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Project of Technology Entrepreneurship Course

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Fundamental Problem. Users : Create a platform for people willing to share a good time with people with the same interests. Our basic driver for creating this platform is that when you want to have fun it’s hard to find a good place, with good price, and knowing before arriving how many people will be at the same place, and most important knowing how many of those people share the same interests you have. Customers or Partnerships : bars and restaurants (owner, manager, or marketing managers) that need a help to improve the number of visitors to their establishments.
  2. 2. PLANING TO BUILD A PRODUCTMVP with two kind of users, PARTNERSHIP(bar/restaurant owners) and ASSISTANTS, (bars customers)1. PARTNERSHIPBar/Restaurant Owners
  3. 3. Can Invite their friends with a Can get the personal link Print discount biggest Check out , which will be coupon to discount ifnight events on obtained by present at the they are the their city establishment registering in our first to RSVP beta, and if you share it can get the biggest discount on more than one event without having to be RSVP2. Users or assitantsBar/Restaurant Customers
  4. 4. ABOUT OUR TEAMThe name of our team is BSGroup - Colombia. Our team members arelocated in two different cities of Colombia: Bogotá and Pereira.When we formed our team we didn’t have a defined idea for ourproject. The reason for this was a bad experience with the previousgroups. Three members were in one team for the first courseassignment, two members were at other team, and one member wasin other one. Those teams didn’t worked well, so everyone decided tojoin a new group. Using the forum and searching the profiles we wereable to form a new team.When the group was established the first activity we made wasdefining our project. After a really long brainstorming meeting weagreed to an idea: Create a platform for people willing to share a goodtime with people with the same interests. Our basic driver for creatingthis platform is that when you want to have fun it’s hard to find a goodplace, with good price, and knowing before arriving how many peoplewill be at the same place, and most important knowing how many ofthose people share the same interests you have.
  5. 5. BUSINESS MODELWe expose Partners Businesses to a potential newworld of customers, and we charge a percentage(40%) of the amount that each customer pay to goto Partners Businesses. Only the first people to reserve will have a discount of 40%, the rest of people registered on Legeto will can go the event but they have to pay with discount, but we get per each Legeto’s assistant 40%, the manager of bar or restaurant should pay us the diference.
  6. 6. MARKETING VIRAL ANDCHANNELS At an early stage “zero” We will have a flagship event that has a capacity of 500 people. It will be in a bar on Bogotá city (only if the partnership is agree) BS group will make a social media campaign, in which each member will invite all of their friends via facebook, twitter, g +, foursquare, in order to offer the downloadable coupon through, in a partnership arrangement “the attendees which go through LEGETO will have a 40% discount on all products in the bar, but we will only give this discount to RSVT”
  7. 7. 1. Contact Legeto FIRST EVENT The first customers who sign in Legeto We will give them anunique code that they can deliverpromotional to everyonecode they want The person who carries more people to the event with its promotional code, will earn tickets to a party in the best bar of the city for him and and ten of his friends. Also can get the biggest discount on more than one event without HAVING to be RSVP
  8. 8. TARGET YOUNGTH USERS the main channel to reach our target youth will be the Internet ( google adwords, Google advertising, and advertising on facebook)Legeto Profile on Facebook and twitter, and member of our team will be community manager.
  9. 9. TARGET BARS ANDRESTAURANTS The main channel will be print media, also face to face, because at begging we have to do a arrangement . After we can use other specific channel, on the internet like facebook, and google, but wit advertisement for this target.
  10. 10. RISKFinancial RiskPoor estimates and wrong cash flow forecast, financialmismanagement, untimely investmentTechnical RisksFailures in product development, failures with the serversHuman RiskSelection Process (talent poorly qualified), internal disorganization(misallocation of Staff job, low performance), Flight of talentMarket RiskThe arrival of new competitorsOur most concern risk is the financial, but we would address first of thetechnical risk, give customers with a quality product is our priority.Our aim will be minimize the risk by keeping a continuous diagnosis of theorganization so we can anticipate and counter threats and weaknesses.
  11. 11. PARTNERS AND ALLIES. Who will be your major partners? Our most important partners are bars and restaurants (owners, managers or marketing managers). We must also be partners with social networks like Facebook to promote our special events. How will your product be made? Our team will be responsible of designing all the product by receiving all the feedback process, some technical staff will execute the main structure of the product, the rest will be outsourced Will your company produce all of the parts, or will it use external suppliers? Our team will be responsible of developing the minimum viable product but also weve to use some tools like pagosonline and other plugg ins that help us to give customers a better experience How would you go about attracting these partners and allies to work with your company? We will show them that this is going to be a kind of win-win relationship, in which they will be benefited as much as us
  12. 12. FUNDING. How would you fund your venture? On the first stage(months 1-3 ) we will get money from our friends and family, after that (months 4-8) we hope being prepared to recieve fund from an angel investor, and finally by the 10th month we will bet to join with a venture capitalist