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Maximizing ROI on Pinterest - SMSS New York - by PinLeague


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This presentation expands on prior work, digging deeper into the sources of ROI on Pinterest.

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Maximizing ROI on Pinterest - SMSS New York - by PinLeague

  1. 1. Maximizing ROI onPi@PinLeague @danielpmaloney #SMSSummitDaniel Maloney,PinLeague CEO & Co-founder
  2. 2. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008This Presentation isInteractive
  3. 3. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008How Does Pinterest Factorinto Your Social Media Mix?Not Yet PinningHave Started PinningGrowing QuicklyPinterest = #1 Social Site
  4. 4. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Thank You!I’d Like to ShareFirst Name + Email(954) 505-8008
  5. 5. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008On the Block…1. 5 Key Things To Know(And 2 to Forget)2. Growing Your Brand on Pinterest3. Maximizing Pinterest ROI
  6. 6. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-80081. Analytics & Insights2.Listening3.EngagementPinLeague makesPinterest MarketingEasy
  7. 7. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Trusted by 850 brands, 150 agenciesRetail / E-Commerce Brand Marketers PublishersAgencies
  8. 8. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Data is at our CoreRich Social DataEach Day…>40 million Users>75 million PinsPinterest, Facebook,Twitter, Email, GA + moreAnalyticsAudience EngineSocial + EmailListening
  9. 9. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Get A Free Analytics Dashboard
  11. 11. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-80081. Pinterest is AspirationalWhat I’m doingWho I amWho I WANT TO BE
  12. 12. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-80082. Hyper-targeting is Built In
  13. 13. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Source: More Targeted  More ADDICTIVE
  14. 14. 5-25 mins4. CONTENT LIVES LONGERSources:;; PinLeague client data: internal + Google Analytics; based on a sample of client repins; April 20125-25 minutes80 minutes> 1 week5-25 minutes80 minutes
  15. 15. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-80085. Rich Pins are the Future• Improves discovery• Commercial foundation• Addresses stale links
  16. 16. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008More Referrals Per User,More Revenue Per Referral1.0 1.114.0Twitter Facebook PinterestRatio:Referral Share toUser Share14x12.5xSource:;$69 $80$179Twitter Facebook PinterestAverage Order Valuefrom Social Referrals
  17. 17. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008ONE TO FORGET:PINTEREST IS FORWOMENQ4 2011: 90% femaleToday: 67% female
  18. 18. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008AND ANOTHER: Pinterest was theFastest Site to 10 Million UsersSource: http://compete.com12/2012
  20. 20. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Are you using a Pinterest toolto understand your audience?I am! I am!
  21. 21. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Step 1: Know Your AudienceWhat’s being shared from your brand?What other content do yourusers engage with?Who is doing the sharing?
  22. 22. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Start With What’s Trending FromYour Domain Right Now
  23. 23. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Get to Know Top Advocates
  24. 24. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Step 2:Curate CONTENT for the User5 things they LOVE +5 things they have a hard time finding +2 things about you= Your First 12 Boards
  25. 25. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Cover Photos are CriticalSource:
  26. 26. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Step 3:Study theResultsandOPTIMIZE
  27. 27. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Use A Category Heatmap To SeeWhich Content is Going Viral
  28. 28. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Dig Deeper into Content Strategywith the Boards Report
  29. 29. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008And Which of Your Pins areGrowing Fastest or Most Discussed
  30. 30. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Optimize Pinning During the BestDays and Time for you Audience
  32. 32. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008The Marginal Cost of Growth onPinterest is Lower than Facebook$0.01 – 0.40 $0.50 – 2.50The sooner you move,the higher your ROI will beSource: PinLeague data,
  33. 33. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Pinterest ROI =ƒ(Mass, Activation, Conversion)
  34. 34. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Off-PinterestKey ROI DriversOn-Pinterest
  35. 35. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Contests Draw Short-Term Attention3,4343,8194211,72001,0002,0003,0004,000Restaurant Chains on Pinterest –Followers in Septemberpanerabread maggianos pfchangs tgifridayspins chilis qdobamexgrillJumped to #2 with“Pin it to Win It”contest on their blogSource: Clarity Pinterest Analytics Dashboard - http://clarity.pinleague.comThen, flatlined again
  36. 36. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Cross-Platform Promotion is Better5,0445,3843121,54501,0002,0003,0004,0005,0006,000Automotive Brands on Pinterest –Followers in Septemberhonda volkswagen porsche peugeotpanama officialmini jeep"Pintermission:” A 24-hour break fromPinterest to visit places or buy productstheyve pinned about (with $500 cash)And Jeep?Source: Clarity Pinterest Analytics Dashboard -
  37. 37. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Source:
  38. 38. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Source: Clarity Pinterest Analytics Dashboard ->1,000 Pinterestfollowers in 2 daysGrowth tripledfrom 35 to 110 /wk23k Likes later…
  39. 39. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-800816kfollowers471kfans2.1Msubscribers*Twitter and e-mail available now, facebook coming soonBut Don’t Forget Where YourREAL Base Is…
  40. 40. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-80082.1 ME-mailsMost Companies use a single Blast;this is a Flawed Approach600k onPinterest1.5MNot onPinterest“Yay!”“Don’t SPAMMe!”
  41. 41. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-80082.1 ME-mailsBut Each User is Unique;Speak Their Language!600k onPinterest1.5MNot onPinterest800kFacebook300kTwitter
  42. 42. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-80082-3x growth rateafterwards
  43. 43. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Retailer Case Study: Social + Email60kUsers Targeted$1,800spendWeeklyemail sends+$11k / moon Pinterest+12k Pinsby users+2,500followers
  44. 44. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Influencer MarketingSimple Tip:Engage followerswho haven’t yetpinned from yoursite with greatcontent
  45. 45. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Important: Influencers areInfluential About SOMETHING
  46. 46. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Important: Influencers areInfluential About SOMETHING
  47. 47. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008The Challenge:Finding The Right Influencers
  48. 48. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008We loveburgers.We pinnedcontent fromchilis.comWe pin aboutfood often = influencerTools That Help:Search < Audience Engine < Listening
  49. 49. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008Pinterest ROI =ƒ(Mass, Activation, Conversion)+Enterprise Insight
  50. 50. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008THE REAL LONG-TERM ROI:THE DATA
  51. 51. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-80081% bettermerchandisingdecisions…$700Mper year
  52. 52. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008ApplicationsContent Analysis •SEO•Content Strategy•Product TestingInfluencer & FanIdentification•Build Influencer Network•Expand Affiliate NetworkCompetitiveIntelligence•Merchandising•Track Campaign Effectiveness•Recruit Competitors’ CustomersPinterest Data In Action…
  53. 53. @PinLeague #SMSSummit 954-505-8008How Can I Help?First Name + Email(954)