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How Rotary clubs can use social media


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Presentation from Rotary International District 9680 Conference 2013

Published in: Self Improvement

How Rotary clubs can use social media

  1. 1. Social MediaWhat to use, How to use it well andTroubleshooting
  2. 2. PresentersDanielle Fogarty•Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative andRYLA 2013 2IC•Developed social media strategy for EnviroMentorsprogram at Keep Australia Beautiful NSW•Webmaster of•Facebook admin for Rotaract District 9680, Rotary District9680 and RYLA District 9680 Rotaract District 9680
  3. 3. Why use social media• Connect with the new generation of Rotarians• Stay current and keep up to date with global trends Part of a larger PR and/or Communication strategy Rotaract District 9680
  4. 4. Who is your audience?• Internal Communication or External Public RelationsWhat are their needs, wants and challenges?• Laser focus: You can create content that resonates instantly.• Break barriers: Confront pain points head-on to build trust.• Language: Increase engagement by being a person your audience relates to.• Empathy: The more you listen, the better you can respond to specific needs.• Positioning: You can become the go-to source in your niche Rotaract District 9680
  5. 5. Social Media StrategyFrom data collected about your audience, determine your:•Voice•Content•Responsibility Rotaract District 9680
  6. 6. VoiceThree words to describe your voice:EnviroMentors – fun, friendly and enthusiasticRYLA District 9680 – supportive, inspiring and fun Rotary Club of ##### - ?, ? And ? Rotaract District 9680
  7. 7. Content80% sharing other content – 20% create your ownCalendar•1 to 2 posts of your own content a week•Theme weeks and months – Rotary, UN•Holidays•Club projects and events•Can create/collect content now to post later Rotaract District 9680
  8. 8. Content Rotaract District 9680
  9. 9. Responsibility• PR, Secretary, Club Admin, Social Media Administrator? All members!• At least one item• Responsible for one month (shared document of strategy, calendar and login details)• Conduct on social media• Monitoring – Don’t Feed the Trolls! Rotaract District 9680
  10. 10. Facebook Groups Rotaract District 9680
  11. 11. Facebook GroupsStrengths Weaknesses•Internal communication •Requires all members to be on•Privacy Facebook and accessing it regularlyOpportunities Threats•Share files •Duplication of other internal•Regular updates communication mediums•Create/find content for Facebook •Too invasive, tiring, etcPage •Should be a private group•Remote access Rotaract District 9680
  12. 12. Facebook Pages Rotaract District 9680
  13. 13. Facebook PagesStrengths Weaknesses•Solidify the image of your club •Duplicates website in some ways•Doesn’t requires all members to •Just another Rotary Club onbe on Facebook FacebookOpportunities Threats•Connect to the wider community •If not updated, will be a bad•Find new members promotion of your club•Promote your page – focus on •Unfavourable commentslocal community, age, etc •Trolls Rotaract District 9680
  14. 14. Twitter Rotaract District 9680
  15. 15. TwitterStrengths Weaknesses•Can link with Facebook •Works better for a persona or organisation with a large followingOpportunities Threats•Follow and re-tweet others •Too much work Rotaract District 9680
  16. 16. LinkedIn Rotaract District 9680
  17. 17. LinkedInStrengths Weaknesses•Aligns with the professional •Works best if club members arenature of Rotary also on LinkedInOpportunities Threats•Start online discussions, Q&A •Group needs to be moderated•Promote organisation onLinkedIn Rotaract District 9680
  18. 18. Other - Pinterest Rotaract District 9680
  19. 19. Other - PicMonkey Rotaract District 9680
  20. 20. Other - YouTube Rotaract District 9680
  21. 21. Where to next?Starting off:•SWOT analysis•What will success look like?Getting bigger and better:•Google Alerts•Promote your networks Rotaract District 9680
  22. 22. For more information•• Contact your local Rotaract Club for individual and club tutorials • (District Rotaract Representative) • Facebook – Rotaract District 9680 Rotaract District 9680