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  1. 1. IntroductionWe Help OrganizationsSave Money on Credit CardMerchant Fees
  2. 2. We are a Buying GroupNot Credit Card RepresentativesWe Work for YouNot the Credit CardCompany
  3. 3. US Federal Reserve Bank:Processor pricing and profits vary withunderlying merchant sales volume 52% of all processing volume is from Fortune 500 sized companies.
  4. 4. US Federal Reserve Bank: Small merchantspay an average of 30 times more for theirprocessing than large merchants Large companies only make up 6% of the processing FEES that are charged.
  5. 5. 2 Step ProcessStep 1• Reduce the profit being made by your current credit card providerStep 2• Continue to reduce the costs of accepting credit cards with the BBS Buying Group Advertising Program
  6. 6. What We Do Your Cost Your Cost • Work for you CC Rep’s – Across multiple providers Markup – Negotiate the lowest rate – Share in the savingsYour Cost Selected Processor Interchange Rate Fixed Base Same Fixed Cost for All
  7. 7. Our membership fee is afraction of what you save Your SavingsYour New Cost
  8. 8. Our membership fee is afraction of what you save You keep 70% of the savings. BBS’ Buying Group receives 30%.
  9. 9. No Risk To YouIf you don’t save moneyyou don’t owe us anything.The more we save youthe more successfulwe all are.
  10. 10. Advertising ProgramAvailable and recommended to all our members – Helps you get $1,000s back! – Tell your friends about us and receive a 10% advertising fee –We continue to put real money in your pocket – This is how real partnerships work! Example: We help a new member (your referral to us) save $10K per year. Membership fee is $3,000 per year. The advertising program pays you back $900 ($300 per year for 3 years). We encourage you to maximize this benefit!
  11. 11. BBS Members Include
  12. 12. Additional Information• Privately owned• Minnesota-based• Founded in 2001• 100+ years of business experience• Serve organizations nationwide• Our goal is to provide all BBS Members with the lowest processing prices that only the largest merchants currently receive.
  13. 13. Next Steps 1. Complete the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement 2. Provide BBS with your 2 most recent monthly processing statements, method of processing transactions, and, if applicable, the type of software used 3. Start enjoying the Membership Benefits