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0856680 Responsible Consumerism


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This slideshow about responsible consumerism explains the importance of thinking about the effect we have on our world before we make purchases. It depicts the system of consumerism that rules our society at the present time, and suggests a new model for the future. It also explores what being a responsible consumer means, and gives tips in three practical categories how to buy responsibly.

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0856680 Responsible Consumerism

  1. 1. consumerism
  2. 2. responsible consumerism means taking time to consider the effect you have on the world around you through the things that you buy. Waste Produced By North Americans 5.00 * pounds of waste produced 3.75 1978 2.50 2008 1.25 0 average North American our western society is obsessed with possessions. we are constantly buying and using and throwing away things. because we live on a finite planet, this system of consumerism cannot be sustained. it is selfish and unwise to continue living like this because it means we are making people on the other side of the world pay for our luxurious way of living. as a generation that has been raised to be the most avid consumers this world has seen yet, we must break the habit and start a new movement: responsible consumerism *
  3. 3. this is the story of our stuff: resources factories store. homes, garbage where lots of people come and and they use even though we are collected, waste is buy buy buy and these products are producing often by harming produced until a take more stuff for a short time much too much the environment, product is ready than they need and then throw waste, and have no and sent to the to go to the back to their them in the where to put it all!
  4. 4. * in the past three decades, one 33% third of the planet’s natural resources have been consumed. 67% if we continue to consume at this rate, we are in BIG trouble. *
  5. 5. there are three practical ways we can begin to be more responsible consumers:
  6. 6. 1 3 2 4 1. 2. 3. 4. recycle symbol
  7. 7. -replace your light bulbs with CFL’s (which use less energy and last longer) -don’t buy bottled water -instead of driving, buy a bike -shop with reusable shopping bags -buy items that are easily recyclable
  8. 8. -shop local -buy used when possible -read clothing company policies on child labour before purchasing their merchandise -buy coffee and chocolate (and any other groceries that you can) at a fair trade shop -look for the fair trade mark on labels * *
  9. 9. -don’t upgrade your old technology until it is absolutely necessary -choose to own less clothing -don’t eat out as often -instead of birthday or Christmas gifts, give a charitable donation in someone’s name and by paying attention in these three areas, we may be able to create a more sustainable consumer model for our world . . .