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Major project proposal


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this is my major project presentation outline

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Major project proposal

  1. 1. Daniel whittle
  2. 2.  Stage 1: Abstract Stage 2: Aims and Objectives Stage 3: Time Plan Stage 4: Resource/ Costing plan Stage 5: Research plan
  3. 3. for my final major project I plan to create a series of time based mediaproducts and put them all onto a disc complete with cover design andtitles down in after effects. The time based media products will be atwo part set consisting on 5 projects each the first set will featuredialogue whereas the second set of 5 will feature no dialogue and willall have sound done in logic pro.The time based media products will be put onto two discs in the samedvd case with the cover designed in photoshop or indesign.
  4. 4. The aims and objectives of my final major project is to produce asolid set of time based media products that I can use as aportable portfolio of my work that I can hand to clients as I feelmyself I am slowly getting my feel for the way I work and I feel Ihave not produced solid pieces of work this is to prove to myselfthat I can put my idea out their in its best possible way as itsimportant to have a good portfolio that will not only impressclients and potential clients but also back up my view of theworld and its effect it has on me as a person and also a creativemind.
  5. 5. Here is a rough idea on how my 47 weeks will be spent  4 weeks pre production will be planning this will be coming up with the ideas that I will be doing  3 Weeks researching this time will be used to view similar time based media products to mine and what I should be aiming for.  11 Weeks production this will shooting all the time based media products so that I have all the footage I need to create my final porduct  7 Weeks post production this will be editing all the raw footage togerther for the final [roduct aswell as creating the music, the dvd cover and the titles in after effects.  5 weeks getting all the work together to be handed in
  6. 6. For my final major project I will be using microsoft work to writeand plan my products. I will be using adobe premire elements 8to edit my videos together, I will be using logic pro for thesoundtracks of my shorts and after effects for the titles andlastly photoshop to create my dvd cover.Luckily I have access to these resources in college and at homeso that is not an issue and the dvd cases and dvds will not costme much I will provide lunch for all my actors and actresses whohelp me for my shorts.I will be using a dslr camera to shoot my shorts
  7. 7. For my research I plan to divulge more into world cinema andwatch short films on youtube a lot more to give me inspirationand to see what other poeples ideas are.I have watched a french film called see how they fall and aswedish film called evil and I will continue expanding mycollection of films and watching more world cinema films bypurchasing a new film each week.I will also be watching tuturoials on youtube aswell as shorts asthese will come in handy when I encounter problems both nowand in the future.