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  1. 1. danielle bohannon 517.920.3895 daniibohannon@gmail.com db Portfolio
  2. 2. Design Project 1- Ordinary Art Gallery Project 2- Healthcare Project 3- Sony Surge Project 4- Library Construction Documents Project 5- Medical Office Building Project 6- Residential House Project 7- 4-Cluster layout and kitchen island Table of Content
  3. 3. The Ordinary Art Gallery would be an art gal- lery, studio and loft building located in Birmingham, MI, that would inspire the community through art. The building would serve as a location for talented, unique artist to come and stay for a period of time to create and display their art. The community would constantly be inspired by different artists and be able Computer Programs Used: to see art from a different perspective then any other Auto Cad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photo gallery in the area currently offers. Shop, Sketch UP The design concept for the building is to reflect the traditional style of the town while standing out from its surroundings by playing with proportions and distorting perspectives. By adding elements of surprise, the building’s interesting features would re- emphasis the art it will hold. The Ordinary Art Gallery Project Exterior Perspective
  4. 4. Commons and Gallery Resident Entrance Entrance Coat Rm. Storage The Ordinary Gallery is designed to guide peo- ple through the space by first starting in the lecture room where the artist background is presented. The people then proceed up the ramp gallery. The cafe is Elevators Gallery accessed by going down the ramps on either side of Elect. Data the building. Storage Janitor Lecture Rm. Administration Women’s Men’s Bathroom Bathroom Pendant Lighting First Floor Pendant Lighting Track Lighting
  5. 5. A A Elevation 1 Section A Cabinet Detail First Floor The Ordinary Cafe
  6. 6. Studios and Gallery Storage Stairs Resident Kiln Rm. Storage Elevator The Third Floor is home to a variety of work spaces for artists, Storage Flex Studio There are flex studios, Creative Studios, a kiln room, dark room, computer and print lab with screening room. Ramp Gallery B Elevators Elect. Data Storage Dark Room Creative Studios Janitor Storage Computer/ Print Lab Bathroom Stairs Storage Track Lighting Third Floor Pendant Lighting B Reflective Ceiling Plan
  7. 7. Studios and Gallery Resident Elevator Stairs Outside Gallery Open to Below Ramp Gallery Elevators Elect. Data Flex Studio Flex Studio Artist Lounge Storage Flex Studio Janitor Ramp Gallery Bathroom Stairs The Flex Studios encourage collaboration among artists and flexible space for all types of art to be created. Each studio also becomes Second Floor part of the art gallery. The large windows that allow people in the gallery to see how the artist create the art that they are looking at. Flex Studio
  8. 8. 1 Rooms 2 Rooms 3 Rooms 4 Rooms Creative Studios Partition Wall Detail The Creative Studios have a moving partition walls that allows them to be set up to meet the artist needs that are there. Creative Studio Hallway Cat walk Hallway Storage Storage Third Floor Section B
  9. 9. Artist Lofts The floor plan and layout provide an interesting feel to it that is unique. The outdoor area allows artist to enjoy being outdoors and come together and collaborate or just enjoy relaxing. Pendant lighting Track lighting Fourth Floor Bedroom wall sconces
  10. 10. The loft space provides an interesting environment for artist to live in while they stay at the Ordinary art gal- lery. The furniture is all custom to create the artistic feeling through out the building. 1 Fourth Floor Elevation 2 Elevation 3 Side View TV Entertainment Center Buffet
  11. 11. The Cancer Treatment Center should be a warm and inviting space that welcomes patients and family and helps to comfort them through their treatments. The cancer center should be infused with nature help- ing to calm and reduce stress. By incorporating natural materials, day lighting, colors from nature and over all environments where patients can escape to, whether Computer Programs Used: it be physically or mentally. Organic shapes should be Auto Cad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe used to help people move fluidly through the space to Photoshop, Revit help reemphasize the nature element of the over all design .The cancer center should be an inviting set- ting but also a space that is unique and interesting. By creating unique features that can help create a positive distraction through the architecture. Cancer Treatment Center Project Nurse Station
  12. 12. The waiting room is the first thing that pa- tients see as they walk in to the facility. It is a n open area that is full of natural light and incorporates nature with trees, plants grow- ing in the atrium and a living wall behind the desk. It is also is two stories with the healing garden overlooking the waiting room area. It provides access to the classroom, board room, library , elevators to the infusion floor, and entrance to the radiology area. Waiting Room
  13. 13. The Infusion area Provides a comfortable environment that looks out to the healing garden reemphasizing the importance of nature and its many benefits to feeling. Infusion 2
  14. 14. The Surge “pop up shop” is focused on developing a unique three dimensional experience for costumers. The design is to have a new impact on shoppers by in- corporating a different method in which they purchase items. The design of the space will be easy to maneu- ver through with key focus areas. The materials used Computer Programs Used: will be simple with bold punches of color through out Auto CAD, Sketch Up, the space. The space is easy to disassemble, assemble Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photo Shop. and stands as one independent unit. All the displays are set up so you can use and play with the products. The objective is to experience the products through seeing, hearing, playing and then shopping. Sony Surge Project
  15. 15. SEE HEAR PLAY SHOP The Power of Entertainment Interior Perspective Playstation 3 Playstation 3 Station Station Entrance/ Exit Arches for displays Arches for dis- and lighting Desk Top Computers MP3 Displays plays and lighting Displays Bench Seating Upholstered Bench Seating Upholstered Online TV Displays TV Displays Cash Wrap Arches for displays Laptop Computers Stereo Displays Displays Arches for displays and lighting and lighting Playstation 3 Entrance/ Playstation 3 Station Exit Station 0 1’ 3’ 6’ Fixture and Furniture Layout SCALE
  16. 16. Front Elevation Side Elevation Sections A 3 0 1’ 3’ 6’ Section B SCALE
  17. 17. Library Commons is a design competition for a library interior that would cater to all types of people. It should include a space that incorporates new media and technology into the design. Computer Programs Used: Revit, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photo Shop. Library Commons Project
  18. 18. The Design for the Library commons incorporates different spaces for all types of people and learning styles. There are collaborative and individual spaces, private and open spaces, and spaces that cater to the 3 different learning types, tactile, kinesthetic, and au- dible. There is a lounge to relax by the fire and a cafe to have some food or a coffee. Floor Plan 4 The Library lounge incorporates a relaxing space where people can come and read or collaborate to- gether. The Media wall is a place where people can go to listen to music, watch a DVD, or listen to a book. It provides people that are more audible learners a place to go and learn.
  19. 19. The Medical office building was designed as an outpatient facility. They do x-rays, doctor visits and MRI’s. Because of the MRI machine spe- cial design requirements when constructing the building had to be addressed. I chose to have a Computer Programs Used: portable MRI suite be placed in the building. I Auto CAD, Revit, Hand Drawn also included a grass roof system that would help to make the building more sustainable and cut back on energy costs. 5 A1- First Floor Plan A2- Structure Plan A3- Roof Structure Plan A5- East and West Elevation A8- Wall Section Medical Office Building Project A9- Plan Details