The Walkman


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A description of the walkman.

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The Walkman

  1. 1.     The WalkmanThe Walkman
  2. 2. The Walkman ® or tocapaseo is a stereo audio Portable launched by the Japanese company Sony in 1979. The first model was the TPS-L2. From this model and its subsequent revisions, Sony sold millions of units, but when it appeared, few could afford one due to its high price.
  3. 3. The walkman allowed to get quality sound, similar to a home stereo, without being so bulky. The wide dissemination of walkman also radically changed the business of the turntable and gave the first blow to the vinyl record, as the cassette was easier to play and more economical
  4. 4. . The walkman is a symbol of the 80s
  5. 5.   Its inventor. Andreas Pavel, German-Brazilian inventor, is credited with the invention of the first portable stereo audio in 1972. Pavel studied philosophy and participated in several intellectual and creative movements, was a great lover of music and the fact that constantly displace led him to devise the "belt stereo". During the military dictatorship, he was exiled in Europe, tried to sell his idea to several companies but these did not see your idea with favor and Pavel finally patenting his invention.
  6. 6. Andreas Pavel
  7. 7. Sony began negotiations with Pavel about the copyright of the invention, and recognized, in 1986, which would be paid royalties for his invention, without recognizing intellectual property. Interestingly, as they told the founders of Sony, its creation was due to a warm morning in 1979, Masura Ibuka (one of the founders of Sony) she wanted to listen to music while running, so I immediately looked for ways to turn their ambitions. To do this, extracted the recording circuit and placed a tape recorder stereo amplifier with headphones.
  8. 8. Walkman
  9. 9. In the early '80s, Sony, Toshiba, Aiwa, Panasonic and Sanyo were the main producers of these devices, the user benefit was remarkable: for the first time anyone could go out and listen to your music favorite anywhere. Each manufacturer literally snapped his head to find the most suitable name to an artifact as attractive as eccentric. No brand wit surpassed Sony, whose Walkman was positioned as the global benchmark appellation. While Sony's marketed under the brand name "Walkman", Toshiba opted for "Stereo Walky" and Panasonic "Stereo-To-Go".
  10. 10. The Sony Walkman is considered the greatest technological invention of the last 50 years.
  11. 11. Besides being able to listen to the radio, the Walkman was also the ability to play music by inserting a cassette in the Walkman. The cassette.
  12. 12. Cassette.
  13. 13. Cost Young people began to purchase their portable players for $ 150. Competition also put into circulation disposable products that did not exceed $ 20, but the audio quality was low or negligible.
  14. 14. The Walkman also features a Speaker Adaptor
  15. 15. The first Walkman was circulating in the market TPS-L2 model of Sony in 1979, a device that allowed to take music everywhere but kept only one hour of music.
  16. 16. T H E E N D