New media technology examples


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New media technology examples

  1. 1. New Media Technologies Question 3
  2. 2. Safari: I used Safari to get pictures of existing album artworks in Pixton: order to research. I also used I used Pixton to create a cartoon comic Safari to search for existing strip to put up onto my blog. This artists and video reviews for creates a new way to display my work the construction of my video. and ideas. Blogger: I used Blogger to upload all my photos, final pieces and research processes. I found this really easy to use and quickly accessible.Wordle YouTube SlideShare Windows Live HotmailI used wordle to create I used YouTube to I used Slide I used Hotmail to emailbrainstorms of ideas. I research existing music Share to friends and teachersfound that this was an video’s, and to upload my upload all my about available times andexciting and more own. This was very PowerPoints places around thevisually pleasing way of useful, particularly in the to my blog. school, which wasdisplaying my thoughts. planning and research. necessary.
  3. 3. iPhone Facebook I used my iPhone to send I used facebook to gain texts to the actors in my feedback from my audience. video to make sure that they This was useful, however it is knew when to film, and so not completely reliable as that I could find out when short and inappropriate they were availible. comments can be made. Twitter QuickTime I used Twitter to gain feedback I used Quicktime to view from my audience, by uploading my latest video that I photographs and links to my was making, and also to blog. The response to this was create screen good, but infrequent. recordings of my pieceWordle in the process ofI used iTunes to making to upload to mysee the latest iMovie blog. This was verymusic videos, top I used iMovie to produce useful, but only when10 and what the my final product. I used the movie was in theaudience had rated many of the effects that it correct format.them. I also used provides and was alsothis to listen to my able to cut down and addchosen song, which parts to my video. Thiswas definitely very Was very helpful, however, it is very slow, anduseful in the took a long time to respond to my changes, or toproduction of my save new updated work to upload onto YouTube.piece.
  4. 4. Photoshop iPod I used Photoshop to create my ancillary I used my iPod tasks. This was a useful source, as I am during the shoot to familiar to the programe, and can use all listen to the song, to of the effects to add to my photographs, make sure that I had making them more professional. covered all the shots. CD’s I used CD’s that I had already to research into different songs and listen to the songs from the same genre, and also to look at the album artwork onCamera Apple Mac the front.I used a camera to take I used an Apple Mac tothe photographs which I create all of my work. PowerPointused in my ancillary This was useful as it has I used PowerPoint to createtasks. I also used this to iMovie, however it was my slideshows. This was verytake photographs of my very slow and availability good and easy to use, andaudience, whilst was limited so finding uploading onto blogger wasshowing them my video. time was difficult. not difficult at all.All of these products and programmes are part of new media technologies, and were all necessary inthe making of my production piece and ancillary tasks.