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Bhanwari Devi case Mastermind cheats his brother in Law in the name of Sabal Bharat Sansthan

A case of cheating has been registered against Sunil Gurjar, who runs Sabal Bharat Sansthan in Jaipur. He is the son of Ramnarayan Gujjar, the MLA from Nasirabad. The FIR has been registered in Vaishalinagar police station of Jaipur. The case of fraud has been filed against Sunil Gurjar has been done by Surinder Singh, his real brother in Law.

Sunil is alleged to have betrayed Rs 21 lakh from his brother in the name of a Mercedes car.

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Bhanwari Devi case Mastermind cheats his brother in Law in the name of Sabal Bharat Sansthan

  1. 1. Sabal Bharat Sansthan NGO in Jaipur was established in 2016 and is a non-governmental organization whose main goal is said to be that of empowering India's youth through .. AND MUCH MORE
  2. 2. This organization claims it is government funded when nothing could be further from the truth
  3. 3. It was recently discovered that Sabal Bharat Sansthan exam is a huge fraud Skill India program that takes money from the vulnerable and poor, giving them nothing in return. Above is one feedback from
  4. 4. The organization will invite these people to take one of their exams, with a mandatory payment of INR 560 (which adds up to millions over time). The exam is meant to test and judge their skill levels.
  5. 5. Sunil Gurjar Nasirabad Congress MLA, who is the organizations' founder, has a political past and background though. He has links to a major Rajasthan political scandal.
  6. 6. Candidates are asked to attend an exam that will then lead them to get a good job, as well as other crucial benefits, such as free boarding and skill training.
  7. 7. They claim that the exam results will be given to those who participated via a text message and on their website within 2 months but results are never posted on their website, nor are texts received.
  8. 8. Sadly, when a tempting offer is laid before people who are in desperate need, it becomes far too easy to take advantage of them, and it can happen to anyone. The offer of free training and workshops that teach you to become an entrepreneur seem like a dream come true for many.
  9. 9. This is one of the biggest reasons that poverty and unemployment are so high in India, even with all that is being funded by the government to rectify this.
  10. 10. They are getting help from entire board consists of retired bureaucrats, all of who have deep connections within the government and in politics. This is the reality of NGO's in India. All of these government officials that are linked to this NGO have some stake in the organization.
  11. 11. One of the most recent of these saw him involved in a case of forgery, in which he deceived his brother-in-law. The brother-in-law, who is the victim here, was then told by the police to go settle the issue on his own.
  12. 12. Sunil Gurjar barely got a slap on the wrist and was told the matter had to be settled between him and his brother-in-law using the assistance of the police.
  13. 13. He was also involved in one of the more notorious sex scandals of India that involved the murder of a midwife.
  14. 14. Knowing how to identify a fake NGO is the first important step. You can google “list of fraud NGOs in India” to check if they are on them. If an organization like Sabal Bharat is offering what seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
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