Vc portfolio overview by daniil pyzhlakov april 2013


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Vc portfolio overview by daniil pyzhlakov april 2013

  1. 1. by Daniil Pyzhlakovpyzhlakovds@gmail.comVC portfolio overviewApril 2013March 2013
  2. 2. Disclaimer and Plans•It is a draft, so do not waste your time finding mistakes etc•Comments and discussion, your views are welcomed•It is a personal research, so no connection with company Iwork for or anybody elsePlans•Overview of Russian VC•Future: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook2
  3. 3. Scope of the ResearchTop 18 VC firms >$45B in active funds > 3000 deals $15-20M average check > 750 deals selected forresearch3
  4. 4. Venture Investing History4VentureCapitalInvestmentFocus“Pre-history” “40-50x” “70-80x” “2000-”ElectronicComputersFirst PE-typecompaniesemerged:ARDC andJ.H. WhitneyTo supportnew businesslaunched byformer soldersand IT tradeIBMmicroprocessor, Personalcomputer, InternetMost of currentfirms appeared,modern legalstructure of fundsemergedMostly ITbusinesses, semiconductors, software, storageWeb 2.0Facebook, IPhoneNew wave offunds, dealhype, investingbecomes availableto anyoneInternet, APPs,mobile etc.IndustrydevelopmentHigh net worthindividualssupportcompaniesinvestingIndustry
  5. 5. Why is there a HYPE in VC now5“Pre-history” + “40-50x” + “70-80x” “90x-”Economy works aroundcompanies, mostlyventure to business (V2B)Economy works aroundpeople: technologies brokethe world to people, a lot ofroom for VC (V2C)
  6. 6. How does this impact VC Funds?Investments before “90x” (focus)•ERP systems•Box software•Internet tech (hardware)•New technologiesInvestments now (focus)6•Mobiles: APPs, ads etc•New data•E-commerce•Re-imagining services•Advertising etcTechnologies created the new world which needs to be filledwith new ideas and old ideas re-imagined
  7. 7. So, what actually changedTechology•Wireless•Spread of Smartphones•Faster speed/More storagecapacity•Web 2.0.That led to the following7•Easy to download to andfrom Internet. It becomestruly “real-time”•Geolocation andpersonalization• Ability to collaborate onInternet•Critical mass. All are there(people and time spent).The growth spurs itself.
  8. 8. How did the Investment process change.Venture Funds Investment Approach•Smaller ticket allows to invest in the vast amount ofprojects•Faster growth, faster returns, decisions are taken faster•No clear leader•Sector is “hot”. Don’t miss a chance•New leaders appear among VC, it can be just one deal8New approach:a) invest relatively small money in a lot of companies (even very close inidea) and make a huge follow-ons it the succeeding ones.b) share the risk with co-investors
  9. 9. Aggregation usually a content aggregationmaking a web property top ofthe mind destination for acertain category, kind “of searchin search”Can be:- taxi, hotels, real estate,tickers to buy/order- information in form ofranking, selectedproducts, forums etcBig Data all people leave a lot of info onthe web, understanding,systematization and earning onthat is very attractiveCan be:- social media: learn yourcustomer, get customers,analysis of information- general understandingand modeling of InternetRe-imagining personalservicesmany thinks people did offlinecan be done onlineCan be:- online storage: foto, diaryetc- banking, education,advice, dating, health,trading etc- monitoring over internetHow the new world is filled?Idea Comments9Description
  10. 10. How the new world is filled? (continued)10Crowd…. Crowdsourcing/crowdfunding anything which means number ofpeople working on the same issueCan be:- financing of projects- making the content- coding- answeringOutsourcing It can be personal or business, thework is done by somebody elseCan be:- analytics- marketing- security- marketing- CRM etcAdvertising Everything related to ads onInternetCan be:- ad networks- social- rich advs- new channels (youtube etc)Idea CommentsDescription
  11. 11. How the new world is filled? (continued)11Gamification Gaming itself and gaming logic Can be:- games (mobile, social etc)- new internet world- new currency- betting- communitiesPeer-to-Peer People (mostly) or organizationsinteract directlyCan be:- selling goods- ranking- taxi- personal helper/tutor- fashion (famous ones orprofessionals)- Exchanges etcIdea CommentsDescription
  12. 12. How the new world is filled? (continued)12Geolocation Use a data of where the person isnow, or wasCan be:- dating with people around- discounts around- commerce- social networks withneighbors etcTechnology Advance Existing but better Can be:- different services on oneplatform- data transferring/sharing- search- data processing etcIdea CommentsDescription
  13. 13. Several examples of AggregationMarketplace for real EstateOnline radioFinds your local services providers and allows you to buy from themWiki of College and Pro AthletesMarketplace for doctors
  14. 14. Several examples of Big DataBig Data + predictive analysisSocial Media AnalyticsSoftware for enterprises to analyse big dataSharing tools, allows to find the influencers and get a lot of other dataSolution for fashion industry to analyse big data
  15. 15. Several examples of ServicesOnline diary and notebookOnline education (courses)Online legal documents for individuals and small businessesSoftware to keep personal finances under controlHelps to control reputation on the web
  16. 16. Several examples of Crowd…Global crowdfunding platformCrowdsourcing platform for designersGet people for certain actionsSocial recruiting on FacebookWiki for English words
  17. 17. Several examples of Outsourcing…Experiments carried out for you by top core facilities and institutionsPlatform for e-commerce (delivery, marketing etc)Software which take care of inbound marketing (SEO, SMM etc)Create the content for you, lead conversations etcHelp businesses accept credit card payments
  18. 18. Several examples of Advertising…Mobile Advertising NetworkAdvertising Network on YouTubeVertical web Advertising NetworkPlatform to connect publishers and advertisers directlyIn-image advertising platform
  19. 19. Several examples of Gamification…Website for online gamesOnline betting siteWatch videos, get points, rival with friendsBuilding the first virtual currencyOnline site for children with avatars
  20. 20. Several examples of Peer-to-Peer…Secondary ticket market placeP2P accommodation marketplaceCar sharingOnline blogging communityPeople questions and answers each other
  21. 21. Several examples ofGeolocation…People can leave notes about places aroundFree SMM and callsAllows to send live and intergated e-mailsTechnological Advance…
  22. 22. Several examples of Technology advance(search…)Search for right peopleSearch for picturesInternet search for children, with protection from undesired sitesDisplay ad searchSearch for codes and related documents
  23. 23. Together it is betterSometimes it is not just one idea, but 2 or 3 togetherE-commerce P-2-P+Marketplace for handmade goods, where people send goods to peopleFashion e-commerce site, where glamour icons promote goodsE-commerce P-2-P+ Geolocation+Finds your local services providers and allows you to buy from them
  24. 24. Together it is better (con-d)Examples with servicesServices Crowd…+Online radio, fully controlled by usersOnline bank, where you get money from crowdServices Crowd..+ Social Network+Coding is broken to pieces to attract crowd of programmes. They alsocommunicate with each other
  25. 25. Together it is better (con-d)Examples with gamificationGamification Social Network+Games for Social NetworksSocial Networks of gamersGamification Social Network+ E-commerce+Largest community for girds, who can chat and buy new “clothes” fortheir dolls
  26. 26. Together it is better (con-d)Examples with migration to mobileMigration tomobileSocial Network+Find out when your FB friends are passing byAt home disease diagnosis using smarphoneGamificationPaymentprocessing+Mobile payment processingMigration tomobileServices+Geolocation+
  27. 27. Together it is better (con-d)Examples with big dataBig Data SMM+Analyses the reaction of social communities to your campaignUse data from smartphones to make inferences about health andwellnessBig Data Services+Platform for analysing the large volumes of dataBig DataMigration tomobile+
  28. 28. 5 most common business modelsBasic services are fee, additional are notFreemium1Advertising2Get the content and sell the trafficSubscription3Fixed payment over periodTransaction model4Get a % or fee for the deal/actionE-commerce5
  29. 29. So where is the NEXT BIG THING?
  30. 30. What do other VC Guru think?Ping Li (Accel Partners): Mobile Technologies and Big DataJim Breyer(Accel Partners): Social, mobile, intersection of videoand socialReid Hoffman(Greylock Partners): Big DataBing Gordon (KPC): Digitalization of EducationPeter Thiel (Founders Fund): Bioinformatics (computers to createdrugs)Belousov (Runa Capital): Collaboration and communication
  31. 31. What do other people think?Peter Fenton (Benchmark Capital): Big DataMarc Andreessen (Andreessen Horowitz): mobile,consumerization of the InternetMichael Moritz (Sequoia Capital): the next big thing is completelyunexpected and from unexpected placesPaul Adams (Facebook top-manager): mobile, targeted socialnetworks, Big Data
  32. 32. What do other people think?Gartner
  33. 33. What do I thinkBig Data, and then predictingThe Industry has got the data about people it never hadbefore: location, interests, thoughts etc. Still need to find away to use it, may be to predict person behavior and targetNew virtual world (Avatar)People spend more and more time online: study, date, buy,learn, chart, work etc. Still not the same filling as in realworld. A lot of space to improve, we may arrive to AvatarsChange of landscapeA lot to be transferred online, a lot of models to be changed.The might be new truly e-companies in the internet: and thecurrent trend is the person-to-person operating through e-platformsEverything will be around peoples, peoples will be“reflected” on Internet
  34. 34. Companies analysed
  35. 35. Company Idea Description LinkBlueJeans Aggregator/Multi-platform Open video communications service Big data/Decomposition Cloud provider of data management and analytics http://www.cloudera.comCloudscape Online database  the industrys first embeddable Java databaseCnergyis Outsourcing  SaaS Provider for HR and payroll Online database The easiest way to store, sync, and share files online On-line personal services (monitoring) Webcam and cloud-based video monitoring, storage, and sharing service College On-line personal services (education) Offers a rigorous end-to-end education solution for the military to civilian career transition On-line personal services (help) Online help desk software (with tickets) Online database/Collaboration Cloud-based presentation and collaboration software Nube Services ? Cloud-based enterprise solutions which are social by design Display adv Dapper is a tool that enables users to create update feeds for their favorite sites and website owners to optimize and Crowdsourcing/Collaboration Online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design Display adv (ad network) Media and technology solutions for brand advertisers Mobile adv Leader of Mobile Advertising solutions for mobile publishers Content Aggregator Real estate search Display adv (ad network) Comprehensive revenue serving platform combining ad serving, an ad exchange and yield optimization Content Aggregator digital music service http://www.spotify.comFacebook Social Network Social Network www.facebook.comAmobee Media Systems Mobile adv Ad-serving platform for mobile carriers Online database/Collaboration Video sharing platform Mobile adv Free-to-play mobile games E-commerce Samples of beauty products delivered to your door Gaming A free service that helps connect friends who play games On-line personal services (financials) The leading independent personal finance website Media TV advertising TV content & advertising Display adv (ad network) Dedicated cross-platform broadband video advertising network http://www.yume.comGroupon Collective purchases Collective purchases service http://www.groupon.comHaypi Gaming Mobile and internet games developer Crowdsourcing/HR&Social network Social recruiting and career networking services on the Facebook platform Entertainment Gaming Online casual games development and operation E-commerce Each week curators share their special apparel, beauty and lifestyle finds with you and then show you how tohttp://www.joyus.comKrux Digital Big data/CRM/E-commerce a cloud-based data management platform that helps companies protect, manage, and monetize consumer da
  36. 36. Glam On-line Advertising/Ad network/Social NetworkOnline interactive consumer magazine Gaming Next generation online games Display adv (ad exchange) Electronic exchange for ad networks Labs Mobile adv Developer of community-based mobile apps Gear Media On-line advertising Automotive content and advertising network http://www.highgearmedia.comQriously Big data/CRM/Mobile Service for measuring real-time location-based public sentiment http://www.qriously.comGlobal Grind On-line advertising A social media site for all content that is relevant in the hip-hop community Gaming Online game developer Studios Gaming Social media gaming http://funstarstudios.comTrivone Outsourcing Digital media and content services company http://www.trivone.comHolidayIQ Content Aggregator Online travel search and reviews Mobile adv Mobile Publishing Company (apps developer) Content Aggregator/Social Network Online community for neighborhoods Equity Research Outsourcing/Research Financial research services and products http://www.probeequityresearch.comVaronis Systems Big data/Data management Provider of comprehensive, actionable data governance solutions http://www.varonis.comQihoo 360 Technology Outsourcing/Security Internet and mobile security products providerAlfresco Software On-line database/Collaboration Open source, open standards content repository Aggregator/Multi-platform Next-gen browser for social web On-line database/Collaboration Converged IT technology (server, storage, networking) to virtualize the datacenter Outsourcing/Security Open Source Identity Management and Access Control software platform Aggregator/Multi-platform The next generation of systems management products delivered as a cloud-based servicehttp://www.scalextreme.comLookout Security/Mobile The leader in smartphone security with users across 400 mobile networks in 170 countries E-commerce/Outsourcing/Payment Processinghelp businesses accept credit card payments by providing a merchant account, payment gateway, recurring bwww.braintreepayments.comLightSpeed ? Creator of leading Apple/Mac-centric retail management platform http://www.lightspeedretail.comSpringSource Outsourcing/Aggregator leading open source middleware platform Collaboration ntegrates collaboration (presence, messaging, notifications) inside Microsoft Office applications through a plCentillion Social Network/Collaboration Enterprise networking platformsMaven Networks On-line advertising Broadband media softwareSuper Derivatives ? Worlds leading derivatives solution providerNimbula Outsourcing Provides the most cost-effective and secure way to build and manage private, hybrid or public clouds with glohttp://nimbula.comCrunched On-line business services (presentations) Crunched is an online meeting and presentation platform optimized for sales. Provides real-time, actionable On-line database/Collaboration/On-line business services (CRM)Research and analytics softwareBrightcove On-line advertising (video)/Outsourcing Internet-based distribution channel for television products
  37. 37. Glam On-line Advertising/Ad network/Social NetworkOnline interactive consumer magazine Gaming Next generation online games Display adv (ad exchange) Electronic exchange for ad networks Labs Mobile adv Developer of community-based mobile apps Gear Media On-line advertising Automotive content and advertising network http://www.highgearmedia.comQriously Big data/CRM/Mobile Service for measuring real-time location-based public sentiment http://www.qriously.comGlobal Grind On-line advertising A social media site for all content that is relevant in the hip-hop community Gaming Online game developer Studios Gaming Social media gaming http://funstarstudios.comTrivone Outsourcing Digital media and content services company http://www.trivone.comHolidayIQ Content Aggregator Online travel search and reviews Mobile adv Mobile Publishing Company (apps developer) Content Aggregator/Social Network Online community for neighborhoods Equity Research Outsourcing/Research Financial research services and products http://www.probeequityresearch.comVaronis Systems Big data/Data management Provider of comprehensive, actionable data governance solutions http://www.varonis.comQihoo 360 Technology Outsourcing/Security Internet and mobile security products providerAlfresco Software On-line database/Collaboration Open source, open standards content repository Aggregator/Multi-platform Next-gen browser for social web On-line database/Collaboration Converged IT technology (server, storage, networking) to virtualize the datacenter Outsourcing/Security Open Source Identity Management and Access Control software platform Aggregator/Multi-platform The next generation of systems management products delivered as a cloud-based servicehttp://www.scalextreme.comLookout Security/Mobile The leader in smartphone security with users across 400 mobile networks in 170 countries E-commerce/Outsourcing/Payment Processinghelp businesses accept credit card payments by providing a merchant account, payment gateway, recurring bilwww.braintreepayments.comLightSpeed ? Creator of leading Apple/Mac-centric retail management platform http://www.lightspeedretail.comSpringSource Outsourcing/Aggregator leading open source middleware platform Collaboration ntegrates collaboration (presence, messaging, notifications) inside Microsoft Office applications through a pluCentillion Social Network/Collaboration Enterprise networking platformsMaven Networks On-line advertising Broadband media softwareSuper Derivatives ? Worlds leading derivatives solution providerNimbula Outsourcing Provides the most cost-effective and secure way to build and manage private, hybrid or public clouds with globhttp://nimbula.comCrunched On-line business services (presentations) Crunched is an online meeting and presentation platform optimized for sales. Provides real-time, actionable i On-line database/Collaboration/On-line business services (CRM)Research and analytics softwareBrightcove On-line advertising (video)/Outsourcing Internet-based distribution channel for television products Candy Gaming Developer of MoshiMonsters, a leading global online children’s media company
  38. 38. Sher Singh E-commerce Indian fashion, home decor and travel E-commerce Marketplace for handmade goods E-commerce Home furnishing and accessories online For Sure Aggregation (taxi) Online taxi aggregation service E-commerce On-line hypermarket E-commerce/Aggregation #1 online travel service for Brazil and Latin America Creative Learning On-line personal services (education) Academic center of excellence for XI/XII grade students E-commerce/Outsourcing/IT E-commerce platform Person-to-Person/Aggeration/Reviews Comprehensive experience guide with a powerful social platformLEARNVEST On-line personal services (finance) The leading independent personal finance website E-commerce/Person-to-Person (famous icons)Social e-commerce platform there famous promote goods E-commerce/Fashion Online women beauty and fashion E-commerce Flipkart is a leading destination for online shopping in India. E-commerce/Person-to-Person Marketplace for handmade goods E-commerce/Aggregation One stop shopping for health and beauty www.soa9158 (WEEK8 INTERNATIONAL)Social Network Online video/entertainment community LAB On-line personal services (education) the leading education company serving K-12 students in Brazil and emerging countries around the world E-commerce (Flash sales) Online shopping club E-commerce (Flash sales) Online private shopping club E-commerce/Person-to-Person /Geolocation/Social NetworksPeople list, sell, or buy items on Facebook and social media sites from other people in the distant proximity E-commerce (Flash sales) Purveyor of high quality, hard-to-find wines and gourmet foods at attractive prices On-line personal services (banking) Online consumer credit business Aggregation/Person-to-Person Local community focusing on user reviews and recommendations in Brazil E-commerce (Fashion) India’s largest online fashion and lifestyle store for men, women, and kids. On-line personal services (distant monitoring)Webcam and cloud-based video monitoring, storage, and sharing service Aggregation Price comparison engine for Indian products E-commerce Fashion e-shop which recommends you the trendy staff Person-to-Person/Aggeration Revolutionary holiday rental online booking site, where you can find, book or list your holiday apartment ea Person-to-Person/Outsourcing A global marketplace offering services for as little as $5 Migration to mobile Mobile site for blogs or websites in minutes E-commerce/Persion-to-Persion Leading online crafts marketplace in Brazil E-commerce (Fashion) The first fashion brand in Brazil to sell exclusive collections through monthly online subscriptions Person-to-Person/Social Network/OutsourcingSocial recruiting and career networking services on the Facebook platform
  39. 39. MYHERITAGE Social Networking Family social network connecting the worlds family trees Person-to-Person/Aggregation Platform for anyone to create, share and discover recommendations Outsourcing (Spam protection) User-generated content management and brand protection for web siteshttp://impermium.comGUMROAD Person-to-Person/Outsourcing Allows one to share and sell digital goods with just a link Aggregation Russian online travel reservations Payment proccesing Payment solutions for education market www.peertransfer.comSEATWAVE Person-to-Person Online secondary ticket market place MARKET E-commerce/Health Online market place for natural and eco-friendly products Person-to-Person/Social Network Online community connecting drivers with people looking for a ride Social Network Social Network for Scientists Coupons/Social Networks People choose offers, buy it, post photo on Social Networks and get cash back E-commerce/Social Networks social shopping site that helps you discover the best fashion for you. Follow your favorite designers, boutiq Person-to-Person (Fashion) Curated fashion ecommerce by the worlds leading stylists E-commerce Baby gifts and baby care products (India) ?TOOSTEP Person-to-Person/Social Network Online professional networking and SaaS platform for recruitment Person-to-Person Airbnb is a community marketplace to list, discover, and book unique spaces around the world. TECHNOLOGIES Person-to-Person/Migration to mobile Bump builds mobile applications that allow users to connect two mobile phones to interact or transfer data by simp Person-to-Person CafePress empowers people to create, buy and sell customized merchandise online, using print-on-demand service SECURITY Business Outsourcing (Security) Click Security is a creator of analytics and automation for network security. Person-to-Person/Social Network DailyBooth allows users to follow and connect with their friends in real-time through the use of pictures and status uhttp://dailybooth.comEHARMONY Person-to-Person (Dating) eHarmony uses relationship science to match singles seeking long-term relationships. Person-to-Person (Events) Allows to post, find events and buy, sell tickets On-line personal services (storage) Evernote enables users to capture something in one place and access it from another through software that connec Display advertising (Ad networks) he Flite platform allows marketers to easily produce, serve, and measure adshttp://www.flite.comFUNNY OR DIE Aggregation Portal with user generated and proffesional funny videos On-line Personal Services (finance) FutureAdvisor provides a web based application offering personal financial advice. SOCIAL Social Networks (SMM) provides social media software, for businesses with local branches, for corporate marketing to centrally manage the Social Networks/Person-to-Person (house design)online visual remodeling platform helping consumers and design professionals collaborate. Business Outsourcing (Marketing) HubSpot offers all-in-one marketing software: social, SEO, analytics etc ? ? http://imageshack.usINSTAGRAM Social Network/On-line personal services/Migration-to-mobileInstagram is mobile photo sharing. Person-to-Person/Migration to mobile Karma enables seamless mobile gifting and commerce. Aggregator/Person-to-Person Mahalo is the worlds first human-powered search engine. http://www.mahalo.comMIXPANEL Outsourcing/CRM/E-commerce Mixpanel is a real-time analytics service that helps companies understand how users interact with web applications
  40. 40. PIAZZA People to People/Aggregation (education) Piazza provides a web based real-time, interactive Q&A forum aimed at students, teaching assistants and professo Aggregation Songkick is a database of upcoming concerts and personalized concert alerts. Gamification/Social Network/E-commerce Stardoll is the leading global fashion & dress-up community for girls. & DOT E-commerce/Person-to-Person (fashion) Stella & Dot distributes boutique style jewelry sold exclusively through independent Stylists at home trunk shows a INC. Aggregation/Media/E-commerce (fashion) Popular content, comminity, aggregation of stylish apparel http://www.sugarinc.comTOKBOX On-line personal services (communication) OpenTok by TokBox is the leading global online video communications platform, enabling the addition of live video-b Person-to-Person/Collaboration/Social Network (Tourism)Trippy is a social collaboration tool for friends to plan and share their trips. Person-to-Person (blogs) Tumblr is a short-form, mixed-media blogging platform. Person-to-Person/On-line personal services (education)Tutorspree is an online marketplace for high quality tutoring. Business Outsourcing (site construction) Weebly helps small businesses, groups and individuals create a website using a simple, drag and drop website bui TECHNOLOGIES Migration to mobile/Distant services Airstrip Technologies provides medical software that delivers real time, critical patient data to mobile devices.http://www.airstriptech.comCLICKATELL Technological advance ?? Clickatell is a global mobile messaging provider. Person-to-Person/On-line database (video sharing)Color allows you to live broadcast moments of your life to friends via Facebook, iOS and Android. On-line personal services (organizer) turns the accounts, like email, contacts and calendar, into an intelligent snapshot of your day. Display advertising (Ad networks) Advertising platform http://www.drawbrid.geDUCK DUCK MOOSE Migration to mobile/Application Duck Duck Moose creates educational mobile applications for kids. Media (Content)/Migration to mobile a publishing platform for educational and trade content on multitouch devices like the iPad Migration to mobile/Business outsourcing a suite of mobile apps that allows users to view and interact with critical business information on-the-go.http://www.roambi.comMINDSNACKS Gaminfication/Migration to mobile touch-based learning games for languages, vocabulary, and other subjects for learners of all ages. Migtation to mobile/Multi-platform IT platform secures and manages apps, docs, and devices for global organizations.http://www.mobileiron.comSENCHA Migtation to mobile/Multi-platform rovides application frameworks, using web-standard technologies such as HTML5, for developers to create cross-pla Migtation to mobile/Payment processing payment service enabling anyone to accept credit cards anywhere with a mobile device. Aggregation TuneIn lets people listen to music, sports and news from around the world with over 70,000 stations and 2 million on Technological advance ?? a mobile messenger application that replaces SMS using a smartphones existing internet data plan. On-line database 10Gen develops the MongoDB database. http://www.10gen.comACHIEVERS Business Outsourcing Achievers offers cloud based social employee recognition software. Business Outsourcing Bit9 provides security solutions to detect and prevent cyber threats. https://www.bit9.com1000memories Online database Storage of photoes Ad network Exchange network, based on video SMM Allows to manage marketing compaigns in Social Networks http://awarenessnetworks.comBountyJobs Aggregation Online recruitment marketplace Coupons Digital coupons
  41. 41. CreativeLive Online personal services (cources) Watch for fee in real time or pay for access http://www.creativelive.comDigg Person-to-Person/Aggregation Web sites for users to discover and share content Person-to-Person/Collaboration Allows teachers to make online classes http://www.edmodo.comFacecast Aggregation Online travel tickets E-commerce Fashion e-shop for women Gamification On-line Social Network Network for neighborhood Kings Lane E-commerce/Aggregation E-shop for home décor Person-to-Person (classifieds)/Social Network (neighborhood)Classified search Aggregation On-line music http://www.pandora.comPath Online database/Collaboration/Migration to mobileOn-line photo bank Aggregation On-line real estate broker Crowdsourcing/Aggregator/Media Video content sharing Business Outsourcing Increases conversion rate on the site http://www.richrelevance.comShopkick Location based mobile shoping Location based mobile shoping Business Outsourcing Retargeting tools to increase conversions http://tellapart.comViki Aggreation/Social Networking On-line video community Social Networks Follow the celebrities http://www.whosay.comWrapp Person-to-Person/Social Network Allows to present gift cards to facebook friends https://www.wrapp.comZipcar Person-to-Person Car sharing Business Outsourcing Increases conversion rate on the site by using consultants on the sites http://www.zendesk.comCouchSurfing Person-to-Person/Aggregation Home sharing and travel social network couchsurfing.comAsana Collaboration For teams to collaborate (Task manager) asana.comThatgamecompany Gamification ? thatgamecompany.comGigya SMM Enables web proterites to increase convertions by using social networks gigya.comClarizen Collaboration Software for project management clarizen.comoDesk Person-to-Person (job) Freerance job board https://www.odesk.comCtera Personal online services (storage) Online storage Payment proccesing/Migration to mobile Mobile payments Social Network/Migration to mobile/Geolocationallows to find your FB friends when they are passing by Migration to mobile/Social Networks Allows to edit, make, share mobile video Migration to mobile/Person to person Get individual taxi drivers with your mobile https://www.uber.comMinted Person-to-Person Freerance job board E-commerce Online flee market http://www.1stdibs.comGrockit Person-to-Person/Collaboration Online education with tutors or in groups with peers Migration to mobile Mobile personal radio Robot Labs Migration to mobile/Gamification Mobile games Closure Gamification/Crowdsoucing HTML-based multiplayer game development environment
  42. 42. GrubHub Aggregation/Geolocation Order food with delivery or with pick up online Aggregation/Person-to-Person dental site that allows patients to compare dentists by price and reputation as well as pre-negoitate a price Technological advance ?? publishing platform; allowing users to create any kind of web content (web sites, widgets, blogs, mobile sites, facebo SMM Increase conversion on site with better analytics Aggregation Online job board http://www.glassdoor.comPeixe Urbano Aggregation Answer the question what to do in each city: best local food, places, activitieswww.peixeurbano.comZuora Payment Processing On demand payment and billing service Display advertising (Video ads) Short entertainment films provided by major content providers Person-to-Person People content on different issues Person-to-Person Pleace where people can ask rated doctors and get answers Display advertising/Aggregation TV content on internet Technological advance ?? Allows to see lyrics of the song in many languages Person-to-Peason/Crowdsourcing P2P lending marketplace Migration to mobile free calling to friends with App and writing to FB friends ?Seeking Alpha Aggregation/Person-to-Person website for actionable stock market opinion and analysis, and vibrant, intelligent finance discussion. Person-to-Person social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to post updates 140 characters long.www.twitter.comFanbase Aggregation Wiki of College and Pro Athletes E-commerce/Social Networks community site for online style where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world Online personal services (finances) free online personal finance service to keep finances under control networks Display advertising TV content online Display advertising TV content online Gamification Web games Person to Person P2P money lending service Gamification Online portal with avatars for children Aggregation Global online transport marketplace Person-to-Person local reviews website covering the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherland Aggregation Online market brokerage E-commerce Baby products online Corporation Payment Processing Online money transfer services, allowing individuals to send money quickly and inexpensively from the internethttp://www.xoom.comNaaptol E-commerce Online shopping moll in India ?Zumper Aggregation Online market place for apartment rental https://www.zumper.comBraintree Payment Processing Mobile and online payments https://www.braintreepayments.comDesire2Learn Personal online services (education) eLearning Platform
  43. 43. Upstart Crowdsourcing Lend small amount of money in exchange to % of person income in next 10 years Aggregation/Crowdsourcing/Technonogy AdvanceReturns answers to complex questions using peoples content http://www.silkapp.comSAY Media Aggregation Digital media company Personal online services (education) Online courses Aggregation/Person-to-Person Site to choose caregivers Personal online services (education) Online courses https://benchprep.comModa Operandi E-commerce online luxury fashion retailer to allow members to pre-order tomorrow‟s styles today. E-commerce/Crowdsourcing (Collective buys)Membership for booking charter flights http://www.surfair.comLoosecubes People-to-People/Crowsourcing (Co-working)allows to rent premises or part of it to other in need of Aggregation Marketplace for the Events Industry Media (Content) Portal about music pop culcture popdust.comCuralate SMM Finds what people post about a brend on Social Networks Collaboration Allows people to share information about people they care https://carezone.comCompass Labs SMM advertising platform that makes targeted, scalable social media ad campaignshttp://www.compasslabs.comSnagFilms Aggregation Library of films it also allows anyone on SN to install a widet and show filmssnagfilms.comElance Business Outsourcing Online employment platform elance.comFantasyShopper E-commerce Online shop (fashion) Media leading social news organization, intensely focused on delivering high-quality original reporting, insight, and viral cobuzzfeed.comSolidFire Online database Online database for Cloud Services providers solidfire.comBox Collaboration/Online database allows personal and commercial content to be accessible, sharable, and storable in any format from anywherebox.comSubtext Social Networks SN of ebook readers subtext.comGumGum Display advertising (Ad networks) Image ad platform gumgum.comUmami Technological advance ?? Recorgines video you watch and bring you the info about it http://www.umami.tvNewBrandAnalytics Technological advance ??/SMM Give one the information about social judgemnts about the brand etc http://www.newbrandanalytics.comCvent Aggregation All the premises for event organisation on one site http://www.cvent.comAddThis SMM Widgets, social stats addthis.comTabbedOut Technological advance ?? Pay restorant bills with your mobile tabbedout.comGilt Groupe E-commerce Membership sales of apparel Dating Organizes a meetings where people date grubwithus.comVideology Display advertising (Ad networks) Online Video Ad Network videologygroup.comSproutSocial SMM Analytics and management of social activity http://sproutsocial.comMillennial Media Display advertising (Ad networks) Mobile adv millennialmedia.comHuddler SMM community of active "promoters" http://www.huddler.comCruiseWise Aggregation Cuise booking cruisewise.comCauses Crowdsourcing Get people for certain actions
  44. 44. EveryFI Online personal services (education) Skill training for students E-commerce Quidsi is one of the world‟s fastest growing e-commerce companies and parent of (baby care), Soap.cquidsi.comMyFit Aggregation/Education All info about collegues, how to get, what is inside myfit.comGoodGuide Aggregation/Person-to-Person Rating on house goods goodguide.comPicaboo Pesonal services online Tool to make photo books online Pesonal services online/Migration to mobileOnline radio in you mobile ? Display advertising (Ad networks) Ad network Migration to mobile/Social Networks Mobile social network limbo.comThe point Collabotation/Crowdsourcing a website for organizing group actions http://www.thepoint.comJobfox Aggregation Online resume board, headhunters can choose from jobfox.comVUZE Technology Andvance ??/Social Network Software on PC to share files http://www.vuze.comOANDA Aggregation FX rates www.oanda.comSnapTell Migration to Mobile Mobile marketing snaptell.comBaihe Person-to-Person Online dating service in China baihe.comOyster Aggregation database of books readoyster.comTaskRabbit Person-to-Person nline and mobile marketplace that helps people live smarter by allowing them to outsource their errands and tasks. Online databas Medical records online Media (content) News and trend content Online personal services Say where you car and it will be washed there cherry.comStyleSeat Social Networks A social network for beauty and wellness professionals styleseat.comYammer Social Networks Enterprise networking platforms yammer.comBackplane Social Networks SN connecting people by interests Online personal services/Gamification Gamification of personal healthcare Aggregation Drugs price comparision goodrx.comAirtime Online personal services Video communications in browser https://www.airtime.comMoat Search engine Display ad search moat.com140proof SMM/Display Ad Shows ads in social apps and allows to share it Technology advance ?? Social analytics App Social Networks Creates communities on Fabebook Aggregation Real estate search site estately.comZocdoc Aggregation Search of doctors zocdoc.comYouNoodle Social Network SN of entrepreneurs younoodle.comCarWoo! E-commerce Purchaser set a buy on the web and Sellers compete for it carwoo.comGeni Social Network online community of casual and expert genealogists
  45. 45. Zivity Social Network SN of artists http://www.zivity.comGowalla Person-to-Person Socially powered guides to cities gowalla.comPowerset Search engine search engine focused on natural language processing. powerset.comEngage Social Network Online dating site that revolves around social networking engage.comUdacity Online personal services (education) Online courses Online personal services (banking) website where consumers who have poor or no credit can apply for and receive small-dollar, short-term loans (up to $2lendup.comRap Genius Social Network Community of people who likes rap, they can listen to songs, read lyrics, give commentsrapgenius.comGoodData SMM/Big data ? Increase conversion on site with better analytics http://www.gooddata.comTopTal Collaboration/Outsourcing online talent marketplace that connects start-ups, businesses, and organizations to a global network of freelance softw E-commerce An exchange platform for meat producers and buyers (wholesale) aglocal.comDogVacay Social Network Finds people you can leave your dog with while away dogvacay.comBitcasa Online database Online database bitcasa.comFanatics E-commerce leading online retailers of officially licensed sports merchandise fanaticsinc.comThreadflip Person-to-Person/Social Network Allows to get the sense of person you want to sell your apparel to threadflip.comStyleSaint Person-to-Peason/Crowdsourcing People create fashion guide books you can follow stylesaint.comPriceonomics Aggregation Compares prices and give one the guidance how not to overpay priceonomics.comArk Search engine Search for people ark.comSkout Migration to mobile Find people near you skout.comClearStory Big Data ? Shave Club E-commerce Membership club to buy cheap razors dollarshaveclub.comFamilyleaf Online database Online database familyleaf.comFab E-commerce Online shop of apparel fab.comScience Exchange Collaboration/Outsourcing Outsource your science experiments to others scienceexchange.comClipboard Online database Your can save part of the web page to your database clipboard.comHyperink E-commerce Sells books hyperink.comEveryme Social Networks Allows to create a private circles everyme.comWikets SMM allow users to connect directly with each other, share preferences, and receive updates on what their trusted sourceswikets.comGetable E-commerce Allows to rent things from local businesses Geolocation/Migration to mobile/Social Network/GamificationFoursquare is a geographical location based social network thatincorporates gaming elements. foursquare.comCanvas Networks ?ShoeDazzle E-commerce Foot retailer shoedazzle.comListia E-commerce Auction listia.comClover Payment Processing/Migration to mobile payment network built from the ground up for mobile devices clover.comKno Collaboration/Aggregation learning environment for students to read textbooks, take notes, and share materials with friends and teachers.kno.comMassive Health Online personal services (health) provides access to the information that makes healthy living a daily habit and readily
  46. 46. CrowdMob Display advertising/Migration to mobile Ad network crowdmob.comFactual Aggregation Gives the factual info about places to be used by other companies http://www.factual.comZynga Social Networks/Gamification SN games zynga.comUrbanSitter Aggregation/Person-to-Person uses members‟ existing networks to match families with babysitters urbansitter.comJelli Online personal services/Crowdsourcing Online radioPerceptual Networks Online personal services Online dating perceptualnet.comZEFR Display advertising Ad network on Youtube http://zefrinc.comInstacanvas Person-to-Person marketplace allowing users to buy and sell Instagram photos as beautiful physical art pieces Person-to-Person empower friends and family to send love and financial support to patients as they navigate a medical crisisgiveforward.com33Across SMM/Display Ad increase conversion on site with better analytics 33across.comPocket Change Gamification Our mission is to build the world‟s first universal virtual currency. pocketchange.comwaywire Aggregation/Person-to-Person Video portal with users created content Aggregation/Person-to-Person Exchange homes with other people casahop.comJirafe SMM Increase conversion on site with better analytics jirafe.comRewind Me Online personal services Users timeline or diary E-commerce Online shop Wanelo.comAxialMarket Aggregation platform that helps companies and their M&A advisors intelligently connect and transact with potential investors, lenhttps://www.axialmarket.comElicit Search engine Allows to set a search box E-commerce Helps to find bra by trying it first Person-to-Person marketplace for the world‟s professional craftsmen and creators. custommade.comSavingStar Coupons digital, grocery eCoupon service savingstar.comAereo Online personal services Online radio SMM Analytics and management of social campaign http://www.percolate.comChloe + Isabel E-commerce Jewelry, also allows buyers to become sale partners http://www.chloeandisabel.comDocracy Online database Docracy is a free, social repository of legal documents. docracy.comLiftopia E-commerce/Aggregation Ski passes with discount http://www.liftopia.comKiwi Crate E-commerce Children toys Diplay ad Ad exchange Social Network social music platform that encourages hanging out with people and discovering music. If a DJ is playing a song youturntable.fmGet Satisfaction SMM online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers.getsatisfaction.comSinglePlatform Aggregation world‟s largest online provider of restaurant menus and local business storefrontssingleplatform.comSmartling Person-to-Person/Crowdsourcing Contextual translation tools let volunteer, crowdsourced, or paid professionals translators work live and in context onsmartling.comRefinery29 E-commerce online shop refinery29.comMotherKnows Online personal services/Online database MotherKnows, collects and securely displays important childhood health data including immunizations and
  47. 47. ROBLOX Gamification one of the top-ranked kids gaming sites on the Internet. Person-to-Person/Aggregation online health portal and question and answer (Q&A) community medico.comEat Club Aggregation/Online personal services personal lunch delivery service that offers curated menus from a rotating list of local restaurants.myeatclub.comAdaptly SMM offers one consolidated platform to complete a social media ad buy across multiple social networks including Faceboadaptly.comBamboom Labs Online personal services Online TV bamboom.comStumbleUpon Search engine Traffic aggregator stumbleupon.comStorenvy SMM allows to build a shop on FB page storenvy.comGroupMe Collaboration/Migration to Mobile GroupMe‟s two core offerings are: GroupMe, the group mobile messaging service, and Experiences, a service for findgroupme.comAdKeeper SMM Allows to save offers in e-mail to return latter adkeeper.comFlurry Diplay ad/Migration to mobile Mobile ad network flurry.comMonetate SMM Increase conversion on site with new engaging tools monetate.comPlastic Jungle ?AppNexus Display ad ad network appnexus.comOneTrueFan SMM/Gamification Reward users for actions onetruefan.comSolve Media Display ad ad network solvemedia.comModCloth E-commerce online clothing, accessories, and decor retailer with a focus on independent and vintage-inspired fashion.modcloth.comStickybits Social Networks each stickybit is a unique barcode than can be scanned by iPhone or Android devices and then augmented with usestickybits.comReadyForce Aggregation CV database of Universities graduates readyforce.comKidZui Search engine SE for children with protection from undesirable sites kidzui.comPeerPong Person-to-Person People can find experts to answer your question peerpong.comRixty Payment processing Promotes virtual currency as a mean of payment Online personal services (travel) last minute vacation rental marketplace packlate.comSolveMedia Display ad ad network solvemedia.comHot Potato Collaboration connects friends and fans around live events. hotpotato.comScanScout Display ad ad network http://www.tremorvideo.comClickEquations SMM Site analytics clickequations.comMeetMe, Inc. Social Network/Gamification/Online personal Services (dating)makes meeting new people fun through social games and apps, monetized by both advertising and virtual currency.meetme.comYapta Online personal services (travel)/AggegationWebsite and browser add-on that lets you track flight prices as they change and alerts you when the price for a partiyapta.comFoodzie Online personal services (food)/Aggegation online marketplace where consumers can discover and buy food directly from small artisan producersfoodzie.comMoVoxx Display ad/Migration to mobile Mobile ad network movoxx.comKrugle Search engine Search for codes and related docs krugle.comWikia Social Networks place for people to collaboratively pursue their interests and share their knowledge on the web.wikia.comLockerz SMM/Person-to-Person Lockerz rewards its members with PTZ® (points) for engagement and following, including collecting, sharing, shoppinlockerz.comDJZ Social Network We are creating a crazy, mental world for DJs to connect with their fans djz.comChill Display ad Video portal chill.comCodecademy Online personal services (education) Codecademy is a web-based programming tutorial designed to teach JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery and
  48. 48. Lending Club Person-to-Person brings together investors with creditworthy borrowers lendingclub.comDrawbridge Display ad/Migration to mobile Mobile ad network drawbrid.geGumroad E-commerce/Person-to-Person Allows users to sell self created content gumroad.comSoundCloud Social Network social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.soundcloud.comKlout ? measures influence based on the ability to drive action across the social web. E-commerce/Person-to-Person/Geolocationproximity based, real-time buyer powered market. http://www.zaarly.comInspirato Online personal services (hotels)/Social Networksprivate, members-only luxury destination club inspirato.comWAZE Migration to mobile/Social Networks community-based traffic and navigation app. Social Network SN of instant interaction E-Commerce leading Chinese luxury and fashion ecommerce website. xiu.comErly Social Network Erly is a new social platform for organizing and sharing your personal content.erly.comLegalZoom Online personal services (lawer) online legal document services and legal plans to families and small businesseshttp://www.legalzoom.comTrendyol E-commerce privately held private shopping site, dedicated to provide its members with access to fashion and lifestyle brands.trendyol.comEGHC ? ? eghc.comFindTheBest People-to-People/Aggregation data comparison engine that collects and organizes objective information about hundreds of products and Online personal services (reputation) elps businesses and consumers control their online lives reputation.comShazam Entertainment Display ad Mobile app to search and recognize music being played shazam.comNoom Inc. Display ad Mobile app guide to healthy eating the Runway Online personal services (rent) enabling women to rent designer dresses and accessories renttherunway.comPlum District Collabotation/Crowdsourcing local commerce destination for moms, by moms. plumdistrict.comStipple SMM ? Collaboration engages in the business of online group buy and location based marketing campaigns. E-commerce platform that enables Chinese Manufacturers to sell their goods directly to “Mom and Pop” shops and smaller retail Coupons/Gamification helps create a more sustainable future by rewarding people for taking everyday green actions with discounts and derecyclebank.comOne True Media Online data base/Techonological Advance online provider of online editing and sharing tools that allow users to combine photos, video, music and special effeonetruemedia.comChegg E-commerce (rental) online textbook rental company Display ad largest independent online video entertainment network delivering short form video to millions.mevio.comPaymate Payment processing Internet-based payment services to buyers in 57 countries around the world and sellers in Australia, New Zealand apaymate.comStudyplaces Aggregation lobal education portal in India that serves as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for education search.studyplaces.comZazzle Person-to-Person a service which enables users to create their own products. zazzle.comKetera E-commerce (wholesale) ransforms business buying and selling by integrating an enterprise-class spend management solution and an activeketera.comRazorGator E-commerce (tickets) 3rd largest player in the online ticket reselling business behind eBay‟s StubHub and Ticketmaster‟s TicketsNow acrazorgator.comCleartrip E-commerce (tickets) travel site²FO) Collaboration On-line, early payment auctions where your suppliers make dynamic bids for accelerated payment of their approvedc2fo.comWattpad Social Network world‟s largest community of readers and writers
  49. 49. Behance Person-to-Person/Aggregation the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work. behance.netFunding Circle Person-to-Person an online marketplace where people can directly lend to small businesses in the UK.fundingcircle.comDwolla Payment Processing a free web based software platform which allows users to send, receive, and request funds from any other user.dwolla.comGetGlue Social Network social network for entertainment. Users check-in and share what they are watching, listening to and reading with friendgetglue.comClickable SMM is the all-in-one solution for online advertising. In one elegant experience clickable.comDuckDuckGo Search engine Search engine duckduckgo.comLending Club Person-to-Person brings together investors with creditworthy borrowers lendingclub.comSkillshare Person-to-Person community marketplace to learn anything from anyone skillshare.comCanvas Networks Social Network an image-centric social website currently in development canv.asDISQUS Social Network The service offers a networked comment system used to foster engagement and connect audiences from around the wdisqus.comKickstarter Crowdsourcing world‟s largest funding platform for creative projects. kickstarter.comStack Exchange Social Network network of free, community-driven Q&A sites stackexchange.comTargetSpot, Inc. Advertising/Media Online radio targetspot.comZemanta Social Network Connects bloggers with the same interests zemanta.comHeyzap Social Network/Migration to mobile a social discovery platform for mobile and the largest social network for Android/iPhone mobile Social Network/Aggregation an aggregator aimed at creating a place for neighborhoods to share and explore different information.outside.inUpCompany Aggregation UpCompany is the parent company of RakedIn, a financial portal showing organized data on companies, their Aggregation The service looks like Yahoo and Google Finance, but functions like LinkedIn, as its atomic elements are people andtracked.comMeetup Social Networks local community organizing network meetup.comCovestor Person-to-Person/Online personal Services Investors can compare and select from a transparent marketplace of investment management talent that includes topcovestor.comTacoda SMM Provider of behavioral targeted online advertising services. delivers ads to consumers based on their web surfing habitstacoda.comOddcast ?Indeed Search engine job metasearch indeed.comDynamic Signal SMM white-label platform for brands to run high-reach word of mouth marketing campaigns in collaboration with a trusted cirdynamicsignal.comBoundless Aggregation free online textbook replacement boundless.comBizo Ad network ? ives marketers instant access to the people who sign the checks at work, and have the most to spend on life: businesbizo.comWell Online database Well helps you collect and share the things you want to do. Experience a new kind of list: beautiful, social, and fun.well.ioMartini Media Inc Ad network Ad Network Capital Online personal services offers a full suite of customer-centric retail investment management, banking and personal finance services.personalcapital.comGazelle Outsourcing Buys and sells on marketplaces gazelle.comKyruus Social Network? Kyruus: The Information Exchange for Physician Interactions kyru.usMedia6Degrees SMM capturing a unique brand signal from existing customers, and scoring prospects based on their digital journeys througm6d.comSocialShield Online personal services ffers patent-pending tools that give parents a 360° view of their kids‟ social networking activities.socialshield.comRedbeacon Person-to-Person/Aggregation allows consumers who need a service performed to find and interact with local businesses and professionals. Person-to-Person/Aggregation allows to find a local photographer or filmmaker
  50. 50. BlogHer Ad Network Ad Network for bloggers blogher.comShopflick E-commerce an online video-shopping marketplace that enables sellers to tell the story behind their productsshopflick.comSlideShare Online database/Collaboration SlideShare is a community for sharing presentations slideshare.netTapioca Mobile Ad Network/Migration to mobile Mobile ad network tapiocamobile.comCrunchyroll Social Network/Aggregation online entertainment brand and international online community focused on Asian Entertainmentcrunchyroll.comNational Banana Social Network/Aggregation ? comedy-video site that wants to bring a new comedy community to the Internet.nationalbanana.comPod Tech Media podcasting network with 5 channels and almost 20 individual shows covering technology related topicsPodtech.netWHERE, Inc Migration to mobile/Geolocation develops location enabled applications. The main product the company offers is WHERE, a location-based mobile sulocate.comIntercasting Social Network/Migration to mobile mobile social networking company. intercastingcorp.comOurStory Online personal services (diary) allows its users to tell their life story with photos, videos (through VideoEgg) and other media placed on a timeline.ourstory.comZoomInfo Aggregation the most comprehensive source of business information on people and companies in the world.zoominfo.comOutboundEngine SMM hands-free way for independent professionals to market and grow their business through email and social mediaoutboundengine.comDoubleDutch ?Sharethrough Ad Network native video advertising platform. Fortune 1000 brands and their agencies work with Sharethrough to drive views and msharethrough.comEnsighten Outsourcing/Technological Advance/SMM interface empowers digital marketers to easily add, remove, or modify any third-party digital marketing tag oensighten.comBigcommerce SMM is an e-commerce platform that helps small to medium businesses sell more online.bigcommerce.comOne Jackson Crowdsourcing/Person-to-Person Crowd-sourced, indie design site for kids‟ clothing. Crowdsourcing/Person-to-Person Rally ( is an online fundraising platform that helps anyone with a cause raise money, share their storyrally.orgMass Relevance SMM a social engagement platform that discovers, filters and displays real-time social content anywhere your brand lives.massrelevance.comHitpost Migration to mobile/Gamification Mobile Betting platform onsports.comZimride Person-to-Person makes sharing rides for drivers and passengers fun and easy. zimride.comWordnik Crowdsourcing Wordnik (formerly Alphabeticall), seeks to provide information about all English words, and to give you a place wherewordnik.comSlice Technological Advance ?? Slice provides the simplest way to track and organize everything you buy online.slice.comLiquidSpace Person-to-Person/Collaboration real-time trusted-sharing marketplace for people to confidently choose a better space to work or meet by the hour orliquidspace.comSpareFoot Aggregation SpareFoot is the online marketplace for self-storage sparefoot.com1000memories Online database 1000memories is the new shoebox for your old photos 1000memories.comVook Outsourcing Helpes you to make and promote ebooks vook.comNewsCred Aggregation/Person-to-Person onnects publishers and brands with the world‟s best journalism. newscred.comFormspring Social Network Formspring helps people find out more about each other by sharing interesting & personal responses.formspring.mePayNearMe Payment Processing PayNearMe is the cash transaction network that enables consumers to pay with cash easily for a wide range of goodpaynearme.comDasient Outsourcing Internet security company that protects websites from web-based malware attacksdasient.comOneSpot Search engine system finds top stories for a specific topic area by evaluating story linking patterns across the Web.onespot.comAdRoll SMM the largest retargeting platform with over 5,000 active advertisers in the US and around the world.adroll.comDigg Social Network user driven social content website digg.comCircle of Moms Social Network parenting social network for mothers to share stories, problems, and tips of
  51. 51. thredUP E-commerce second hand chirdren cloth thredup.comGravity SMM Builds interest graphs to increase conversion on site gravity.comFamiliar Online database Instant sharing of pictures with other devices familiar.comFreeMonee SMM Targeted advs with free gifts of money to banking card freemonee.comOpen English Online personal services (education) online english courses openenglish.comStripe Payment Proccesing Allows to accept payments online https://stripe.comJumptap Ad network Mobile ad network jumptap.comMachinima Social Network/Gamification an online entertainment network that features clips and teasers from numerous video games. The site allows users Aggregation Marketplace for take away food just-eat.com2U Online personal services (education) 2U partners with universities to build, administer, and market online degree programs2U.comBloomfire Crowdsourcing (?) Bloomfire sits in the sweet spot between content management, file sharing, collaboration, learning management, andbloomfire.comFindery Geolocation/Migration to mobile/Social Networkpeople can leave notes about places around https://findery.comExtole SMM social plug ins for social sharing and promotion Aggregation/Person-to-Person Market place for private appartment to rent 9flats.comIntent Media Ad network Ad network intentmedia.comGogobot Collaboration/Person-to-Person connects you with friends to make planning and sharing your travels fun gogobot.com55social SMM 55social.comGetaround Aggregation/Person-to-Person a marketplace for carsharing getaround.comViajaNet Aggregation eading independent Brazilian online travel agency (OTA) Labs Online personal services Recommend you the places to visit, based on your preferences sosh.comSocialVibe Ad network Ad network socialvibe.comScribd Online database Online collection of books scribd.comBluefin Labs Big data/SMM Measure the reaction of people to your campaign in social media bluefinlabs.comOodle Person-to-Person/Geolocation Local sharing and selling oodle.comThe Receivables Exchange Financial Services online online marketplace for the sale of accounts receivable http://www.receivablesxchange.comSparkplay Media Gamification developer of browser-based MMO games sparkplaymedia.comImpact Radius Technological Advance ?? marketing technology solutions to performance-focused brands, agencies, and media companiesimpactradius.comCouchOne Online database CouchOne offers a lightweight application platform that simplifies the creation of shared web applications and easilycouchone.comeBureau Big data/SMM predictive analytics platform ebureau.comInadco Ad Network Inadcos platform merges Cost-Per-Lead and Display technologies to make the complexities of buying and scaling Chttp://www.inadco.comBlueKai Big data/SMM Analysing big data for publishers and advertisers bluekai.comHomeAway Aggregation Online vacation rental marketplace Social Network (hereinafter referred to 51), established in August 2005, is the largest social network service provider in China51.comAnswers Corporation Person-to-Person owns and operates is an advertising-supported Q&A and reference site aiming to be theanswers.comLeadPoint Ad Network Ad network
  52. 52. obopay Payment Processing/Migration to mobile lets consumers and businesses purchase, pay, and transfer money through any mobile phoneobopay.comRebel Monkey Gamification the company focuses on bringing new kinds of immersive experiences to casual gamers.rebelmonkey.comTheFind E-commerce/Aggregation a search destination where millions of shoppers are finding the best products from every online and local store.thefind.comDailyStrength Person-to-Person With more than 500 focused support groups, DailyStrength offers answers to health and life challenges as well as adailystrength.orgEfficient Frontier SMM online performance and social media marketing, managing search marketing, display and social media campaigns foefrontier.comSpotHero Aggregation Marketplace for parking slots spothero.comWayfair E-commerce largest pure-play online retailer of home goods in the US. wayfair.comPowerInbox Technological Advance ?? MA-based open app platform for email powerinbox.comFresh Dish E-commerce Fresh Dish offers prepped meal kits, delivered to your home, ready to cook and enjoy.freshdish.comSumAll Big data/SMM SumAll is a web based, real-time e-commerce analytics tool that allows store owners to identify patterns in their datsumall.comContinuuity Big data/SMM in beta continuuity.comEntelo SMM allows recruiters to search for the best software engineers and designers across the social web.entelo.comJOOR E-commerce/Aggregation an online wholesale marketplace for the womens contemporary fashion industryjooraccess.comOptimizely SMM A/B testing optimizely.comSingleHop Online database dedicated and cloud hosting provider that offers highly scalable, on-demand infrastructure services to both end-userssinglehop.comDuetto Research Big data/SMM „big data‟ enterprise software company to serve the travel industry duettoresearch.comH.BLOOM E-commerce provides a subscription-based luxury flower arrangements at affordable prices to consumer and corporate customershbloom.comSprinklr SMM enterprise Social Relationship Management infrastructure and provides social media servicessprinklr.comViddy Online database/Migration to mobile Capture, beautify, and share amazing videos with the world. viddy.comKontagent Outsourcing enterprise user analytics platform for social and mobile application developers, marketers and producers.kontagent.comSTELLAService Ranking STELLAService measures, benchmarks, and evaluates online customer service. STELLAService evaluates and ratesstellaservice.comSociable Labs SMM Sociable drive sales for online retailers utilizing social recommendation as the core technology.sociablelabs.comHiGear Person-to-Person a private car-sharing club for luxury and sports cars. higear.comActivePath Technological Advance ?? pportunities for marketers to send live, fully interactive emails to their customers, allowing them to watch, share, navactivepath.comApsalar Ad network provides Mobile Engagement Management solutions for mobile apps. Mobile app marketers can acquire, analyze, anapsalar.comJ. Hilburn E-commerce custom-made men‟s shirts and clothing at a fraction of what the same shirt would cost at a traditional retailer.jhilburn.comWeddington Way E-commerce group-shopping site for wedding parties. It provides brides and their best friends with a curated selection of merchandWeddingtonWay.comSend the Trend E-commerce e-commerce site for accessories and beauty, co-founded by Divya Gugnani and Mariah Chase.sendthetrend.comSafetyWeb Online personal services (security) SafetyWeb develops cloud-Â-based, personal security products that help people protect their Privacy, Identity, Repusafetyweb.comBlockboard Geolocation/Migration to mobile/Social Networkobile bulletin board that uses your iPhone (and soon, your Android phone) to connect you with your neighbors.blockboard.orgWorld Golf Tour Gamification develops the most realistic and engaging online sports games. wgt.comPursway SMM enables companies to identify, measure, and impact how opinion leaders shape their followers’ purchasing decispursway.comThe NewsMarket Online database operates a Web-based video marketing and distribution platform. thenewsmarket.comeduFire Person-to-Person online platform that connects teachers and students from all around the world.edufire.comBazaarvoice SMM (SaaS) company that turns social media into social commerce for the world‟s best global brands by enabling
  53. 53. Angies List Ranking rovides consumer reviews of local services across the U.S. and parts of Canada.angieslist.comAdisn Ad Network is a self-service ad platform targeting forum communities. adisn.comTrialPay ?Donnorwood Media Gamification enables consumers to create highly-customized 3D avatars in minutes. Meez avatars can then be used all over Online personal services (health) platform connects consumers and healthcare professionals with information, enabling tools and online communitiehealthcare.comTradeKing Online personal servcices (trading)/Social Networksocially-enabled equity and options trading service, offering users low-cost trading with enhancements like daily blotradeking.com42Floors Aggregation marketplace for rentals and commercial real estate listings 42floors.comBetterment Online personal services (trading) online investment account dedicated to helping people reach their goals. Betterment achieves this through low costwww.betterment.comTwitch Gamification/Social Network the world‟s largest video game broadcasting and chat community. twitch.tvSimply Measured Big data/SMM Provides the SM reports On-line advertising Online advertising analytical platform http://convertro.comGrow Mobile Mobile adv/Ad network DSP for mobile adv Online personal services (security) identity theft protection company lifelock.comApperian Migration to mobile is a mobile application management (MAM) company. The Apperian EASE platform delivers enterprise mobility serapperian.comTwilio Migration to mobile developers a powerful API for phone services to make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messagetwilio.comHadapt Big data/Outsourcing offers an adaptive analytical platform for performing complex analytics on structured and unstructured data, all in onhadapt.comShopify E-commerce/Outsourcing ecommerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create online storesshopify.comBillGuard Online personal services (security) is people-powered antivirus for bills billguard.comSnapdeal E-commerce India‟s largest online marketplace features best priced deals on branded products like mobile phones, electronics,snapdeal.comLife360 Migration to mobile/Social Networks the biggest family network on mobile. life360.comHunch Big data a consumer web application that is building the “taste graph” of the internet, mapping every person on the internet thunch.comYodle On-line advertising Manage the online campaingn for local business yodle.comCrowdFlower Crowdsourcing Enterprise crowdsourcing platform crowdflower.comZoosk Social Networks is a social dating community zoosk.comOLX Person-to-Person classifieds olx.comOMGPOP Gamification developer and publisher of multiplayer, social and mobile games omgpop.comStreamBase Systems Big data software for rapidly building systems that analyze and act on real-time streaming data for instantaneous decision-mstreambase.comDelivery Agent ? ? deliveryagent.comAccess 360 Media Ad network Advertisement using sports events, news etc access360media.comBillShrink Coupons nline service to help consumers make better purchase decisions for complex product categories.billshrink.comOneStop Internet Outsourcing Platform for e-commerce (delivery, marketing etc) onestop.comFlock Technological advance free web browser built on the Mozilla Firefox architecture flock.comZiff Davis Media Ad network Media company, selling ads ziffdavis.comSmilebox Online personal services (photo) Allows to change and creatively re design the photoes and share smilebox.comEloqua SMM elps clients dramatically accelerate revenue growth through marketing automation and Revenue Performance
  54. 54. kajeet Migration to mobile Kajeet is a mobile virtual network for kids and teens kajeet.comSelectMinds Social Networks helps businesses maintain the valuable relationships with past and current employees and build a strong corporate cselectminds.comHands-On Mobile Migration to mobile is a global publisher of mobile lifestyle, games and personalization products targeting all market segments of the mohandson.comAuxmoney Person-to-Person Germany-based online peer-to-peer loan marketplace. E-commerce brings together dozens of independent fashion boutiques to provide a wide selection of the most elegant brands and sfarfetch.comElasticsearch Search engine delivers the world‟s the most advanced open source search and analytics engine available and make real-time data eelasticsearch.comThe Business of Fashion Media global following as an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, business professionals and entrepreneurs in over SMM Shared shopping experiences help consumers make smarter, informed decisions about buying, while companies Person-to-Person online marketplace matching freelance or self-employed professionals with project work, usually in small or medium-speopleperhour.comSecret Escapes E-commerce exclusive members only travel club from the travel experts behind Aggeration largest holiday rental websites, offering over 140,000 properties to choose from in thousands of destinations worldwidhousetrip.comDrivy Person-to-Person the leading peer-to-peer car rental platform in France. drivy.comSnappli Online personal services (security) secure against web threats without having to install any hardware or software on your computersnappli.comNasty Gal E-commerce brainchild of Sophia Amoruso who started the company in 2006 on eBay selling one-of-a-kind vintage clothing.nastygal.comEverpix Online database All your photos in the cloud, always organized. Collaboration real time visual collaboration applications fuzebox.comonefinestay Person-to-Person gives visitors to London the chance to stay in a home with the service of a hotel while the owner is out of town, and oonefinestay.comShapeways E-commerce Uses 3D printer for personal orders Person-to-Person simple, beautiful way to share and view step-by-step how to guides snapguide.comiZettle Migration to mobile free iPhone app and a mini chip card reader that lets anyone take card payments anytime, anywhereizettle.comCheckthis Collaboration lets you instantly share beautiful pages with friends and family checkthis.comNotonthehighstreet E-commerce an online retailer that allows users to browse a variety of individual sellers, then purchase items in a single checkout Payment processing converts money with more favourable ex rates http://transferwise.comTripbirds Aggregation/Multi-channel Tripbirds is a travel site built with data from Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla and Instagram.tripbirds.comAdzuna Search engine eading search engine for classified ads, globally. Aggregation marketplace for authentic experiences. Gidsy makes it easy for people to offer and book all sorts of tours, local activgidsy.comGo Try It On Person-to-Person allows guests the ability to share photos of themselves and get an honest opinion on their look before they go out Coupons online site that offers a daily deal, in the form of a discount coupon, on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in thegroupalia.comEDITD Big Data Analysing web and trend data for fashion companies to enable trend forecastingeditd.comAmen Person-to-Person opinion sharing getamen.comOpenBuildings Social Network community-driven directory of buildings from across the globe E-commerce is baby and kid‟s goods online retailer in Russia. babyboom.ruPrivalia E-commerce private sales club which organises the sale of leading name products at exceptional prices exclusively for club membprivalia.comUberMedia Mobile adv/Ad network App developer and mobie Ad network ubermedia.comThe Gifts Project Collaboration Helps to organise collective presents
  55. 55. Flipboard Online database digital social magazine that aggregates web links from your social circle, i.e. Twitter and Facebook, and displays theflipboard.comSquarespace E-commerc Site creation and management platform squarespace.comGroupSpaces Social Network Allows to creage and manage groups groupspaces.comFoodily Aggeration all recypies in one place foodily.comSwipely Payment processing/SMM Gets data on clients when they pay by credit card and transfort it to marketing dataswipely.comKeynoir Coupons exclusive buying club that provides access to a great lifestyle packed with indulgent and fun experiences in major citiekeynoir.comsezmi Aggregation video entertainment platform that aggregates content from a variety of sources- traditional TV programming, HDTV, mosezmi.comGlasses Direct E-commerce On-line retailer of prescription glasses. Aggregation/Person-to-Person online event ticket marketplace for secondary buyers and sellers. viagogo.combe2 Person-to-Person/Online personal Services (dating)online dating be2.comPlayfish Gamification/Social Networks creator of social games for friends to play together over social platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Google,playfish.comBestofmedia Ad Network home to the most trusted technology publications in the digital world: Tom‟s Hardware, Tom‟s IT Pro, and Tom‟s Clarke E-commerce luxury fashion jewelry site based in London, targets wealthy consumers. astleyclarke.comWooMe Person-to-Person/Online personal Services (dating)Speed dating online woome.comTrialPay SMM/Online advertising CPA platform, with attracts clients by free products http://www.trialpay.comCriteo SMM/Ad Network (Display) Ad network with analytical platform criteo.comBetfair Gamification Betting site betfair.comDimdim Collaboration browser based web conferencing service based on the open source platformdimdim.comNetlog Social Network online platform where users keep in touch with and extend their social network. It is an online social portal, specificallynetlog.comShareThis Big Data/SMM largest market for sharing and influence across the web, reaching more than 400 million users across nearly 1 millionsharethis.comProsper Person-to-Person Online lending market place prosper.comRedux Aggregation/Person-to-Person Video channels created by users E-commerce the members-only luxury lifestyle store. achica.comThe Everything Project Search engine Looks for HTML5 opimazed sites on the Phone, returns in form of apps Person-to-Person Distant coach to lose weight retrofitme.comisocket Online advertising Platform to connect publishers and advertiser directly isocket.comLemon Aggregation/Migration to mobile Allows to keep all your cards in your phone lemon.comKomli Media Ad network Leading ad network platform in India komli.comPubMatic Online advertising Soft for publisher to evaluate and sell their inventory pubmatic.comRetail Innovation Group E-commerce member-exclusive 72-hour sales on premium brands and experiences theclymb.comSugarSync Online database Back up and sync your files on all devices sugarsync.comVerbling Online personal services (education) users with an innovative way to learn new languages by utilizing video chat technology.verbling.com4INFO Migration to mobile/Ad Network Mobile ad network 4info.comTwitVid Person-to-Person/Aggregation Users content in one place twitvid.comRetailigence Migration to mobile/Ad Network Mobile ad network
  56. 56. Social Network for-profit social network in China, including the world‟s largest Chinese encyclopedia/news website, but not free for rehudong.comTango Technological advance/Migration to mobile Free calls, SMS etc tango.meJiWire Migration to mobile/Ad Network Ad network with geo targeting jiwire.comMeebo ? ? meebo.comSuperfish Search engine Searches pictures superfish.comRentJuice Social Network Social network of real estate brokers rentjuice.comServio Technological advance Automatic content creation serv.ioCloudCrowd Crowdsourcing Platform for businesses to hire free-lancers E-commerce e-commerce website selling brand-name shoes Ad Network ntegrated online media company with an ad network, three owned web properties, and an ad technology platformtechnorati.comFotomoto E-commerce Allows to start a e-shop on photo sites fotomoto.comYardbarker Network Ad Network/Crowdsourcing aggregates news articles about sports from around the web. These articles are submitted by users and voted up in aybnmedia.comPayNearMe Payment Processing Allows to pay online bill in 7-Eleven stores Big data/Migration to mobile use big data from mobile phones to model user behavior, and make inferences about health and wellness.ginger.ioLearnStreet Online personal services (education) Online coding cources learnstreet.comInstacart E-commerce E-shop with 1-hour delivery instacart.comTrendabl Social Network Members will be able take pictures of anything fashion related, add a filter and tag the photos with info such as brand ? ? bit.lyCellScope Migration to mobile/Online personal services (health)CellScope builds systems for at-home disease diagnosis using smartphone cameras connected to a web platform.cellscope.comAliveCor Migration to mobile/Online personal services (health)AliveCor has developed a device that will turn any smartphone into a clinical-quality electrocardiogram (ECG) recordealivecor.comIndiegogo Crowdsourcing the leading global platform for crowdfunding, empowering anyone, anywhere, to raise money for anything.indiegogo.comMiso Aggregation/Gamification Watch shows, get point, rival with friends gomiso.comHowAboutWe Person-to-Person experience-driven dating and relationships company. howaboutwe.comMyLikes SMM word-of-mouth advertising platform that connects the long-tail of Influencers on the web to advertisersmylikes.comAdReady Online advertising Soft for online ads