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  2. 2. FORMALIZATION[DAN] Good day, Eminent Judges, ladies and gentlemen, We are Team Electrum , and in thisPresentation, we shall be focusing on the Effects of Environmental Pollution caused by the oil industry onthe living conditions of the people in the Niger Delta. [LARA] We shall be taking you on a journey throughthese areas, show-casing the 3 MAJOR problems that people in this region have faced and are still facingas a result of the continuous and unmitigated oil-drilling activities going on in this part of Nigeria. [DAN]We would also be suggesting ways of alleviating the living conditions of people in these communities. My name is Ukasoanya Daniel, 300 Level Mechanical Engineering. I am the first Speaker on the Problemof UnemploymentHi, My name is Lara, 300 level, Architecture. I am continuing on the Problem of UnemploymentHi, My name is Tolu, 500 Level Building Technology. I am the first Speaker on the Problem of Epidemicsand Inadequate health services.Hi, My name is Terrence brande, 400 Level Sociology, I am continuing on the Problem of Epidemics andInadequate health services.Hi, My name is ……….., 300 level mass commm., I am the First speaker on the Problem of InadequateEducation for Youth.Hi, My name is ……….., 300 level mass commm., I am continuing on the Problem of Inadequate Educationfor Youth.And Together, we are, SETTING THE PACE FOR CHANGE
  4. 4. DAN ON PROBLEM 1 UNEMPLOYMENTAs a result of the excessive oil drilling activities in theNiger-Delta, there has been a surge in the rate ofunemployment in theses areas. According to statisticsgiven by Sweet Crude, a Crude oil Research Institute,the percentage of the unemployed is put at 40% forthe ages 15-24 and 70-90% for adults. This is largelydue to the decimation of marine life and consequentdeath of aquatic species which has caused most of thenatives who are fishermen by default, to becomedispossessed of their sources of livelihood.
  5. 5. TOLU ON PROBLEM 2; UNEMPLOYMENT• Also, due to the continuous and excessive oil spills in these region, agricultural activities are beginning to suffer. Areas that have been known to be fertile for farming in the past have suddenly become barren or are getting close to being so. The mangrove forest is slowly withering away and the agricultural industry is suffering. This is particularly sad because some of the natives, who used to make their living through subsistent farming, also have to look elsewhere.• In 2008, a tragedy befell the citizens of Bodo creek, a community in the Niger delta who were poisoned by toxic waste from Shell Oil’s operations. This graphic example clearly illustrates how the land pollution has affected their major sources of livelihood. VIDEO 2- MANGROVE FOREST
  6. 6. LARA ON PROBLEM 2 INCREASED CASES OF EPIDEMICS AND INADEQUATE HEALTHCARE SERVICES• As a consequence of the incessant oil spillage in the Niger-Delta, an increased number of disease cases has been recorded amongst the natives over the last 50 years of oil exploration. Most of these diseases are water borne and are caused when some of the spills seep into the ground and contaminate ground water. Also, many in the Niger- Delta Region have complained that water from freshly sunk boreholes show evidence of oil contamination. But since they are left with no alternatives, the natives use this same water for various domestic purposes which has led to high
  7. 7. BLOSSOM ADDRESSING PROBLEM 3 INCREASED CASES OF EPIDEMICS AND INADEQUATE HEALTHCARE SERVICES• Besides, a process called Gas Flaring, which is another pollution source that goes conjointly with oil production, releases carbon monoxide and other chemicals into the air. Gas flaring has obvious negative health effects and doctors have found unusually high occurrences of asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing problems in communities where gas flaring has been practiced most. These, together with the fact that medical attention for most villagers is hours away by boat, has made life unbearable for people in these communities.
  8. 8. SPEAKER 5 ON PROBLEM 3 INADEQUATE EDUCATION FOR THE YOUTH• As a result of the social instability caused by the oil drilling activities in the Niger-delta, Education has now become a luxury that most people in affected communities cannot afford. The reason is that most of the areas in these communities have become unfit for the construction of such social infrastructures like Schools, Universities and Local learning centers. And since most of the natives are unlearned, Most of the teachers and tutors that can administer knowledge have to come from nearby communities and cities. But, as a result of the environmental degradation it difficult to get these people to come down to these
  9. 9. TOMISIN ON PROBLEM 3 INADEQUATE EDUCATION FOR YOUTH• Eminent Judges, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a widely accepted fact, that when the mind is not productively engaged, it has to be engaged in some other negative business. In the absence of education, to engage the minds of these young people, they begin to indulge in social vices such as Armed Robbery, Prostitution, drugs and other criminal activities that are detrimental to the lives of these youth. All these problems have caused social unrest in the Niger-Delta and suitable Actions have to be taken to curb these issues.
  12. 12. LARA• Statistics Reveal that it will take 30 long years and a whooping 600 billion dollars to eradicate the effects of the oil spill in the Niger-Delta. This might look like an uphill task. But us remember the words of John F. Kennedy, He said• “All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first one thousand days, nor in the life of this Administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.”- John .F. Kennedy (Inaugural Address, Jan 20, 1961)- Therefore the solutions we provide in this presentation are just short-term ways of creating the long-term solutions we seek.
  13. 13. DAN• We suggest that Oil companies in Nigeria should be compelled to abide by world environmental standards as they carry out their business. They should also modernize their equipment and establish proactive maintenance schedules for ageing and corroding pipes that cause leaks. Before drilling commences in an area, a satisfactory and exhaustive environmental impact assessment should be conducted to ascertain the impact of prospecting in the area.
  14. 14. LARA• The Nigerian government should also impress upon oil companies to become very responsive when spills occur to restore the pipes. Emergency response teams must always be handy to immediately plug leaks while full-blown maintenance crews are dispatched to provide lasting fixes. Also fully equipped educational centres should be established in major locations around these communities to make it easier for the youth in these areas to access adequate educational services.
  15. 15. TOLU• Of course, in the unfortunate event of a spill, the companies must always compensate the communities affected and provide continuous education on how to deal with the spills. It is also important that more and better-equipped hospitals are provided for treatment of people who fall sick from ailments that may be pollution-related.
  16. 16. BLOSSOM• On the issue of gas flaring, the oil companies should modernize their drilling equipment to bring them in line with modern ones that make the need for gas flaring obsolete. Also, since some oil reserves contain more gas than others, drill sites that reveal high levels should be left alone until better ways of containing associated gas are found.
  17. 17. SPEAKER 5• Also, it has been recently stated in the United States that a plant called `Kenaf and `Dorama in the northern part of Nigeria, which closely resembles `Rozel, used for `zobo and also in the same family with Okro, can be used to clean oil spillage. This crop can grow easily in Nigeria without special efforts and should be employed in curbing the issue of oil spillage in the Niger-Delta.
  18. 18. TOMISIN• The Niger-Delta, is Nigeria’s home of tourism, abode of diverse cultures, citadel of natures most beautiful features and the treasure base of the Nation. But today, we behold all these problems that confront this region and we are saddened. Nevertheless, tabled before us are the solutions that have been proffered to halt the endless exploitation of the Niger-Delta. So let us as ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE, ONE FAMILY, ONE BODY with ONE HEART join forces and bring PEACE, JOY, and HOPE to the indigenes of the Niger Delta as together WE ARE [RESTORING THE NIGER-DELTA].
  19. 19. THANK YOU