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# Red bull racing haynes manual rb7


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# Red bull racing haynes manual rb7

  1. 1. Haynes Red Bull Racing Press Manual 2011RB7RED BULL RACINGFormula 1 2011 Bahrain to Brazil
  2. 2. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.©RED BULL RACINGPublished by Red Bull Racing,Bradbourne Drive,Tilbrook,Milton Keynes MK7 8BJFIRST PUBLISHED IN FEBRUARY 2011A catalogue record for this book is availablefrom the Red Bull Energy StationISBN 2011 RB7 1 2Printed and bound in Great Britainby Creative Print GroupORIGINATION: The Engine RoomDESIGN: Realise CreativeILLUSTRATION: James CareyREPROGRAPHICS: Adam CarbajalRED BULL RACING 2011Haynes Red Bull Racing Press Manual 20112010 REVIEW 3THE NEXT CHAPTER 12SEBASTIAN VETTEL 14MARK WEBBER 18THE RB7 22CHRISTIAN HORNER 26ADRIAN NEWEY 28THE TEAM 30DANIEL RICCIARDO 40THE ENGINE 42SPONSORSHIP 44CONTENTS
  3. 3. 2010CHAMPIONS...Despite completing only its sixth seasonin Formula One, in 2010 Red Bull Racingtruly came of age. With nine wins, 15 polepositions and, after some titanic battles,two world championship titles, the teamachieved all the goals set out upon theteam’s inception in 2005...
  4. 4. AT THE END OF THE 2009 SEASON,RED BULL RACING’S TEAM MEMBERSWERE ENTITLED TO LOOK BACK ONTHE YEAR WITH GREAT PRIDE.Not only had the team scored its first winin China thanks to Sebastian Vettel, but it hadalso notched its first 1-2, at the same race,witnessed Mark Webber take his maiden winin Germany and scored four more wins tosecure second place in the Constructors’ andDrivers’ Championships. A pretty good haul byanyone’s standards.Formula One standards, though, are notjust anyone’s and while the pride in 2009 wasjustifiable, those two words, ‘second place’,lingered. There could only be one goal for2010 and that was to take the final step andclaim F1’s ultimate prizes – championship titles.Realising that dream, however, dependedon the machinery in hand and the annals of F1are littered with tales of teams who have goneto the year’s first test only to see the promiseof a previous season extinguished by a wrongengineering turn during the winter.ONTOPOFTHEWORLD!2010 SEASON REVIEW05
  5. 5. 2010 SEASON REVIEW06No such problems, however, befell theRB6 penned by Adrian Newey and his designdepartment. Almost from the off, RB6, a subtleevolution of the previous season’s car, proveditself to be among the most competitive on thegrid and pole position at the opening rounds inBahrain and Australia confirmed the status.But it was at the third round in Malaysiathat the team finally showed how it coulddominate, Sebastian Vettel taking pole andthen he and team-mate Mark Webber goingon to take the first of four 1-2 finishes of theyear. It was the shape of things to come.Mark Webber took his career tally ofGrand Prix wins to four with spectacularvictories in Spain and Monaco. Vettel addedan outstanding victory at the European GrandPrix in Valencia and Webber scored again atSilverstone to take a third win of the season.The Australian driver then landed animpressive victory in Hungary, converting arisky strategy into victory by pounding outa succession of qualifying-pace laps to vaulthimself into an unassailable lead after earlycomplications.07
  6. 6. His young team-mate, though, was puttingin equally impressive performances. In Japan,Vettel was in imperious form, landing poleposition and storming to his third win of theyear. Webber backed him up for the team’sthird1-2 finish.That result was enough to give RedBull Racing a commanding lead in theConstructors’ Championship and the first partof a remarkable double was landed at theseason’s penultimate round in Brazil – Vetteland Webber blasting to 1-2 finish number fourto seal the team title in the finest possible style.The celebrations would have been longand loud, but for the small matter of theseason’s final round, just a week later in AbuDhabi. The mathematical permutations ofjust how the Drivers’ crown could be wonand by whom were endless but for SebastianVettel only one result would give him the title– victory. And after being told, on the grid, byBernie Ecclestone,not to “**** it up!”, Vettelduly obliged, landing his fifth win of the yearto become Formula One’s youngest2010 SEASON REVIEW09
  7. 7. 2010 SEASON REVIEW10ever champion and hand the team the secondhalf of an incredible double into the bargain.A remarkable end to a remarkable season forRed Bull Racing and one that was just a distantwish at the beginning of the year, as ChristianHorner explained in a pre-season interview.Asked what would be his three wishesfor 2010, the team principal had said:“One would be to win the Constructors’Championship. The next would be to winthe Drivers’ Championship and the third onewould be… to beat Bernie (Ecclestone) atbackgammon!”Christian hasn’t yet told us if he’s beatenthe F1 supremo at the boardgame, but twoout of three ain’t bad at all!
  8. 8. 2011THE NEXTCHAPTERWhile the memories of 2010still resonate with everyone atRed Bull Racing, a new challengeawaits – defending the team’s two titles.And armed with the all-new RB7,F1 champion Sebastian Vettel andteam-mate Mark Webber will begiving it their all in the longestchampionship in the sport’s history.Let battle commence!
  9. 9. THE DRIVERSSEBASTIANVETTELYOUNGEST POLE WINNER, YOUNGEST RACE WINNERAND NOW THE SPORT’S YOUNGEST CHAMPION–FOR2010 FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPION SEBASTIANVETTEL THE RECORDS, AND THE SUPERLATIVES, JUSTKEEP ON COMING.Superlatives, though, are nothing new for the 23-year-oldGerman. A graduate of Red Bull’s young driver programme,Vettel made an immediate impression from the moment he steppedup to open-wheel racing. Competing in Formula BMW at thetender age of 15 the precociously talented youngster won fiveof the series’ 19 races and finished second in the Championshipand then, embracing the old racing adage of ‘a season to learn,a season to win’, Vettel utterly dominated the 2004 season,winning 18 of the 20 races and finishing on the podium in theothers on his way to a convincing title win.The performance marked him as one for the future and hewas soon fast-tracked up to the biggest league of all, testing inF1 for Williams and BMW-Sauber, while also continuing torace in Formula 3 and World Series by Renault.It was the top rung that called loudest though and whenRobert Kubica stepped into a race seat at BMW-Sauber, Vetteltook over his role as third driver with the team, becoming, at theTurkish Grand Prix, the then youngest driver to take part in aGrand Prix weekend. Vettel’s test times were alarmingly quickand it was abundantly clear that the emerging star would landa race seat sooner rather than later. The final step though camesooner than even he expected.With Kubica sidelined following an accident at the 2007Canadian Grand Prix, Vettel was thrust into the limelight at oneof motorsport’s iconic venues, Indianapolis, making his FormulaOne debut in that season’s US Grand Prix. After 73 gruelling laps,Vettel had written himself another page in the history books witheighth place and one point, which made him the sport’s youngestever points scorer.Despite the success, Vettel’s closest ties were still with RedBull and late in the 2007 season he moved to a race seat atScuderia Toro Rosso, where the next chapter of a remarkablecareer would be written.Having impressed throughout the 2008 season, Vettel arrivedat the Italian Grand Prix with an improving car and an eye ona points finish. What happened next though defied belief. In arain-hit qualifying session Vettel blasted to pole, becoming theyoungest ever to do so. In the race, the young Red Bull driverwas even more imperious, taking a comprehensive first victoryand writing himself into the record books again as the sport’syoungest race winner.The step up to the senior Red Bull team was obvious and in2009 Vettel found himself at the wheel of the radical new RedBull Racing RB5. It proved to be a winning combination.The German scored the team’s first win with a stunning drivein the wet at the Chinese Grand Prix and went on to take furtherwins in Britain, Japan and Abu Dhabi, which, alongside a stringof podium finishes, saw him finish second in the Championship.DRIVER NUMBER:NATIONALITY:HELMET:14 15
  10. 10. COMFORT“In terms of padding it changesduring the season. You need tohave the right level of stiffness,but also support because thelateral forces in F1 are severe.I always say that a driver is notjust a bag of potatoes that youdrop in the car to get smashedfrom one side to the other. ForMonza for example, there areno great lateral G-forces so youdon’t change much, but wherethere are long duration corners,like Turkey, some drivers willadd padding to the seat or a bithigher up to save the neck.”THE SEAT“Normally, fitting the driver tothe cockpit starts with a seatfitting, but it’s not necessaryto do a new seat every year,especially if you have beenwith the same team for sometime. If you feel comfortablethen it may be possible toretain the shape for the nextseason. The last one I did wasat the beginning of last year.The previous seat was fine, butI just wanted to make it morecomfortable for me in acouple of areas.”SEAT BELTS“In terms of the position of thebelts, you don’t have muchroom to play with. The placeswhere the belts are fixed tothe chassis are specificallydesigned, regulated and finallyhomologated, so you can’t startdrilling holes all over the place!There is a little bit of leeway,but not much.”CAREER STATISTICS TECH FILEThe only target remaining was to go onebetter. The story of 2010 is still fresh in thememory and after a rollercoaster seasondefined by both troubles and triumphs, includingoutstanding wins in Sepang and Valencia,Vettel’s mesmerising march to the title with threewins from the final four races gave the worlda season showdown to cherish.Now though, the 2011 season beckons,and while Sebastian is still basking in the glowof his title glory, he knows an exciting newchallenge awaits.“It feels at least as good now as it did whenI crossed the line in Abu Dhabi,” he says ofthe final-day title win. “Back then it was quitedifficult to really realise what had just happened.But around Christmas I got a couple of days tomyself and then I could come to terms with it.“As a sportsman, though, you’re alwayslooking forward,” he adds. “That processhappens quite quickly when you race week toweek. With the Championship it took a littlebit longer, but it was a very nice process. Nowthough, 2010 is behind us. It’s a very proudmemory, but now it’s 2011 and there’s anotherjob to do, so we move to the next challenge,which is trying to do the same again.”This year that means contending withsome new technologies and Sebastian is quickto point out that the impact of KERS on thewhole grid and the new moveable wing ishard to gauge.“KERS we know about already, we haveseen the effect on the track in 2009, but themoveable rear wing is a bit of an unknown.No one has ever driven the car with that typeof wing and it’s difficult to know how it will work:will overtaking be just about possible, which Ithink is the idea, or will overtaking becomevery easy and therefore artificial, which iswhat no one wants to happen.“With KERS, the question is how good andhow efficient your system is,” he continues. “Notjust in terms of performance but in how quickly itrecharges the batteries under braking and howmuch it upsets your car when you do apply it.Obviously, the teams that had it in 2009 havea little bit of an advantage, but we will just haveto work hard on that.“In the end, though, it is just one variableand there are always variables. We havedifferent tyres to work with this season andwe have to see how we deal with that. You justhave to adapt and try to make your drivingstyle suit the car. It happens every year andwe will deal with it. It’s good, it definitely keepsyou on your toes.”All of which points to a reinvigoratedchampion taking to the grid for the 2011season. “At the end of last year I was feelingvery tired and needed a rest, but I’ve hadthat rest now and I’m really looking forwardto it again.“You know, I found out that the trophy Igot in Monaco last year… I thought everyonegot their own one,” he says with a wry smile.“But it’s not that way, you have to give it back.So for this year I need to push really hard tokeep it in my house!”16IN THE HOT SEATIt’s the most action-packed seat in the house –the cockpit of a Red Bull Racing Formula One Car.Sebastian Vettel explains just how the perfect racingenvironment is built specifically for him.MOBILITY“You need enough clearance foryour arms, so that you have accessto what you need without anyobstructions. Last year for example,we had the F-Duct, so we neededroom to move to activate that. Wehave the brake bias adjuster on oneside, so you need to get to that andwe have a small panel on the otherside for electrical switches. You mustbe able to reach all of that easilyand not be in danger of hittinganything you shouldn’t!”PEDALS“With the pedals I don’thave any particulardemands. I just havesome grip tape onthem make sure I don’tslip. And some flagson either side to stopmovement.”DRIVER SIZE“In terms of optimising the seat forMark or me, there isn’t really too muchdifference. It is easier for me obviously,as I’m a bit smaller, but I have a similarposition to him in the cockpit. Theonly difference is that my distance tothe steering wheel is slightly differentbecause I sit further forward. If thecar was made only for me, the cockpitwould be a bit smaller but does it makemuch difference? I don’t think so.”CAREER STATISTICS2010: RED BULL RACING – FORMULA ONEFIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONYOUNGEST EVER FORMULA ONE WORLDCHAMPIONWINNER MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIXWINNER EUROPEAN GRAND PRIXWINNER JAPANESE GRAND PRIXWINNER BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIXWINNER ABU DHABI GRAND PRIXFIVE ADDITIONAL PODIUM FINISHES10 POLE POSITIONSTHREE FASTEST LAPSSCORED 256 POINTS2009: RED BULL RACING – FORMULA ONESECOND IN FIA DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIPWINNER CHINESE GRAND PRIXWINNER BRITISH GRAND PRIXWINNER JAPANESE GRAND PRIXWINNER ABU DHABI GRAND PRIXFOUR ADDITIONAL PODIUM FINISHESFOUR POLE POSITIONSTHREE FASTEST LAPSSCORED 84 POINTS2008: SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO –FORMULA ONEWINNER ITALIAN GRAND PRIX(YOUNGEST EVER F1 WINNER)POLE POSITION ITALIAN GRAND PRIX(YOUNGEST EVER F1 POLE)SCORED 35 POINTS2007: BMW SAUBER/SCUDERIATORO ROSSO – FORMULA ONECOMPETES IN US GRAND PRIX FORBMW SAUBER F1FINISHES EIGHTH TO SCORE FIRST POINT(YOUNGEST EVER F1 POINT SCORER)HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIX –JOINS SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO2006: FORMULA 3 EURO AND FORMULAONE TEST DRIVER (BMW SAUBER)SECOND PLACE FORMULA 3 EUROSERIES, THREE WINSFORMULA ONE TEST WITH BMWSAUBER F1 IN JEREZFRIDAY TEST AND RESERVE DRIVER FORTHE BMW SAUBER F1 TEAM FROM THETURKISH GRAND PRIX ONWARDS2005: FORMULA 3 EUROFIFTH PLACE FORMULA 3 EURO SERIESROOKIE CHAMPION, SIX PODIUM PLACES2004: FORMULA BMW ADACWINNER FORMULA BMW ADACCHAMPIONSHIP18 WINS FROM 20 RACES, 15 POLE POSITIONS16 FASTEST RACE LAPS2003: FORMULA BMW ADACSECOND PLACE FORMULA BMWADAC CHAMPIONSHIPROOKIE CHAMPION2002: KARTINGSIXTH PLACE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPICA SENIOR2001 KARTINGWINNER EUROPEAN JUNIOR KARTCHAMPIONSHIPWINNER GERMAN JUNIOR KARTCHAMPIONSHIPWINNER MONACO JUNIOR KART CUPWINNER KART PARIS-BERCYFROM 1995KARTING17
  11. 11. THE DRIVERSMARKWEBBERIF ANYONE IS SEARCHING FOR AN INSIGHTINTO THE CHARACTER OF MARK WEBBER, THEAUSTRALIAN’S REACTION TO HOW THE 2010SEASON ENDED IS ALL THE CLUE YOU’LL NEED.“I was in a position to do something unique, but thefairytale was not there,” he told the media not long afternarrowly missing out on title victory at the final round in AbuDhabi. “But there are a lot of positives for me to go into afresh season fully charged. The reset button has been hit.”It’s that kind of resilience and ability to keep pushingahead that has defined Webber’s racing career. The nativeof Queanbeyan, New South Wales was a relative latecomerto motorsports having, in true Aussie style, embraced a host ofother sports in his youth. But despite not taking to karting untilhe was 14, racing quickly became Mark’s passion. At 16, hebecame New South Wales State Champion and after enjoyingmore success in Formula Fords, he rose to the first of a numberof tough career challenges and moved to the UK.Mark graduated to Formula 3 in 1997 and the victories hescored there earned admiring glances from many quarters andled the young hopeful to a works sportscar drive for Mercedeswhere he raced successfully before a return to open-wheelcompetition in 2000. After a successful 2001season, in whichhe was test driver for Benetton in F1 and raced to F3000victory in Imola, Monaco and Magny-Cours for Super Nova,Webber finally landed an F1 seat, with Minardi, in 2002.A fifth place finish and two points on home soil inMelbourne marked an outstanding debut in the top echelonand further gutsy performances during the year meant Webberwas soon on the move – first to Jaguar Racing in 2003 andthen to Williams, where, in 2005, he claimed his first podiumfinish at the Monaco Grand Prix.The defining move though came in 2007, when the Aussiewas announced as a Red Bull Racing driver. Third place atthe Nürburgring in his first year proved his worth and overthe following season and half he worked with the team as itdeveloped into a consistent points-scorer.Reward for the hard work materialised fully in 2009,though not without difficulty. A cycling accident in the off-seasonseriously hampered Webber’s progress and left him battlingto be fit to race at all. But at the wheel of the excellent RB5Webber fought back to claim his maiden win, again at theNürburgring and then doubled his tally with an inspiringdrive to victory in Brazil.It was the cue for an even more outstanding effort last year.After opening his victory account with a superb win in Spain,Mark dominated around the streets of Monaco, notched a thirdwin in Britain and took a final excellent victory in Hungary.DRIVER NUMBER:NATIONALITY:HELMET:18 19
  12. 12. WHEEL OFGOOD FORTUNECovered in buttons and switches, a modern F1 steeringwheel looks more like a fighter pilot’s controls thana racing driver’s. But, despite its many options, MarkWebber says that when it comes to steering the car tovictory, it’s simplicity that matters most.SOFTWAREOPTIONSCLUTCHSETTINGSOILTRANSFERKERSACTIVATIONRADIOThose results and consistent scoringelsewhere took him into the Championshiplead and although his challenge ultimatelyproved unsuccessful, Webber believes thelessons learned have given him a betterplatform from which to challenge again.“2010 was my best year in F1, with alot of big boxes ticked along the way,” hesays. “It was shame I didn’t manage to pullthe Championship off, but it was still veryrewarding to be competing for it until thevery end.“Ultimately, I think qualifying is the areawhere the Championship slipped away andthat’s something I will definitely be looking toaddress this season.“Having said that, there were manythings that we did absolutely right last yearand there’s no point in saying ‘we mustchange everything’. You fix the small thingsthat went missing along the way and matchthose to the good things that were achievedand that’s what hopefully makes you upyour game.”THE DRIVERS TECH FILEPractical as ever, though, Webberconfesses that major success ultimatelycomes down to having the right toolsfor the job.“Everything is tempered with a littlenervousness about what will happen whenwe get our hands on the new car,” he says.“We’ve seen in the last few years in F1 thatthey make big regulation changes everyyear and that’s something we, as a team,need to be on top of.“In Adrian Newey, we’ve got someonewho’s better able to roll with those kind ofpunches than almost anyone else in FormulaOne,” he adds. “He’s absolutely brilliant atinterpreting new regulations and I thinkI’d rather have Adrian in our corner thanalmost anybody else.”And that gives Webber the confidenceto enter this new season with a renewedsense of purpose.“The fact that I had my best season lastyear does make you hungrier,” he admits.“I just missed out in the end last year, so ifthe package does come together again thisyear, and the chance of another run at thetitle is there, then we’ll do everything in ourpower to take it.”‘THE FACT THAT I HADMY BEST SEASON LASTYEAR DOES MAKE YOUHUNGRIER. I JUSTMISSED OUT IN THE ENDLAST YEAR, BUT IF THECHANCE OF ANOTHERRUN AT THE TITLE ISTHERE THEN WE’LL DOEVERYTHING IN OURPOWER TO TAKE IT’BRAKE BALANCEFUEL MIX20“The steering wheel changes prettymuch year on year, especiallyif there are any changes to theregulations. This year we’ll haveKERS once again so will needcontrols to manage that and alsowe have the moveable rear wingso we’ll need to figure that into theequation as well.“Obviously with this element ofthe car’s design, it’s something I getclose to, because I have to be verycomfortable with its functionality“There are some key buttons,which I’ll use a lot, which I like tohave in certain positions on thewheel for ease of use, and then thereare lower priority things, which youtuck away in areas that don’t requiresuch immediate visibility. Some ofthose lower priority things may beeven deeper in the steering wheel’ssystem, so I might have to scrollthrough menus to access them. Thoseare normally things I’ll get advicefrom the pitwall about and which area little more complex. Basically, youtry to keep the wheel as clutter-freeas possible for obvious reasons.“For a regular lap, it’s thebasics really: changing gears, brakebalance might be adjusted – thingslike that. There aren’t many thingsto do on the steering wheel during alap. It will change this year becausewe have KERS and the moveablerear wing, but ideally you want toconcentrate on the job in hand.“Any settings that you dochange will normally be done atthe end of a lap, when you’re onthe pit straight. Then you generallyhave a few moments to sort outany instructions from the team andget yourself set for the next lap orsequence of corners.“There is some stuff you do,such as, if you’re leading and youhave a good gap you might wantto turn the engine down to protectit, so you might change the map, ormaybe you want to change the fuelmix, those are things you’d do inconsultation with the pit wall.”CAREER STATISTICSSOFTWAREOPTIONSKERSACTIVATION2010: RED BULL RACING – FORMULA ONETHIRD IN FIA DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIPWINNER SPANISH GRAND PRIXWINNER MONACO GRAND PRIXWINNER BRITISH GRAND PRIXWINNER HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIXSIX ADDITIONAL PODIUM FINISHESTHREE FASTEST LAPSFIVE POLE POSITIONSSCORED 242 POINTS2009: RED BULL RACING – FORMULA ONEFOURTH IN FIA DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIPWINNER GERMAN GRAND PRIXWINNER BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIXSIX ADDITIONAL PODIUM FINISHESTHREE FASTEST LAPSPOLE POSITION IN GERMANYSCORED 69.5 POINTS2008: RED BULL RACING – FORMULA ONEELEVENTH IN CHAMPIONSHIPSCORED 21 POINTS2007: RED BULL RACING – FORMULA ONETHIRD PLACE PODIUM FINISH (NÜRBURGRING)TWELFTH IN CHAMPIONSHIPSCORED 10 POINTS2006: WILLIAMS-COSWORTH –FORMULA ONEFOURTEENTH IN CHAMPIONSHIPSCORED SEVEN POINTS2005: BMW WILLIAMS – FORMULA ONETHIRD PLACE PODIUM FINISH (MONACO)TENTH IN CHAMPIONSHIPSCORED 36 POINTS2004: JAGUAR – FORMULA ONEFIRST FRONT ROW QUALIFICATION (SEPANG)THIRTEENTH IN CHAMPIONSHIPSCORED SEVEN POINTS2003: JAGUAR – FORMULA ONETENTH IN CHAMPIONSHIPSCORED 17 POINTS2002: KL MINARDI ASIATECH – FORMULA ONEFIFTH ON FORMULA ONE DEBUTJOINT FIFTEENTH IN CHAMPIONSHIPVOTED ‘ROOKIE OF THE YEAR’SCORED TWO POINTS2001: BENETTON RENAULT SPORTFORMULA ONE TEST DRIVERFIA INTERNATIONAL F3000 CHAMPIONSHIPSECOND IN FIA F3000 C’SHIP – THREE WINS2000: FIA INTERNATIONAL F3000CHAMPIONSHIPTHIRD IN CHAMPIONSHIPARROWS FORMULA ONE TEST DRIVER1999: AMG MERCEDES SPORTSCAR TEAM1998: FIA GT CHAMPIONSHIPSECOND IN CHAMPIONSHIP1997: BRITISH FORMULA 3 CHAMPIONSHIPFOURTH IN CHAMPIONSHIP1996: BRITISH FORMULA FORD CHAMPIONSHIPSECOND IN CHAMPIONSHIP – FOUR WINSWINNER FORMULA FORD FESTIVAL. UK1995: AUSTRALIAN FORMULA FORDFOURTH IN CHAMPIONSHIP.1994: AUSTRALIAN FORMULA FORDCHAMPIONSHIP DEBUTENGINEREVERSESPEED LIMITER21
  14. 14. In building on the success of last year’schampionship-winning car, the missionwas to marry the field-leading paceof 2010, while dealing with somenew and exciting rule changes. Here,Chief Technical Officer Adrian Neweyexplains how 2011’s RB7 evolved…SEVENTHHEAVENTECH FILEPIRELLI TYRES“It’s not a regulation change, but thefinal major difference will be the changeto Pirelli tyres. Like all the other teams wedid two days testing in Abu Dhabi withthe new tyres and we were very pleasedwith the initial results. Pirelli have beendoing further development through thewinter, which is very encouraging, butwe won’t know for sure what we aredealing with until the first test. It’s difficultto comment on the tyres until then, butthat’s the same for every team, andagain it’s going to be a learning curve.”24WEIGHT LIMIT“The weight limit has gone upslightly and it has been increased,obviously, to make it slightly easierto implement KERS but there aretrade-offs elsewhere that we’vehad to overcome. However, theeffect of the extra weight is thatthe car will be slightly harder onits tyres and brakes.”KERS“The reintroduction of KERS for 2011 is achallenge in various ways. It’s a challenge tokeep the car light enough for Mark and to beable to change the weight distribution a little bitdepending on the circuit and the characteristicsof the tyres. It’s also a packaging challenge,based on fitting the KERS system in withoutcompromising the aerodynamics. Finally, there’sall the control problems as well, making sure thecar behaves well in a vehicle dynamics sensewith the input of the KERS, particularly when thesystem is charging. RB5 was designed to run aKERS system and we trialled it briefly pre-seasonin 2009, but elected quite quickly not to pursueit. So we have some experience with it but little incomparison to some other teams.”MOVEABLE REAR WING“The overtaking ‘aid’ of 2010, the F-Duct, isbanned for 2011, but we now have a movablerear wing which is designed to help in thatregard. How it affects races and whether itmakes overtaking too easy and/or dangerousis a concern, but one that can be adjustedrelatively easily by the FIA.”25REAR DIFFUSER“The next big change is theban on double diffusersfor 2011, which is a bigdownforce reduction. Likeevery other team, we’ll betrying to claw as much ofthat back as possible inother areas of the designbut it is without doubt a bigchange and one we hopewe’ve met well.”
  15. 15. CHRISTIANHORNERFROM NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK TOWORLD CHAMPIONS IN JUST SIXSEASONS – CHRISTIAN HORNER’SACHIEVEMENT IN TRANSFORMINGRED BULL RACING FROM A MIDFIELDTEAM TO FORMULA ONE KINGPINSIS, ON THE SURFACE, THE STUFF OFSPORTING FAIRYTALES.Fairytales, however, are just that, and Horner’ssuccess with Red Bull Racing has been built onmore solid foundations. From the recruitment ofundoubtedly the finest design group currentlyworking in Formula One to the formulation ofperhaps the strongest driver pairing in the sport inthe extraordinarily competitive duo of SebastianVettel and Mark Webber, Horner has shown thatthere is no alchemy in building a title-winning teambut simply a lot of hard work, rigorous planningand the ability to marshall a supremely talentedworkforce in pursuit of a single goal – victory.It might seem a far cry from the TeamPrincipal’s origins as an aspiring racer himselfbut the seeds of Christian’s current success weresown during that early career.After a winning start in Formula Renaultin 1992, Christian climbed the racing ladderthrough F3 and British F2 before moving upto International F3000 in 1997. A naturalprogression, except for the small detail that, incompeting in International F3000, Horner wasdoing so as both racer and team owner, the 24-year-old having launched his own team ArdenInternational. After two seasons, though, herealised that his future lay on the pitwall ratherthan in the cockpit and he retired from racing toconcentrate fully on running the business.In a few short years Arden developed intoa F3000 powerhouse with Horner guiding theoutfit to three drivers’ and team championshipsin succession, a remarkable record that broughtthe young team boss to the attention of Red Bullowner Dietrich Mateschitz, who quickly choseHorner to spearhead the company’s F1 adventurein the run-up to the 2005 season.Since then, Red Bull Racing’s progress hasbeen meteoric and after narrowly missing outon title glory in 2009, despite six wins and tenother podium finishes, Horner redoubled theteam’s efforts in 2010 and finally claimed ultimatevictory for Red Bull Racing by taking both theConstructors’ and Drivers’ championship titles.POSITION:CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:TEAMPRINCIPALTHE MANAGEMENTNot one to allow the team to rest on its laurels,however, Horner is now targeting a repeat, justas he did with his first team.“You’re always looking for the next thing,”he says. “I was thinking about this recently: InFormula 3000 I achieved a championship win inthe same time frame as with Red Bull Racing. Thenin F3000 I went on to win three titles in a row. Iwould dearly love to emulate that with this team.“We’ve joined some of the elite names, someof the great teams in Formula One and now we’redetermined to build on that. We want to provethat we can remain in that elite group. We havebeen the most successful team in F1 in 2010 andwe want to consolidate that position and seek outeven greater success.”He is convinced, too, that the drivers whobrought home the Constructors’ title in 2010are even better placed in 2011 to deliver thatcontinued success.“We are very lucky in that we havepossibly the strongest driver line-up in on thegrid,” he says. “Sebastian will go into 2011 asthe youngest ever F1 champion. That’s quitespecial and continues a pattern started whenhe became the then youngest driver at a grandprix weekend in 2007. Since then he’s been theyoungest points scorer, the youngest pole winnerand the youngest race winner. Now he has thechampionship record too and he will undoubtedlywant to become the youngest double winner.“Mark too had the season of his career,”he adds. “He won four races and was inchampionship contention right up until the finalrace. Of course he’ll have been frustrated tolose out on the title but he will have learned a lotof lessons from 2010 and having had time forreflection, he too will come back stronger, moremotivated and hungrier than ever.“The 2011 season is going to be reallygruelling, but it’s going to be fantastic, not justfor us as racers but for Formula One fans. We’llhave 20 races and, of course, a new circuit inIndia, which should be outstanding. It will be afascinating competition. I’m sure also that theresults will ebb and flow and there will inevitablybe great highs and some lows over the course ofsuch a long season, but as long as we can applywhat we learned from 2010 and give it our bestshot, the results will take care of themselves –as they did last year.”COMPETITION DEBUT:KARTING AT THE AGE OF121990 THIRD IN BRITISH KARTINGCHAMPIONSHIP1991 FORMULA RENAULT SCHOLARSHIP1992 FORMULA RENAULT1993 SECOND IN THE BRITISH F3 NATIONALCLASS WITH FIVE WINS1994-6 BRITISH F31997 FORMED ARDEN INTERNATIONALF3000 TEAM, RETIRED FROM RACE DRIVING2000 ARDEN WIN EURO F3000 TEAM TITLE2002 ARDEN WIN FIA F3000 TEAM ANDDRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP WITH TOMASENGE. (UNFORTUNATELY ENGE’S DRIVERS’TITLE WAS LATER RESCINDED)2003 ARDEN WIN THE FIA F3000 TEAMAND DRIVERS’ CHAMPIONSHIP WITH BJÖRNWIRDHEIM2004 ARDEN WIN THE FIA F3000 TEAMAND DRIVERS’ TITLE WITH VITANTONIOLIUZZI2005 APPOINTED TEAM PRINCIPAL OF REDBULL RACING, THE TEAM ENDS THE SEASONIN SEVENTH PLACE WITH 34 POINTS2006 SEES THE TEAM LAND ITS FIRSTPODIUM WITH THIRD FOR DAVID COULTHARDAT THE MONACO GRAND PRIX2009 PRESIDES OVER THE TEAM’SFIRST VICTORY AND FIRST 1-2 FINISH ATTHE CHINESE GRAND PRIX AND LEADSRED BULL RACING TO SECOND IN THECONSTRUCTORS’ CHAMPIONSHIP2010 LEADS THE TEAM TO ITS FIRSTCONSTRUCTORS’ AND DRIVERS’ TITLES AFTERJUST SIX SEASONS ON THE GRID.26 27
  16. 16. ADRIANNEWEYIF ANY CONFIRMATION WAS NEEDEDOF ADRIAN NEWEY’S CONTRIBUTIONTO HOW A FORMULA ONE TEAM GOESABOUT ITS BUSINESS, LAST YEAR’SSTUNNING DOUBLE CHAMPIONSHIPWIN WITH RED BULL RACING IS ALL THEILLUSTRATION NEEDED.Having taken both Williams and McLarento the heady heights of multiple title wins in the1990s, Newey’s challenge, when he joined RedBull Racing for the 2006 season, was to do thesame for a young team determined to challengethe status quo at every opportunity.Six short seasons into the team’s F1adventure and Newey has delivered. Seizingon major regulation changes for the 2009season, the designer penned a spectacular carthat took six wins on its way to second in theChampionship. That radical design paved theway for last year’s RB6 and after nine wins, 15pole positions and 11 other podium finishes, themission was complete – the Constructors’ andDrivers’ titles were secured, thanks largely tothe designer’s unflinching desire to be the bestand an uncanny ability to exploit possibilitiesinvisible to others.In truth, those attributes have been thecornerstones of Newey’s career. After early stintswith the Fittipaldi and March F1 teams, he firsttasted success in American racing. His Marchsports car design won IMSA’s GTP class in 1983and 1984, and his IndyCar project, the March85C, took the Championship and the Indy 500.The-follow-up model won the Championship in1986 and the Indy 500 in both ’86 and ’87 butF1 was calling, and after a brief venture withMarch, Newey was, by 1990, at Williams.There, in partnership with Patrick Head, hebrought home five Constructors’ titles between1991 and ’97 and made champions of NigelMansell, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve andAlain Prost. When Newey departed Williamsfor fresh challenges at McLaren, he confirmedhis prowess with three further championships,rounding off the decade with the 1998Constructors’ title and two world championshipsfor Mika Hakkinen.New challenges were needed, however, and,in 2006, Newey jumped at the chance to helptake new team Red Bull Racing from F1 fledglingsto soaring champions. For Newey, though, therealisation of that dream it is still not enough.POSITION:CHIEFTECHNICALOFFICERTHE MANAGEMENT“The motivation to compete and win is still asstrong as ever simply because I really enjoy thisteam,” he says. “We’ve got a great outfit and wehave a good atmosphere here. We don’t pretendto be anything we’re not. We’re a Formula Oneteam that goes about its business of trying tomake the best possible car it can. The team ofengineers, indeed everyone, in every department,is working extremely hard to achieve that. It hasa great atmosphere and I find that very refreshingand very motivating personally.”All of which means that building a car tomeet the challenges of the 2011season hasbeen an exciting process.“Preparing for the new season has beenan interesting challenge for all of us,” hesays. “There have been a number of changesto the regulations and while they are not ascomprehensive as the changes for 2009, themajor differences – such a the re-introductionof the KERS system and the arrival of a moveablerear wing to aid overtaking – have meant thatRB7 is quite different to last year’s car.“However, what we have done is taken thephilosophy of continuing evolution. We haveevolved RB6, which itself was an evolution of2009’s RB5, and this is, if you like, the thirdgeneration of a successful lineage.”1977-1980 – STUDIED AERONAUTICSAND ASTRONAUTICS AT SOUTHAMPTONUNIVERSITY AND WROTE A THESIS ONGROUND-EFFECT AERODYNAMICS, WHICHIMMEDIATELY LANDED HIM A JOB WITHFITTIPALDI AUTOMOTIVE1982 – JOINED MARCH, DESIGNED THEMARCH GTP CAR WHICH WON TWOCONSECUTIVE IMSA TITLES1984-1986 – DESIGNED THE MARCH 85CAND 86C, WHICH WON THE INDIANAPOLIS500 THREE TIMES, WHILE THE 85C AND 86CWON THE CART TITLES IN ’85 AND ‘861986 – A BRIEF SPELL WITH THE FORCE F1TEAM WAS FOLLOWED BY A RETURN TOCART TO RACE ENGINEER MARIO ANDRETTI.REJOINED MARCH TO DESIGN THE 881F1 CAR, BEFORE BECOMING TECHNICALDIRECTOR WHEN LEYTON HOUSE TOOKOVER THE TEAM1990 – JOINED WILLIAMS AS CHIEFDESIGNER, OVERSEEING THE FW14 AND THEOTHER WILLIAMS-RENAULTS WHICH WERETHE DOMINANT FORCE IN THE ‘90S, WON58 GRANDS PRIX, FOUR DRIVERS’ AND FIVECONSTRUCTORS’ TITLES1997 – JOINED MCLAREN, TOOK MIKAHAKKINEN TO TWO WORLD CROWNS2006 – JOINED RED BULL TECHNOLOGY2009 – NEWEY’S RB6 TAKES SIX WINSAND A TOTAL OF 153.5 POINTS TOGRAB SECOND IN THE FORMULA ONECONSTRUCTORS’ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.SEBASTIAN VETTEL ALSO TAKES SECOND INTHE DRIVERS’ TITLE RACE2010 – THE DESIGNER STEPS UP HIS GAMEBY REFINING HIS ’09 DESIGN INTO THEHUGELY IMPRESSIVE RB6. IN THE HANDS OFSEBASTIAN VETTEL AND MARK WEBBER, THECAR LANDS NINE WINS AND 498 POINTS TOTAKE THE CONSTRUCTORS’ CROWN. VETTELADDS TO THE LUSTRE BY CLAIMING THETEAM’S FIRST DRIVERS’ TITLE AT THE SEASON-ENDING ABU DHABI GPCAREER HIGHLIGHTS:28 29
  17. 17. WITH TWO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPTITLES, A CABINET FULL OF TROPHIESAND A REPUTATION AS ONE OFFORMULA ONE’S MOST ESTABLISHEDTEAMS TO DRAW ON, IT’S EASY TOFORGET THAT RED BULL RACING HASBEEN PART OF THE F1GRID FOR JUSTSIX SEASONS.Each of those campaigns, however, hasseen the team build on success, apply thelessons learned in both victory and defeat andmove inexorably towards the twin targets ofConstructors’ and Drivers’ titles. Those goals wereachieved in a hard-fought 2010 season, but thefoundation of those victories stretches all the wayback to 2005.Built from the ashes of Jaguar Racing, RedBull Racing launched its RB1 challenger for the2005 season, with former Arden F3000 teamboss Christian Horner as Team Principal and thehighly experienced David Coulthard as seniordriver. The second car was shared by two Red Bulljunior drivers, Austria’s Christian Klien and Italianrookie Vitantonio Liuzzi. The team went on to finishseventh in the Constructors’ Championship,a creditable result by anyone’s standards.THE ROADTO VICTORYFounded in 2005 with a mission to shake upthe Formula One status quo, Red Bull Racinghas achieved that goal in remarkable styleTHE TEAM30 31
  18. 18. THE TEAM32That success was matched, at the end ofthe season, by the news that the new team hadsecured the services of one of F1’s most respectedtechnical figures – Adrian Newey. Although hiscontribution to the team’s second challenger, theRB2, would be minimal, Newey’s vast experience,winning pedigree and vision would have a majorimpact in the years to come and signing the six-time Constructors’ Championship-winner was afurther indicator that here was a team determinedto challenge for major honours.The first of those came the following season.With the RB2 now powered by Ferrari engines,David Coulthard delivered a faultless drive at theMonaco GP to secure third place and the team’sfirst podium finish.Newey’s first car for Red Bull Racing, theRB3, arrived in 2007. Coulthard was joined inthe cockpit by Australia’s Mark Webber while achange of engine supplier saw the team adoptRenault power. The team climbed to fifth in theConstructors’ Championship and the on-trackhighlight was Webber’s third-place podium finishat the European Grand Prix. The next year broughtanother podium, this time supplied by Coulthardin Canada, the Scot’s final podium before retiringfrom F1 at the end of the year.The 2009 season, however, was the yeareverything changed for Red Bull Racing. Takingadvantage of the biggest set of rule changes ina decade, the team went for broke, building itsmost revolutionary car yet – the RB5. It was agamble that paid off in style.New recruit Sebastian Vettel landed theteam’s first win at the Chinese Grand Prix withMark Webber doubling the celebrations bybacking the German up to deliver a first 1-2 finish.Five more wins, including Webber’s own maidenvictory in Germany, followed and the team sealedsecond in the Constructors’ Championship andsecond in the Drivers’ title for Vettel.If 2009 had been spectacular, the followingseason was truly unforgettable. With theradical RB5 as a base, Newey and his designand engineering team pursued a programmeof evolution as they developed their 2010challenger. The result was RB6, which, afterimpressing in testing, rapidly proved to be thegrid’s most potent competitor as the battle beganin earnest in Bahrain.33
  19. 19. THE TEAM34Small technical issues prevented the team fromwinning the opening rounds in Bahrain and Australiadespite securing pole positions in qualifying, butin Malaysia the potential was finally realised asSebastian Vettel and Mark Webber stormed to anunopposed 1-2, demonstrating just what the teamwas capable of.Further wins followed. Webber launched hisbid for title glory with a brace of superb wins, firstin Spain and then at the season’s blue riband eventin Monaco. Vettel responded with a win at theEuropean Grand Prix and Webber fought back withvictory at Silverstone. All the while, though, rivalspushed the team hard and the title battles raged allthe way through to the final two rounds.A spirit-sapping double non-finish in Korearepresented a blow to the team’s ambitions, but astirring recovery at the season’s penultimate round inBrazil saw Vettel and Webber score another 1-2 tosecure the team’s first Constructors’ crown.The delight was doubled two weeks later inAbu Dhabi. Through a combination of inspiredracing, rapid reactions and strategic flexibility, Vettelmarched to victory and the Drivers’ world title. Theyoungest ever Formula One champion, Vettel haddelivered the second half of a remarkable doubleand the celebrations could begin in earnest.Those celebrations are now in the past and RedBull Racing’s seventh season beckons. With titlesuccess now secured the task ahead is simple –try to do it all over again!35
  20. 20. THE TEAMPASSION FORPERFECTION“In six seasons Red Bull Racing has gonefrom taking over the remnants of anotherteam to being established winners whohave achieved two world championshiptitles. That’s testimony to the dedicationand hard work of the whole groupworking collectively and in unison.“One illustration of that dedicationand commitment to constant improvementwas our 2010 pit stops. Our guys did anamazing job in clocking up some of thequickest times in the pit lane and at mostraces Red Bull Racing had the quickeststops of any team.“That determination to be the bestdefined how the team performed lastyear and we will carry that kind of passionand commitment to excellence throughto the 2011 Championship in defenceof our two world titles.”CHRISTIAN HORNER36 37
  21. 21. THE TEAMBOXINGCLEVER“Coming out of 2009, our pit stopperformance had been in the higherechelons, but not at the very top. It becameclear that with the ban on refuelling wecould no longer afford to be just averagein changing tyres, as this was now goingto completely govern how long your carremained stationary in the pit lane. Thatmeant examining every aspect of the stopand changing our practices completely.“Essentially, we had to start lookingat different kinds of training techniquesand we also had to apply a lot more logicand careful analysis in regard to who wasresponsible for what job during the pit stops.Rather than just saying ‘oh well, you dothat job and you do that’, we spent quite along time assessing who was best suited forwhich position during a pitstop – whethersomeone was better with a car arriving totheir left side or their right, whose physicalbuild is such that he’s suited better to puttinga rear wheel on than a front wheel andtrying to improve their fitness and flexibilityand reaction times.“We film every pit stop, and they’reanalysed in detail. I don’t think we’re quiteat the stage where we’re using software toanalyse human movement like they do infootball, but we’re not far off.“That process has carried on too, andwe’re aiming to improve it again. I’d liketo think that in 2011 we’d be consistentlyachieving pit stops where the car isstationary for no more than three seconds.”Red Bull Racing Team ManagerJonathan Wheatley explains howthe team targets the fastest pitstops in Formula One.REAR JACKResponsible for lifting therear of the car duringwheel and tyre changesand then the droppingof the car once the rearwheels and tyres havebeen changed.LEFT-HAND REARWHEEL GUNResponsible for theremoval and refittingof the front wheel nut.LEFT-HAND REARWHEEL ONResponsible for fittingthe left-hand rearwheel assembly.RIGHT-HAND REARWHEEL OFFResponsible forremoving the right-hand rear wheelassembly followingthe removal of thewheel nut.RIGHT-HAND REARWHEEL ONResponsible for fittingthe right-hand rearwheel assembly.FIREEXTINGUISHEROn standby to coverany fire extinguisherrequirements.38CARCONTROL/ LOLLIPOPResponsible forholding the carduring pit-stopsand, once thepit-stop has beencompleted, thesafe release ofthe car in order torejoin the race.LEFT-HANDFRONT WHEELGUNResponsible for theremoval and refittingof the front wheel nut.LEFT-HANDFRONT WHEEL OFFResponsible for removingthe front wheel following theremoval of the wheel nut.LEFT-HANDFRONTWHEEL ONResponsible forfitting the left-hand front wheelassembly.FRONT JACKResponsible for lifting thefront of the car duringwheel and tyre changes,then the dropping of thecar once the front wheelsand tyres have beenchanged.RIGHT-HANDFRONT WHEELGUNResponsible for theremoval and therefitting of the frontwheel nut.RIGHT-HAND FRONTWHEEL OFFResponsible forremoving the frontwheel following theremoval of thewheel nut.RIGHT-HAND FRONTWHEEL ONResponsible for fittingthe right hand frontwheel assemblyLEFT-HANDREARWHEEL OFFResponsible forremoving the left-handrear wheel assemblyfollowing the removalof the wheel nut.RIGHT-HAND REARWHEEL GUNResponsible for theremoval and therefitting of the frontwheel nut.ENGINEAIR FILLResponsible fortopping up thecar’s onboard airsystem should itbe required.39
  22. 22. 2010 FORMULA ONE – RED BULL RACING ANDSCUDERIA TORO ROSSO RESERVE AND TEST DRIVERFORMULA RENAULT 3.5 SERIESSECOND WITH FOUR WINS, EIGHT POLES, EIGHT PODIUMS2009 BRITISH FORMULA 3 CHAMPIONSHIPFIRST WITH SEVEN WINS, SIX POLES, 13 PODIUMSTWO RACES IN FORMULA RENAULT 3.5 SERIES2008 FORMULA RENAULT 2.0 WECFIRST WITH EIGHT WINS AND NINE POLES, 11 PODIUMSEUROCUP FORMULA RENAULT 2.0SECOND WITH SIX WINS, FIVE POLES, SEVEN PODIUMSTWO RACES IN FORMULA 3 EUROSERIES2007 FORMULA RENAULT 2.0 ITALY – SIXTHFOUR RACES IN EUROCUP FORMULA RENAULT 2.02006 FORMULA BMW ASIA – THIRDTWO RACES IN FORMULA BMW UKFIFTH AT FORMULA BMW WORLDF FINAL2005 AUSTRALIAN FORMULAFORD CHAMPIONSHIP – EIGHTHRESERVE DRIVERDANIELRICCIARDOA NATIVE OF PERTH, RED BULL JUNIOR DANIELMADE A NAME FOR HIMSELF WHEN HIS RACINGCAREER BOUGHT HIM TO EUROPE. AFTER A YEARLEARNING THE ROPES IN FORMULA RENAULTITALY, HE MADE HIS BIG BREAKTHROUGH IN2008, WINNING THE FORMULA RENAULT WESTEUROPEAN CUP. FROM 15 RACES, DANIEL TOOKNINE POLE POSITIONS AND EIGHT VICTORIES ONHIS WAY TO THE TITLE.For 2009 Daniel moved up a class to race in the BritishFormula 3 Championship and quickly proved that his FormulaRenault form wasn’t a flash in the pan. In a spectacularseason, the young gun notched seven wins, six pole positionsand 13 podium finishes in total, as well as the small detail ofwrapping up the title with two rounds to go.A familiar face at Red Bull Racing’s Milton Keynes HQduring that season, his F3 success earned him a berth at theend-of-season F1 test for rookies and again Daniel didn’tdisappoint, leaving the Jerez shoot-out with far and awaythe best times.His consistent pace and intelligent feedback in those testsearned him the ‘super-sub’ role as test and reserve driver forRed Bull Racing in 2010 and after again impressing as thesole young driver to pilot the RB6 at the end-of-season test inAbu Dhabi, Daniel has once again been confirmed in thatrole for the 2011 season.“It’s great to be in this position again,” says Daniel. “Tokeep such a strong link with the Red Bull family is really greatfor me and my career. Hopefully, I can carry on in this veinfor a little while longer and then eventually step up to the bigboys’ role. Last year was a great taste of what Formula Oneis all about and a big learning curve for me, so I think that thisyear I can play a bit more of a role. I’m always ready for anynew challenges that come along! For the moment though I’mcontent with where I am. It’s another big step forward for meand I’m very happy to be part of the team again.”DRIVER NUMBER: NATIONALITY: HELMET:CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:40 41
  23. 23. POWERPLAYERAfter working together to secure both theDrivers’ and Constructors’ titles in 2010, RedBull Racing and engine supplier Renault Sportwill head into a fifth year of partnership in2011 looking to extend that success. Thenew season, however, presents a number ofchallenges but Renault Sport’s Fabrice Lombelieves his team in Viry-Châtillon, Francehave risen to the occasion.“The 2011 season has made someparticular demands on us and we have paidspecial attention to the new requirements. Oneof the main aspects is the fact that, with theintroduction of the Indian Grand Prix, we have20 races, one more than 2010 and threemore than in 2009, but we still have a limit ofeight engines per driver for the season.“Therefore, the engines once again haveto do more mileage and that makes it harderto build in the reliability we want. That was themain thing for us, to try to tackle the reliabilityissues we had from last year and increase themileage each engine can do. We continue towork hard with our partner Total to find thebest performance each weekend.“The other major elementwehavehadto deal with hasbeenthe implementationagain of the KERS system. In all honesty,it has not been that difficult, as the majorwork was done for the 2009 season. It’snot exactly the same system this time andtherefore required some thought, but the majorproblems regarding engine reliability due toKERS-related issues were dealt with two yearsago. To race KERS remains a new thing forus because Red Bull Racing opted not to runit in 2009, so this will be a very interestingaddition to the new car.“It is going to be an exciting season. Lastyear was incredible, winning with Sebastian.For the members of our team, though, winningthe Constructors’ Championship with Red BullRacing was maybe even more special. It wasa big moment for the people in Renault SportF1 and the culmination of four years of hardwork. Renault is one of the most successfulengine manufacturers in recent Formula Onehistory and it’s great to have achieved achampionship win with Red Bull Racing.We now want to reproduce this.”The partnership between RedBull Racing and Renault Sportenters its fifth season and withtwo titles to defend the joint questfor victory remains as tight andfocused as everTHE ENGINE42 43
  24. 24. PARTNERSSPONSORSHIPIn Formula One timing iseverything and Casio is at theforefront of the technologyof time with its Edifice line ofsports watches. Developedwith the philosophy of ‘speedand intelligence’, the Edificeline has been a perfect fit forthe team since 2009.The official fuel supplier and teampartner of Red Bull Racing, Total isone of the world’s major oil and gasgroups, with activities in more than 130countries in every part of the industry –exploration and production of oil andnatural gas, refining and marketing,gas & power and trading chemicals –to keep the world suppliedwith energy, both todayand tomorrow.Denim and casual wear brandPepe Jeans London is a TeamPartner of Red Bull Racingproviding all team wear. Thebrand’s high-quality fashionseffortlessly lend Red BullRacing a stylish yet relaxedlook that chimes perfectly withthe team’s dedication to playhard, work harder.Rauch is Austria’s largestproducer of fruit juices and teabeverages and a major playeron the global stage. Rauchbegan cooperating with RedBull in 1987 – the year theenergy drink was launched–and became one of Red BullRacing’s first partners in 2005.No firm embodies the riskand reward nature of bothF1 and high finance betterthan online trading specialistsFXDD. With superior customerservice and powerful tradingtechnology, FXDD providesunrivalled expertise in foreignexchange trading.In a sport of extreme conditions,performance and breathabilityfor both drivers and mechanicsis key. Geox, the leading Italianfootwear brand, guarantees both.Geox provides driver track boots,team shoes and mechanics bootsfeaturing a patented breathableand waterproof outsole for optimalperformance.The number one beer inThailand, Singha is a premiumlager beer brewed to thehighest standards by BoonRawd Brewery Co., Ltd. Theofficial beer for Red BullRacing events, Singha knowsjust how to get the post-victoryparties started.The legendary Italiancompany returns to FormulaOne as the official tyresupplier. As well as investingbest practice into the designand construction of F1 rubber,Pirelli also produces tyres foralmost every type of vehiclefrom cars to motorcycles toindustrial vehicles.Platform Computing is theleader in cluster, grid andcloud management software– serving more than 2,000 ofthe world’s most demandingorganisations. For 18 years,our workload and resourcemanagement solutions havedelivered IT responsivenessand lower costs for enterpriseand HPC applications.Alpinestars is a premierperformance motorsportapparel and footwear company.Through its long and successfulinvolvement in Formula One,MotoGP, Motocross, NASCAR,Indy Cars, WRC and Sportscarsand utilising extensive R&Dfacilities, Alpinestars continuesto deliver innovative productsthat offer world class safety,performance and comfort.Siemens represents Red BullRacing’s ‘digital backbone’,providing the team withproduct lifecycle management(PLM) solutions. SiemensIndustry is the team’s officialGreen Technology Partner,helping Red Bull Racing toreduce its impact on theenvironment by improvingfactory efficiencies.44The team’s partners are very much just that – a part of theteam. And, as such, share a philosophy of being creative,innovative and doing things that little bit differently. RedBull Racing welcomes several new partners this year.All its partners and suppliers are crucial to the team’ssuccess and Red Bull Racing is looking forward toworking with them in 2011, and beyond.2010 (RB6)RED BULLFORMULA 1 CARAn insight into the technology, engineering, maintenanceand operation of Red Bull RacingOwners’ Workshop ManualAVAILABLE FROM JULY 2011COMINGSOON…For further information, please contact Spirit Public Relationson +44 (0) 117 944 1415 or e-mail Red Bull RB6 receives the Haynes Manual treatment, providing anunprecedented insight into the 2010 World Constructors’ and Drivers’Championship winning car and the team behind its successThe Anatomy of the Red Bull RB6 –chassis, aerodynamics, suspension andsteering, brakes, engine, transmission,tyres, electronics, hydraulic system,safety equipmentThe Designer’s View – the designprocess, optimising the ‘package’, theimportance of wind-tunnel and CFDsimulation, testing and developmentThe Race Engineer’s View – working onthe car, working with the driver, settingup the car, testing, the race weekendThe Driver’s View – personal preferencesfor the car, car set-up, testing, practice,qualifying, the raceAppendices – detailing carspecifications and performance,summary of FIA regulations and glossaryProduced with the full cooperation ofRed Bull Racing, with extensive inputfrom key technical staffPacked with unique engineeringillustrations and ‘under-the-skin’photographsA unique insight into the design,manufacture, operation anddevelopment of a modernFormula 1 car
  25. 25. Media Site Red Bull ContentPoolWeb SiteFor the latest press releases, teamannouncements and event news goto Themedia area includes accessto the latest hi-res team pictures andrights-free moving images.For high-quality, rights-freeRed Bull Formula One movingimages, edits and raw footagego to Red Bull Content Pool alsofeatures exclusive coverage ofall Red Bull’s global activitiesin sport, music and culture.For more news, images andvideos, go to the team’s websiteat, where there arealso links to Red Bull Racing’s fast-moving social media channels.For more information contact: media@redbullracing.comRB7RED BULL RACING