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CIM Pay Per Click webinar slides from 25th April.

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  • Rev PA1
  • If you are doing this Campaigns need to be optimised – local markets responsibility
  • CIM Pay Per Click Webinar

    1. 1. Pay Per Click AdvertisingDaniel Rowles
    2. 2. #practicalinsightsWho Am I?• Daniel Rowles• CIM Course Director• 15 Years experience in digital marketing– Both client and agency side– Sony, L’Oreal, Dupont, Aviva, John Lewis,Vodafone, Warner Bros, O2• @danielrowles
    3. 3. #practicalinsights• PPC in Perspective• Keyword Research• Targeting• Writing Ads• Testing and Improving• Next Steps3What I’ll Cover
    4. 4. #practicalinsightsPay Per Click
    5. 5. #practicalinsightsFREE PAIDPAIDNatural/Organic vs. Paid
    6. 6. #practicalinsightsSearch Engines
    7. 7. #practicalinsights
    8. 8. #practicalinsightsUnderstanding the User Journey
    9. 9. #practicalinsights and the Zero Moment of Truth
    10. 10. #practicalinsightsPurchase timeline varies by categoryMore thana yearbefore7-12monthsbefore4-6monthsbefore2-3monthsbeforeA monthbefore 3 weeksbefore 2 weeksbefore A weekbefore 4-6 daysbefore 2-3 daysbefore One daybefore 9-12 hoursbefore 5-8 hoursbefore 3-4 hoursbefore 1-2 hoursbefore Within thehour of mypurchaseA fewmomentsbefore Ipurchased5% 5% 8% 12%10%3% 5% 7%4% 8%7%1%1% 2% 6% 8%8%Tech, Voters,Automotive,FinanceTech, Voters,Automotive,Finance OTC Health, CPGsOTC Health, CPGsRestaurant, CPGsRestaurant, CPGsB2BB2B
    11. 11. #practicalinsightsAverage # of Sources Used by CategoryIndustry and product differences
    12. 12. #practicalinsightsPPC Not Used?
    13. 13. #practicalinsightsKeyphrase Research
    14. 14. #practicalinsightsGenerating Keywords: Google Keyword Tool
    15. 15. #practicalinsightsGenerating Keywords: Google Trends
    16. 16. #practicalinsightsPPC process
    17. 17. #practicalinsightsPPC Bid Process
    18. 18. #practicalinsightsTraffic Estimator
    19. 19. #practicalinsightsCost Per Click
    20. 20. #practicalinsightsTargeting Options• Exact, Phrase, Broad• Country• Language• Distance from location• Day and time• Budget Speed
    21. 21. #practicalinsightsPPC Best Practice
    22. 22. #practicalinsightsGoogle Quality ScoringThe price youpay for each click(often be lessthan the priceyou bid)Cost paidThe % of peoplewho click on youradQuality ScoreWording of your adText on your landingpageAge of your accountCTR of your accountQuality Score:other+ +
    23. 23. #practicalinsightsDisplay network
    24. 24. #practicalinsights24Why PPC?Speed – Instant Rankings (Anything from 5 minutes)Simple to implement – Easy to setup and MonitorPosition Control – You can achieve no1 position if you are willing to payBranding Control – You control the title and descriptionQualified Leads – Targeted ads should lead to more relevant resultsInstant Updates – Keyword changes are easy to implementInsurance – You are protected against ranking algorithm changes on organic SearchEnginesAnalytics – You can measure your performance
    25. 25. #practicalinsights25Some things to be aware of…Cost – PPC is generally more expensive than organic optimisationManagement – It’s your responsibility to ensure your search campaigns are beingoptimised on a daily/weekly basis.Auction Basis – Competitors often outbid each other for no1 positions – over inflating theprice of keywordsUsers prefer organic – statistics show that only 27%* of Google Users saw PPC as relevant totheir search query *SearchEngineWatch 2013Click Fraud – where are those clicks actually coming from?25
    26. 26. #practicalinsightsFacebook Targeting
    27. 27. #practicalinsightsLinkedIn Targeting
    28. 28. #practicalinsightsAnalytics and PPC
    29. 29. #practicalinsightsConclusions• Keyword Research• Targeting• Test Ads• Ongoing Test and Improve
    30. 30. #practicalinsightsThank you• @DanielRowles•• www.targetinternet.comThe recording of this Practical Insights webinar will beavailable on Marketing Expert within the next 48 hours.To access Marketing Expert visit the CIM and click on Resources/Marketing Expert.The Practical insights button will be displayed on theright hand side of the Marketing expert homepage.