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Culture camp pp


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The Culture Camp Professional Development opener for Minarets High School Teachers.

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Culture camp pp

  1. 1. A New Era at Minarets
  2. 2. Kayla West Angeline DeHart Michael Vaughan Brett Moglia Brittney Slaughter Richard Chapman
  3. 3. Shout-Outs
  4. 4. Teachers Moving On…
  5. 5. Mike Niehoff Moving On…
  6. 6. I Am Changing Titles…
  7. 7. Director of Charter?
  8. 8. Weight Room Shift
  9. 9. Native American Culture Center
  10. 10. Minarets Phase 2
  11. 11. Activity Share with your group: 1) What was your most successful project last year? 2) What are some ways that you assessed student learning? 3) What is a new project/approach you plan to implement this year? 4) Share out what someone else shared with you.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Where are we now? Who are we? Where do we need to take it?
  14. 14. Communication Do our projects teach students to: -Articulate their learning through multiple intelligences? -Be responsible in communicating with teacher for turning work in, editing work, and understanding what is asked them? -Publish their work and develop a portfolio that will demonstrate their work and progress on a large scale?
  15. 15. Collaboration Do our projects teach students to: -Learn how to lead and follow on a project with multiple tasks? -Be responsible for their role in a group of their peers? -Brainstorm, edit, and offer their talents in the design phase?
  16. 16. Creativity Do our projects teach students to: Utilize their talents and interests to show mastery of content? Complete projects at their highest level rather than for a grade? Truly learn by having fun but working hard?
  17. 17. Critical Thinking Do our projects teach students to: Ask questions that matter? Struggle through challenges and relish in the rewards of problem solving? Solve real world problems that impact them or people they know?
  18. 18. Community Are our students part of a community? Do they want to be here? Is it safe to be yourself?
  19. 19. Unit 1 Intro Formative Assessment Summative Assessment Unit 2 Traditional 1. 2. 3. 4.
  20. 20. Unit 1 Questions Big Ideas Engagement Project Design Makers Lab Collaboration Production Edit Mode Feedback Enhancement Showcase Enrichment Publish Portfolio Review and on to Unit 2 Minarets 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  21. 21. Why Must We Rush?
  22. 22. Goals for this Year 1.Promote deep questioning in our teaching.
  23. 23. Goals for this Year 2. Follow our process: -Introduce/Explain -Model -Guide and Be Mobile -Check for Understanding -Review
  24. 24. Goals for this Year 3.Develop a Framework for the Minarets Model. Share and use to gain momentum each year.
  25. 25. Goals for this Year 4.Target the Students Who are Below the Radar and Plug Them in to our Community.
  26. 26. Who do we do that? -Instructional Rounds -Teacher led Professional Development -Creation of a Minarets Learning Site. -Student Engagement Project -Never lose sight of our mission
  27. 27. iBooks Author
  28. 28. Activity -Create a presentation in a group of four. This will be embedded on the week one sessions site. -You can use any format but it must look good and cover your topic well. -Each presentation must include a 5-10 minute activity.
  29. 29. Group #1 Getting involve at Minarets. What we have to offer, why students should get involved, who they can contact to get involved, and examples of the activity/clubs success.
  30. 30. Group #2 What is project based learning. PBL at Minarets, the different tools we have, why PBL is valuable, and examples of what students have done at Minarets.
  31. 31. Group # 3 How to conduct a search. What is research and what is googling, how to give credit where credit is due, how become a master of the search…
  32. 32. Group # 4 Get to know your teachers! Give a bio of the teachers and what they teach. Include interesting backgrounds and interests. Know you teachers quiz.
  33. 33. iculum Pathw