basic client apps… Sign-in/Social Push notifications Usage analytics Cloud storage Crash analytics Ads Attribution analytics Config management Custom back ends
  6. 6. “AWS has what we need, but…it’s complex” 1. Which services should I use? 2. How do I connect them? Identity provider SDKs + = Example: Login screen & integration code + SDK
  7. 7. There has to be a better way…
  8. 8. Introducing: The AWS Mobile Hub (Beta) 1. Single integrated console 2. Pre-built features 3. Auto-provisioned services 4. Auto-generated app Result: Build apps on AWS in minutes
  9. 9. Introducing: The AWS Mobile Hub (Beta)
  10. 10. Create a project and add features
  11. 11. Configure how your users sign in: •  No sign-in, optional, or mandatory Configure sign-in providers: •  Facebook (Google, Twitter, Amazon to follow) •  Your own system Adds a sign-in screen to your quickstart app Powered by Amazon Cognito Identity User sign-in
  12. 12. Send push notifications to your apps •  iOS or Android •  1:1 or topic/subscription based Quickstart app demonstrates features •  Enable/disable notifications •  Auto-registers push tokens with SNS •  Lets you select topic subscriptions Powered by Amazon SNS Push notifications
  13. 13. Store application assets in the cloud •  Example: Resource files or media assets Use a CDN for faster delivery (optional) Quickstart app includes on-device cache logic •  Set max cache size •  Pin specific files to the cache Powered by Amazon S3 and CloudFront App content delivery
  14. 14. Store user files such as photos •  User-only access or all-user access Store user profile data •  Key-value pairs •  Syncs across devices where user signed in Quickstart app includes usage examples •  Contains file browser and color selector Powered by Amazon S3 and Amazon Cognito Sync User data storage
  15. 15. Monitor app usage with analytics •  Session, monetization, and custom events •  Monitor active users, monetization, retention Quickstart app includes all three event types Access your dashboard from the Mobile Hub App analytics Powered by Amazon Mobile Analytics
  16. 16. Run back-end code in the cloud •  Share functions across apps •  Update on the fly without app submissions Call directly from your mobile app •  You define inputs/outputs Write in Java, Javascript, or Python You write code, we manage infrastructure Powered by AWS Lambda Cloud logic
  17. 17. Download your starter app & start coding…
  18. 18. Testing apps with Amazon Device Farm
  19. 19. Monitoring usage with Mobile Analytics
  20. 20. <demo> . . . </demo>
  21. 21. AWS Mobile Hub (Beta) available now! •  Listed in the AWS Management Console •  Also at •  Services provisioned in US-East-1 •  Plan to add Tokyo and Dublin shortly •  AWS Mobile Hub is a free service •  You pay for the services you use (e.g. S3) •  Just getting started… •  Send ideas to
  22. 22. BARCELONA Danilo Poccia, AWS Technical Evangelist @danilop