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2016-10-17 Meet the Ancestors: Speaking to Inform, resources for informing


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This is a talk I gave at Northampton Speakers for this project:
Speaking to Inform (2006) #2 - Resources for Informing (5:00-7:00 min)
Presentation at audience's level of knowledge; Major points supported by explanation, examples and information gathered in research; At least one visual aid effectively used to enhance the audience's understanding.

I tap into the universal love of gossip and scandal to convey a story of my own ancestors told through the art that survives them. I won Best Speaker and blew the grammarian away with word choices.

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2016-10-17 Meet the Ancestors: Speaking to Inform, resources for informing

  1. 1. Meet the 6th Great Grandparents John Musters & Sophia Catherine Haywood
  2. 2. 1775-1777 • George Stubbs, Equestrian portrait of John Musters on his favourite hunter, Pilgrim • John and Sophia Musters riding at Colwick Hall, George Stubbs George Stubbs - Fanny, the Favourite Spaniel of Mrs Musters, Standing in a Wooded Landscape
  3. 3. 1782 John Musters, Sir Joshua Reynolds Mrs Musters as Hebe, cupbearer to the Gods Sir Joshua Reynolds
  4. 4. The cracks of marriage painted over! • John Musters & Revd. Philip Storey riding at Colwick Hall, George Stubbs
  5. 5. Double trouble? Kenwood House, London Highclere Castle, Berkshire (Downton Abbey)
  6. 6. 1819 Monument by her affectionate husband. If truth; if goodness, charity, and grace, Can in Heaven’s holy record find a place, Thy name, Sophia, with an angel’s pen, Is traced on leaves of bliss by saintly men
  7. 7. Conclusion