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T.l.e portfolio


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Published in: Education
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T.l.e portfolio

  1. 1. Cutting tools HACKSAW Parts of Hacksaw Hand tools in welding Pull push rule Steel tape
  2. 2. Try square Combination square Vernier caliper Micrometer caliper Files
  3. 3. Kinds of files small tools Mill file Flat file Square file Round file Half round file
  4. 4. Triangular file Driving tools Ball peen hammer Chipping hammer Wrench Kinds of wrench Adjustable Pipe wrench
  5. 5. Oxy acetylene Open-ended (single,double) Closed-ended Socket wrench and socket Screw drivers(flat,Philips) Clamps Tool maker clamp
  6. 6. C-clamp Drill vise Machinist vise Hand vise V-clamp Vise grip Tong
  7. 7. PLIERS Long nose Side cutting Combination pliers slip joint