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  1. 1. Daniela Fajardo.Paola Rodríguez.
  2. 2. WEATHER PARIS LONDON cold winters and hot  London has a temperate summers.  Winters are cold Rainfall is irregular and  Snow falls rarely, about abundant throughout the year. four or five times a year The wettest month is August between December and and the driest March. February. its temperature is between 1 °  The temperatures are C and 25 ° C. between -4 ° C and 14 ° C.  Summers is 24 ° C
  3. 3. CHARACTERISTIC PARIS LONDON Its symbol is the Eiffel tower  important financial center built in 1889. of the world It is also called the Iron Lady.  The largest religious group Cathedral of France was the are Christians London site of the victory was held at  are transported through the end of the two world the metro, trams, buses, wars. At present, there is trains where funerals are held in  elementary schools and honor of the heads of state. secondary schools in London are public  London predominant language is English.
  4. 4. ENTERTAIMENT PARIS LONDON can visit the Luxembourg  center in Leicester Gardens. Square, the place where weapons can visit the film premieres are museum. held. can visit the Eiffel Tower.  The Upper Street is the triumphal arch can visit. street with more bars can visit the Louvre. and restaurants in the UK.  West End theaters, cinemas, bars, clubs and restaurants  Covent Garden, an area clothing store