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Pml1 copy

  1. 1. A Pedagogy ofMultiliteracies Danika Barker
  2. 2. Welcome• Who am I?• What are we going to be learning about?
  3. 3. Danika Barker • Website: • Twitter: @danikabarker • Email:
  4. 4. Course Overview• OWL• Readings• Assignments
  5. 5. Classroom Overview• Goals: Immersion in Multiliteracies• Modelling a variety of instructional strategies• Gradual Release of Responsibility• Context
  6. 6. What does it mean to be literate in the 21st Century?
  7. 7. setting a Purpose for Viewing “squared” with me “peaked” my interest still “rolling” around in my head
  8. 8. QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  9. 9. Changing to Learn QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  10. 10. History of “Literacy”
  11. 11. The new Economy
  12. 12. Multiliteracies? social changetechnological economic change change
  13. 13. Next Week1) Read Chart for Analysing a Text2) Read Rodd, Zoe, and Jaclyn’s blogs (links all in syllabusand posted on my blog)3) Complete the literacy survey and think about how youwould redesign it for use with your students in your nextplacement.