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rim marketing powerpoint

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  • So basically I have no idea if we should even use these points or just take them out completely. We could just say them and use the following graph as a reference?? Hmmm not sure.
  • tadahhh… so this is my sick graph.
  • -Applegenious branding approach/blackberrys outdated reliance on holding the monopoly in the smartphone mrkt-Anroid emerged leaving blackberry behind in North American Mrkt-Stubborn mgmt unwilling to deal with bb issues properly and adapt to the now fast paced world of smrtphones-NETWORK CRASH up to 3 days of shotty network and unusable bbm 2010
  • BB delays launch in order for OS to be tweaked and ensured free of glitchesBB encountered user confusion… is it a business phone or just a personal phone? Network issues have lead to user frustration and even abandonment. Loyal BB users have made the switch to Apple and Google because of thisNetwork issues are above all the cause of RIM sinking market shareIn order to regain customer retention and loyalty, network would have to be revamped completely With Apple and Android holding such a strong influence on the market, RIM new they would be better off moving away from their target market and into their own loyal bb market
  • Rim

    1. 1. Kayla Striegler, Danilo Savo Chris Profiti, Judel Smith
    2. 2.  RIM grew rapidly during early 2000’s with the world first smart phone: The Blackberry Peaked in 2008 with 20% of global market share Over the last four years RIM has dropped astonishingly
    3. 3.  Poor interest in social media and web browsing designs Touch screen capabilities Decline in customer loyalty Lack of originality Network crashing Old messaging platform: Low stock price http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on- business/video-what-happened-to- rim/article4219694/
    4. 4.  April 2012: former CMO Keith Pardy resigned for “personal reasons June 2012: Frank Boulben takes over CMO position with new marketing strategies, research, and experience
    5. 5.  The delay in the launch of BB10 provided time and research to create a competitive advantage on market Business, personal or BOTH? Overcoming user doubt of network issues Diversification from APPLE and GOOGLE with a unique product outside of current smartphone competition
    6. 6.  User friendly approach Consolidation of social networking, business communications and time management Largest APP network predicted upon launch Aiming for product differentiation, not market domination Security and Email encryption Expanding on media components of device Traditional meets revolutionary
    7. 7. North America Regain momentum in U.S and North American Market Intergrade both consumer and business use Loyal customers with Network issuesInternational Current 78 million users Unify positioning globally Branding and clear image to market Further focus on market where dominant
    8. 8. BB10 Jam World Tour Invite developers and fans alike to “jam” with the BB10 team Generate excitement and curiosity Show off new operating system to developers http://crackberry.com/what-devs-are- saying-bb10-jam-world-tour-berlin
    9. 9. Carriers Positive response from carriers after meeting with over 30 globally Gaining interest and trustDevelopers Ease of new operating system is intriguing Largest platform of APPs available by launch of BB10
    10. 10. Threats Technology is a fast paced market Competition: Is BB10 different? Economy can consumers afford it? Customer Behavior is unpredictable
    11. 11. Opportunities Security will separate RIM in market Operating system and QNX Product differentiation user friendliness Relationships with Carriers and Developers "We have a clear shot at being the number three platform on the market. Were not just another open platform on the market, we are BlackBerry.“
    12. 12.  We would like to take this time to thank you for your attention Questions will now be answered Please take this time to comment on this presentation on Slideshare