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New NGO scandal rocks Jaipur


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On 3 November, as first evidence in the case, the CBI recovered a four-minute audio clip of a conversation between Devi and Indira, the sister of Malkhan Singh Bishnoi. In the clip, the CBI said that Bhanwari is heard speaking to Indira in Marwari language telling her that the politicians had agreed to pay her Rs 7 crore in exchange for the CD, out of she would get Rs 5 crores and that Sohan Lal Bishnoi would take the rest. She was also heard telling Bishnoi that the contractor Sohan Lal had struck the deal with the alleged Delhi-based high-profile power broker through one Sunil Gurjar and that the payment had already been made. She reiterated that Sohan Lal somehow got hold of duplicate CDs but the original was still with her. It transpired that Gurjar, whom Bhanwari referred to as the middleman between the Delhi-based buyer of the CD who tried to sell the CD and Sohan Lal, is a relative of Puducherry's former lieutenant governor and minister of Rajasthan Govind Singh Gurjar.

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New NGO scandal rocks Jaipur

  1. 1. One of India's largest issues is its unemployment problem. In a bid to tackle this issue, the government created a number of organizations to help the working class. There are also many non- government organizations (NGO) who work to benefit those in need of help and jobs.
  2. 2. However, not all NGOs are out to help the working class. Some of these organizations that claim to be working for the benefit of the people are actually deceiving them. In fact, NGO corruption in India is a bigger problem than unemployment.
  3. 3. The list of fraud NGOs in India is sadly, a long one. These NGOs and non-profit organizations over-shadow the legitimate ones and the beneficial work they do.
  4. 4. One of these organizations is Sabal Bharat Sansthan in Jaipur
  5. 5. Who is Sabal Bharat Sansthan?
  6. 6. This organization was founded by Sunil Gurjar. Gurjar is one of the most powerful brokers in political circles. He is also the son of Nasirabad, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA).
  7. 7. The organization claims to help empower young people through education. They also claim that they will find them good positions in the workforce. To the mass of jobless individuals, this sounds like a wonderful opportunity.
  8. 8. This is what Sabal Bharat Sansthan relies on, and how they draw victims in. It's one of the biggest scams in India.
  9. 9. Sabal Bharat Sansthan starts by inviting people to take their “Sabal Bharat Exam”. They claim that the exam will help them test people for a number of skills. They offer different levels, with a courses that are 5th pass, 10th pass, 12th pass, and then graduation.
  10. 10. There are 3 main programs of selection that Sabal Bharat Sansthan offers; The Sabal Residential The Sabal Scholarship Sabal Sports Talent program The Sabal Employment
  11. 11. It ensures that results will be given 2 months from the time the exam was taken. However, these alleged results are never declared on the website, nor do the applicant receive them via text.
  12. 12. Barely 50 to 100 candidates ever get chosen for a scholarship out of thousands of applicants. This organization takes advantage of those in need and is making millions off of them:
  13. 13. An exam fee costs INR 560 (about 7.80 USD). INR 560 times 100,000 candidates equates to 56,000,000 (about 786,895.66 USD). Add to this that the exams happen twice a year throughout India.
  14. 14. Why doesn't the government or politicians stop this from happening?
  15. 15. The sad fact is, organizations like Sabal don't prosper without political backing of some sort. the founder of Sabal is Sunil Gurjar who is a major power player in the power circles of Rajasthan. People who are afraid of the law fear this man.
  16. 16. Gurjar was linked to one of the biggest sex scandals that rocked India. He defrauded his own brother-in-law. He had the police tell the victims that they needed to settle the issue with Gurjar directly. They did not want to get involved! This is how Indian law works.
  17. 17. In Rajasthan, his active involvement in the disappearance and murder of Bhanwari Devi is well known. He is also known for being involved in the downfall of another powerful man, Mahipal Maderna.
  18. 18. Gurjar's motive is to claw in millions using his political backing. In this way, he is unstoppable.
  19. 19. Sabal Bharat is the top fraud NGO in India. Don't fall for an organization that seems too good to be true. Steer clear of NGOs that are founded by anyone linked to sex scandals in India.
  20. 20. There are many legitimate and reliable NGOs in India. You can also apply directly to the Skill India program, which is run by the Indian government.
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