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Presentation from KBB exhibition February 2012

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  • Alt tag exercise
  • Examples in this section based on Google Analytics but the same features will be available in most packages.
  • KBB Search and Websites

    1. 1. Getting the most from yourWebsitePresented byDaniel Rowles
    2. 2. Who Am I? Econsultancy Trainer and Consultant Trainer/Consultant for IAB and CIM 14 Years experience in digital marketing Both client and agency side Clients like Vodafone, BBC, MasterCard, Boots, DuPont, Warner Bros, Lego, Tesco, John Lewis
    3. 3. Domestics 1 Hour • Websites and User Experience • Developing and Managing Your Site • Search Engine Optimisation • Analytics and Getting the Most from Your Site Handouts Questions
    4. 4. Show of Hands? Has a website currently? Sells directly through their site? Search optimisation? Uses analytics? Uses Facebook/Twitter for business?
    5. 5. Digital Marketing in Perspective ?82% of consumers research products before they leavethe house ?Internet sales grew from 9.5% to 12.2% in 2011Average website visit duration is just under 3 minutes ?Average webpage visit is 59 seconds ?All Stats from http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/landing/internetstats/
    6. 6. Jargon:Digital Marketing is full of jargonCommon ones:SEO, PPC, CTR, SEM, IMStop me!Shout out!
    7. 7. What Designers Build
    8. 8. What Users See
    9. 9. Scanning E or F Petterns http://www.useit.com
    10. 10. Keeping your site legal with good accessibility Do websites impede the disabled? “…the provision of goods, facilities and services“ Does the DDA apply to websites? The Code of Practice specifically mentions websites How is it judged? W3C Accessibility guidelines www.w3c.org
    11. 11. Who has the best alt text?
    12. 12. Creating Websites1. Bespoke development2. Online Systems 1. 1and1.co.uk3. Content management systems
    13. 13. Wordpress Highly flexible Hosted or custom build Plug-ins Templates Wordpress.com Wordpress.orghttp://wordpress.com
    14. 14. Search Engine MarketingTwo key options:Search Engine OptimisationPay Per Click
    15. 15. PAIDFREE PAID
    16. 16. Who do we search with (international)?
    17. 17. Which factors are important There are two factors which are vital to a successful SEO campaign: – On page optimisation – Link building – Social Signals18
    18. 18. How do Spiders work? • Read pages • Follow links on your page • Place different emphasis on keyword placement19
    19. 19. What’s allowed and what’s not – black hat vs. white hat Search Engine Userhttp://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ramping-up-on-international-webspam/
    20. 20. Keyphrase research
    21. 21. TV gorilla: impact on search volumewww.google.com/ins ights/search/
    22. 22. Seasonal Trends
    23. 23. “Fitted Kitchen”
    24. 24. How many words? Over 50% of searchers are using keyphrases with 3 words or longer Around 30% of users search with 2 word phrases Only 13% search with one word keyphrases Source: e-consultancy
    25. 25. Writing for Search Engines
    26. 26. Keyword Placement tles • P age Ti L • UR ags • Meta T 1> di ngs <H • Hea ent y Cont • Bod inks • Text L s • A LT Tag27 27
    27. 27. http://jacknadel.co.uk/
    28. 28. Page title Highly important Need to be unique Use primary keyphrases Given greatest weight in SE’s Match the page content 60 characters or less Keep important words at the front
    29. 29. Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)
    30. 30. Good and Bad Page Titles Same Agency, Same Company, Different Titles 1 Great, 1 Terrible!31
    31. 31. Body • Primary keywords in 1st paragraph • Check keyword density • Use paragraphs with headings32 32
    32. 32. Text links Use keyword strong links Enhances relevance of the target page Read about Anchor Text Read about Anchor Text here..
    33. 33. Link building Fundamental part of SEO Includes internal linking structure within your site PageRank should be used only as a guide to the popularity of you site
    34. 34. Link buildingPagerank:Part of Google algorithmQuality of linksReciprocal relevancy
    35. 35. Elliance, Inc (2007): www.elliance.com Available at: http://www.bpodr.co.uk/blog/a-quick-guide-to-link-bait
    36. 36. Link Bait Example37
    37. 37. Analytics packagesMain approach to web analyticsPage taggingCommon features and terminology shared bymost web analytics packagesFocus today on Google Analytics
    38. 38. https://www.google.com/analytics
    39. 39. Key measurementsSource of trafficSearch engine, email campaign, direct?Volume of trafficVisitors, unique visitors, page viewsQuality of trafficReturning visitors, length of stay, bounce rateGoal conversion of trafficSales, enquiries, advert clicks, sign-ups
    40. 40. Traffic sourcesMeasures effectiveness of marketing campaignsSearch engine rankingsEmail campaignsOffline marketing (direct traffic)Directory listingsAdwords campaigns
    41. 41. Bounce rateBounce = visitors who enter and exit site onsame pageExample
    42. 42. Time on siteLong time spent on site/ high average pageviews per visitorPositive?Engaging contentInterested visitorNegative?Difficult to navigateUnclear conversion path
    43. 43. ConslusionsThink about what the users wantsMake sure you’re appearing in the search enginesSetup analytics and understand your visitors
    44. 44. Thankyoudanielrowles@me.com@danielrowleswww.targetinternet.com