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#CrazyOKC Building a More Innovative Oklahoma City - InternOKC Program June 2013


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Presentation by Danny Maloney of PinLeague to the InternOKC participants on June 19th, 2013. Includes a framework for building an innovative career, personal lessons learned while at Google, YouTube, AOL and prior startups and some perspective on the unique challenges OKC faces in building an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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#CrazyOKC Building a More Innovative Oklahoma City - InternOKC Program June 2013

  1. 1. Crazy | INNOVATIVE@danielpmaloney, CEO of @PinLeague
  2. 2. #CrazyOKC
  3. 3. #CrazyOKC“The people who arecrazy enough to thinkthey can change the worldare the ones who do.”
  4. 4. #CrazyOKCWhy is innovation crazy?You bring change.People resist change.∴ , People will resist you.
  5. 5. #CrazyOKCToday’s Goal:Inspire some crazy.
  7. 7. #CrazyOKCHow are yougoing to innovatein your internshipthis summer?
  8. 8. Crazy Story (so far)
  9. 9. #CrazyOKCA Few Vignettes1. Opportunity Missed2. The Value of Thinking Big3. Creating Your Path
  10. 10. #CrazyOKC#1: Opportunity Missed• Graduated Penn in 2005 and took an entrylevel role at BCG; money was tight.• Problem: I needed an easy way to trackand manage my finances.• Solution: Excel.
  11. 11. #CrazyOKC
  12. 12. #CrazyOKC
  13. 13. #CrazyOKCOne day, I showed my friend...• She asked for a copy of the spreadsheet• I begrudgingly copied it, deleted my dataand shared it with her.• Then, another colleague asked. Andanother. I ignored them. I was busy.
  14. 14. #CrazyOKC
  15. 15. #CrazyOKC
  16. 16. #CrazyOKCWhy Didn’t I Build It?1. Focus: Working 70 hours / week as amanagement consultant2. Fear: Of criticism, ridicule, obligation3. I Didn’t LISTEN: The market was tellingme there was a need.
  17. 17. #CrazyOKCWhy do you WORK ?LoveorMoney
  18. 18. #CrazyOKC“The only way to be truly satisfied is todo what you believe is great work.And the only way to do great work is tolove what you do.If you havent found it yet, keep looking.Dont settle. ”-Steve JobsStanford Commencement Speech
  19. 19. #CrazyOKCThe Cost of Not DoingWhat You Love
  20. 20. #CrazyOKC#2: The Value of Thinking Big
  21. 21. #CrazyOKCThe Challenge• Problem: I want live video everywhere.• Attempt 1: Put cameras everywhere. Cost =$1 Trillion +.• Attempt 2: Moving cameras in mobilecommand centers. Too slow / unscalable.• Attempt 3: Moving camera cars.
  22. 22. #CrazyOKC
  23. 23. #CrazyOKCThe Challenge, Part II• Problem: Cost• Solution 1: Technological Innovation• Solution 2: Kill 3 birds with one stone(and many smaller incremental solutionsalong the way)
  24. 24. #CrazyOKC
  25. 25. #CrazyOKC
  26. 26. #CrazyOKC
  27. 27. #CrazyOKC
  28. 28. #CrazyOKC
  29. 29. #CrazyOKCLessons Learned1. Innovation can happen in big companies2. Great leaders define problems andchallenge you to generate solutions3. Seek adjacent problems to expand impact4. You can make a big impact quickly
  30. 30. #CrazyOKCCreating Your Path• Problem: I wanted to work more on coreproduct development and grow into a GM.Google required a CS degree to be aproduct manager, didn’t have GMs.
  31. 31. #CrazyOKCThe Spark
  32. 32. #CrazyOKCKeys to Creating Your Path1. Pick your boss wisely2. Seek unique opportunities3. Know your goals and the company’s.Put the company’s first.4. Work hard.
  33. 33. #CrazyOKCA Note on Working Hard9 to 5 is dead. Think in expert cycles.
  34. 34. #CrazyOKCThe Impact of 10,000 Hours(Experience)• Consider Mike and Sheryl– Mike works 40 hour weeks (2k hrs/year)– Sheryl works 60 hour weeks (3k hrs/yr)• How will their expertise develop?
  35. 35. #CrazyOKCThe Impact of 10,000 HoursNot just how much you do; what you learn-20,00040,00060,00080,000100,000120,000Year 1 Year 5 Year 10 Year 20 Year 30 Year 40MikeSherylExecutive expertiseMid-level expertiseEntry-level expertise
  36. 36. #CrazyOKCThe Impact of 10,000 HoursEarnings grow exponentially with expertise-255075100125150175200Year 1 Year 5 Year 10 Year 20 Year 30 Year 40MikeSheryl
  37. 37. #CrazyOKCWE CAN DO IT HERE IN OKFour Fortune 500 Companies
  38. 38. #CrazyOKCWE CAN DO IT HERE IN OKNumerous other innovators
  39. 39. #CrazyOKCWE CAN DO IT HERE IN OKOthers are taking notice
  41. 41. #CrazyOKCOKC has unique challenges thatpresent opportunities for you1. Missing Middle Management2. Socio-cultural Norms3. Tech Gap
  42. 42. #CrazyOKC32%34%40% 40%42%44% 44% 44% 44% 45%30%33%36%39%42%45%48%US Avg OKC CHI DAL BLDR NYC SF BOS SEA AUSShare of Population Aged 21-44Our work force is stretched thincompared to innovation centers
  43. 43. #CrazyOKC15%16%19% 19%21% 21% 21% 21% 22%12%15%18%21%24%OKC BLDR CHI DAL BOS SEA SF AUS NYCShare of Population Aged 25-34We’re especially thin in 25-34 y.o.You are Critical to OKC Innovation
  44. 44. #CrazyOKC25% 25%24%23%22%17%15% 15%14% 13%10%13%16%19%22%25%28%DAL OKC US Avg CHI AUS BOS SEA NYC BLDR SFShare of Population Aged 0-17Cultural Challenge to Consider:People get married, have kids, buy housesyounger
  45. 45. #CrazyOKCTheTechGap
  46. 46. #CrazyOKCNow, Go MakeCRAZYCONTAGIOUS
  47. 47. #CrazyOKC2013: Top Startup Cities1. Silicon Valley / SF Bay2. New York City3. Boston4. Los Angeles5. Washington D.C. - #246. Seattle - #227. Austin8. Philadelphia9. Chicago10. Atlanta - #4011. Pittsburgh - #6112. Denver - #2313. Boulder - #2802013: Top Startup Cities1. Silicon Valley / SF Bay2. New York City3. Boston4. Los Angeles5. Washington D.C.6. Seattle7. Austin8. Philadelphia9. Chicago10. Atlanta11. Pittsburgh12. Denver13. BoulderMy Crazy Mission2018:Oklahoma City(#29)makes the list!