Human Aging System Diagram


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    Minard's main career was as an engineer for the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees in Paris. In 1840 he was asked to investigate the cause of the collapse of the bridge at Bourg St. Andeol on the Rhone. His report consisted of this drawing, to which words provide little extra by way of explanation.

    Why did the bridge collapse? As shown, the bed beneath the left side of the bridge had washed away.
    Image source: Tufte (1983, p. 39)
  • Human Aging System Diagram

    1. 1. HUMAN AGIND SYSTEM DIAGRAM (HASD) RCAT – Research center of advanced technologies Imminst Conference-2010, 10-th October, 2010 by Valerija Pride
    2. 2. HistorySeptember 2008 Medvedev D.
    3. 3. The goal A systemic organization of accumulated knowledge and determination of future directions to solve the problem of aging of human organism Фото: Corbis
    4. 4. A project of Russian Transhumanist Movement started in 2010 Some of the projects it operates:  CAD software NanoInventor  Human Aging System Diagram  Telepresence robot “Teleput”  “Path of upgrade” training center  Industry report of the fight against aging field RCAT – Research center of advanced technologies Place
    5. 5. Gerontologists have their puzzles too
    6. 6. Multidiscipline project HASD – is a multidiscipline project between gerontology and cognitive science 1. Геронтологи, молекулярные биологи и иные специалисты  обладают знанием предмета 2. Методологи-когнитивщики  обладают знанием о знании  как получить знания от специалистов  как их оценить  как организовать полученные знания  как сделать их доступными  определить требуемую меру полноты  как получить новые знания и возможности Specific
    7. 7. Three pillars in the basic of our results 1.scientificmethodology 2.methodologyofworking 3.visualmethods Methodology
    8. 8. WHAT ? 1. Our diagram describes human aging. We ignore the aging of other species. At the same time we may extrapolate some data from laboratory animals to humans.  Comment: This is quite common in hot areas of science of human biology. Scientific methodology
    9. 9. What ? 2. We think it’s necessary to extract the cause- and-effect relationships between the aging processes (properly described), not all processes that happen in the organism. At the same time, constant processes, such as “digestion” are not included, but more specific processes, such as “decrease of gastric juice”, can be (if it’s related to aging). Scientific HASD methodology
    10. 10. HOW ? 3. So how do we describe aging? In the Human Aging System Diagram we have concentrated on describing the human aging processes. So the basic units of information are different processes connected to blocks. So, HASD is not a diagram of metabolic pathways. Scientific HASD methodology
    11. 11. HOW ? 4. We describe aging starting at the top (natural primary causes) through cell disruption, decrease of function in tissues and organs and ending in pathologies and organism death (at the bottom). The entire process is one-directional (from top to bottom). ↓ Scientific HASD methodology
    12. 12. The initial aging-related HASD
    13. 13. HOW ? 5. No feedback loops Scientific methodology
    14. 14. Scientific methodology 6. The diagram should give sufficiently detailed elaboration of processes of ageing. The degree of elaboration is defined by internal logic of processes and the need to display sufficient details of aging process.
    15. 15. Additionally  The diagram qualitatively describes, but does not model the aging processes. In particular, the scheme is not equivalent to a computer model. Entering of numerical values into the diagram is supposed to happen at later stages of development of the project.  Other diagrams can be connected with HASD during the project. Scientific methodology
    16. 16. Working methodology Collecting knowledge (work with gerontologists and others)  expert interview using our methodology  distributed work Computer’s instruments  CmapTools  Get Satisfaction Analysis  TRIZ and other tools HASD work methodology
    17. 17. CMAP Tools
    18. 18. GetSatisfaction
    19. 19. GetSatisfaction
    20. 20. Cognitive convenience and more Visualization
    21. 21. Источник: Visualization “Report on the collapse of a bridge over the Rhone” in 1840 by visual engineer C. J. Minard: Can you see why did the bridge collapse?
    22. 22. Источник: Scientific evidence of effectiveness of modern supplements (for heart disease) Visualization
    23. 23. HASD HASD, var. № 50 meet
    24. 24. Top level diagram HASDFirstversion Second version
    25. 25. Our first experience in visualization
    26. 26. The authors 1. The concept author & first director of the project: Danila Medvedev, PhD, Research center for advanced technologies (RCAT), Moscow, Russia; 2. Artyuhov I.V., Institute of the Biology of Aging , Moscow, Russia; 3. Kaurov B.A., The Russian Roszdrav Research and Clinical Gerontological Center, Moscow, Russia; 4. Krementsova A.B., PhD, Institute of Biochemical Physics named after N.M. Emmanuel, Moscow, Russia; 5. Moskalev A.A., PhD, The Komi Institute of Biology of the Ural Region Research Center of the RF Academy of Sciences, Syktyvkar, The Komi Republic, Russia; 6. Mamayev V.B., PhD, Institute of Biochemical Physics named after N.M. Emmanuel, Moscow, Russia;
    27. 27. And… 6. Pasyukova E.H., PhD, Institute of Molecular Genetics, Moscow, Russia; 7. Sarvilina I.V., PhD, ООО «Medical Center «Novomeditcina», Rostov-on-Don, Russia; 8. Pride V., Research center for advanced technologies (RCAT), Moscow, Russia; 9. Yezhov M.D., Research center for advanced technologies (RCAT), Moscow, Russia; 10. Ilyin P.A., Research center for advanced technologies (RCAT), Moscow, Russia; 11. Maybe You ???? ;
    28. 28. Thank you for your attention! Research center of advanced technologies Human Aging System Diagram Our Sponsor: Group «Rostok» , A. Chikunov Russian Transhumanism Movement Valerija Pride +7 962 947-50-79