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Charterhouse Muller Pitch

  1. 1. Charterhouse MullerData Cleansing and Asset Managementby danielrwalshBCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  2. 2. We are BCTEL. A Charity and a Not for Profit Community InterestCompanyWe work with our Partners Charterhouse Muller, a Government X RatedAsset Management and Data Cleansing Company with Guaranteed,Certified results. We are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Audited and CertifiedCompany.Data is the lifeblood of almost all businesses, containing the intellectualvalue of millions of man hours and years of research, effort and initiative.Yet all too often that data can be discarded at the end of life of theequipment it has lived on and, whilst the equipment may be old and tired,the data is often not and its loss can have disastrous consequences. Thisapplies to Mobile Phones, Laptops, Desktops, Fax Machines, Photocopiers,Printers to mention but a few.We also deal with Servers, Networks, in fact anything that holds DataBCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  3. 3. Charterhouse Muller are a leading UK specialist in digital asset management,ensuring that your business is protected from data loss, software wastage anddisposal compliance, through our No Compromise process.The Digital Security Audit is the cornerstone of our No Compromise process. WeGUARANTEE to erase ALL data on ALL Mobile Phones and other Data DevicesWe work with YOU to establish an Impact Assessment on the risk of data loss.There is a COMPLETE Audit Trail of ALL work undertaken.This begins with an audit of equipment to be decommissioned, and the risk ofinherent data loss. We have been doing this successfully for over 20 years.BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  4. 4. From this we will tailor our process to ensure that data loss is impossiblefrom the point of equipment collection onwards.The process also ensures that legislative compliance is guaranteedthroughout the retirement process.In addition, we look to minimise the cost of de-commissioning, andprovide the optimum return on re-marketable equipment or you maychoose to donate the Mobile Phones and other equipment to our Charityor we can resell it for you.The Audit also forms the first stage of the full STATS report on eachproject.Can I have our Consultant Dr Daniel Walsh visit you to discuss further?BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  5. 5. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  6. 6. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  7. 7. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  8. 8. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  9. 9. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  10. 10. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  11. 11. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  12. 12. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management Solution
  13. 13. BCTEL – The Complete Asset Management SolutionICO Information Commissioners OfficeWe have an in-depth understanding of the Data Protection Act, and work closelywith the ICO when necessary to ensure compliance, currency and total security.WEEE The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment DirectiveThe WEEE Directive governs the disposal of all end-of-life electronic equipment.We work exclusively with partners who are fully compliant, forming a key element ofour STATS reporting.Carbon TrustWhilst Charterhouse Muller is already a carbon neutral business, our logistics andrecycling processes are constantly monitored to minimise our environmental impact.RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances DirectiveWhilst much has been said about RoHS, this Legislation only relates to theproduction of new equipment, so has no impact on end-of-life assets.