Wwi propaganda


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Wwi propaganda

  1. 1. WWI on the Homefront The Propaganda War
  2. 2. What is propaganda?Propaganda is a word usedto describe the process ofpersuading people tobelieve in a certain idea ora set of ideas.
  3. 3. Why was propaganda used?In the First World War, propagandawas first used to: To encourage men to enlist in the armed forces To encourage people to conserve on the Home Front To encourage people to contribute to the war effort in any manner they could To make people hate the Germans.
  4. 4. How was propaganda used?Enlistment posters form the Great War, could fire up theimagination of young men and make them eager to join theArmed forces.Propaganda was also used to appeal to the women of Canada.They would try to encourage women to persuade theirsons, brothers and husbands to go off and fight in the war.Posters were also used to encourage support for the war effortat home.The government encouraged people to do their part (contributeand conserve) and to make them hate the Germans.The government really attempted to encourage conservation ofmaterials and food that could be used on the Western Front.
  5. 5. In summary…Propaganda was used for fourmain reasons:To encourage men to enlist in thearmed forcesTo encourage people to conserveon the Home FrontTo encourage people tocontribute to the war effort in anymanner they couldTo make people hate theGermans.
  6. 6. The Main Techniques of PropagandaThe main human emotion that any propaganda poster willtry to appeal to is our sense of guilt.In order to achieve the objectives for propaganda, therewere two types or styles of propaganda used during thewar: a) Positive and b) Negative
  7. 7. PositiveTo encourage the readers or viewers to feel that they werepart of the effort in helping to win the war and stop theGermans.That the war was being won.
  8. 8. NegativeDesigned to play on thepublics fears.The war might be lost orsoldiers will die if you don’t doyour partThe enemy would be portrayedas a threat to everyones safetyand way of life.At times Germans were drawnto look evil or like monsters.
  9. 9. Your turnWorld War I Propaganda Poster Analysis Questions: GO to the following website and choose four posters to analyse: http://digital.library.mcgill.ca/warposters/search/searchresu lt.php For every poster you analyse you must use the following questions :
  10. 10. Questions1) What are the contents of the poster? a. What are the main colours used in the poster? b. What graphic images are included in the poster? c. What symbols (if any) are used in the poster?2) Who is the intended target (the audience) of the propaganda?3) Who is the sender of the message (what side is the poster for, which side is it against)?4) What is the message in the poster?a. Is it positive or negative? Explain how you reached this conclusion.b. Which of the four reasons is this poster achieving? Explain how you reached thisconclusion.5) What is the overall effect or outcome of the poster?