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Getting Involved At Minarets- 2011


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Getting Involved At Minarets- 2011

  1. 1. GettingInvolved: What Our School Has toOffer andHow You Can Geton Board!
  2. 2. Why Should You Be Involved At Minarets?❖ “I think its great how the students at Minarets have the opportunity to get involved with projects and activities at school. Being involved in Minarets helped me broaden my abilities and skills. My involvement has also helped me to inspire friendships which gives me more enthusiasm to attend school.The activities at Minarets allow us to be involved with a wider group of students and staff.” -MHS Student❖ “Minarets is like a huge party barge... If you climb on-board, you will have the best time of your life, but if you stay on shore... You miss out on a really great time and meeting some pretty awesome people... Here it doesnt matter if you are the life of the party, or part of the crowd... There is a place for you on this boat... So climb aboard and set sail on the best year of your life!” -MHS Student
  3. 3. Get into groups of three❖ You need to come up with two reasons why it is important and worth while to be involved in your high school.❖ Your group needs to come up with an idea for a new idea/ club/event that you want to create at Minarets.❖ You will share your outcomes with the class.
  4. 4. What are you involved in?❖ The following slides show some of the things that you can be involved in at Minarets. When one comes up that you were a part of, please raise your hand. Tell us your experience and perhaps a story from your experience with that particular event/group/sport.
  5. 5. The World of Media Slick Rock, Live Sports, Mafia Movie, Woodbury University, Jimmy Kimmel Live and much more
  6. 6. Blood Drive
  7. 7. Campout for a Cause
  8. 8. Junior Trip
  9. 9. FFA
  10. 10. Staff v. Students Games
  11. 11. Stang Fest
  12. 12. Football
  13. 13. Volleyball
  14. 14. Basketball
  15. 15. Student Showcases
  16. 16. Soccer
  17. 17. Softball and Baseball
  18. 18. Live Performances
  19. 19. Paintball!!!!!!!!!
  20. 20. Veterans Day Dinner
  21. 21. The MMA’s
  22. 22. Art and Graphic Design
  23. 23. Minarets Music❖ Jazz Band, Choir, Percussion, Trips to Huntington Beach, Parades, Flag and Banner Team, and much more...
  24. 24. Other Things to be Involved in...❖ Mrs. Drozen’s Roger Rocka’s Trip.❖ Mr. Ching’s Trip abroad.❖ Snowboarding and Hiking Trips.❖ Mr. and Mrs. Mustang.❖ Academic Decathlon.❖ Cross Country (Must sign up immediately).❖ Morning Fitness
  25. 25. continued...❖ Drama Performances.❖ Trips to Apple.❖ Zombie Movie Part 2 in Paso Robles.❖ Dances.❖ And a lot more!!!!!!!
  26. 26. So Don’t Forget....❖ Being involved is worth it!