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  • Core values

    1. 1. The Meaning of “Family”and Core Values.Why they are important in becoming a wellrounded individual.
    2. 2. Are we a family atMinarets?Last year we referred to our student body and staff as a family from timeto time.Some people questioned the use of that term and some thought that itwas too strong.Well, lets get rid of all of that uncertainty and examine why a school likeours could be compared to a family.
    3. 3. What is a family?The primary definitions for family are:A group consisting of parents and children living together in a householdor a group of people related to one another by blood or marriage.Minarets does not replace this kind of family and it never will.However...
    4. 4. Minarets FamilyAnother definition of family is: A person or peoplerelated to one and so to be treated with a specialloyalty and intimacy.At Minarets, we can be LIKE a family in that we areunited by our great school and we relate to eachother through our loyalty and respect.We can be LIKE a family in that we are proud of ourcombined talents and we will lift each other up whenwe are down.
    5. 5. What can your Minaretsfamily do for you?Get into groups of three and discuss these questions.1) What can your Minarets family do for you?2) What can you do as a member of the Minarets family in helping tocreate a healthy atmosphere?3) What types of things prevent us from being “family” like?You have five minutes to discuss and you will share with the class.
    6. 6. Examples
    7. 7. Examples•Help you with a concern or problems.•Help you with new ideas and goals•Resolve any conflicts•Sometimes we all need a high five or hug•We all need several families: Home, work, school,friends, etc. to make it through life’s challenges.
    8. 8. What do the students say?“I love that our family is growing and will continue to grow. Yes its going tobe challenging to open up our hearts and minds to new members of thefamily, but we have gotten through it and will continue to get through it. Ilove that we can go to any student on campus and know that theyre ourbrother or sister. Minarets is not just a school, its a home. A safe home thatwelcomes everyone."“Minarets is like a family in the sense that the teachers care about you andhow you do. They want to see you succeed, for your own benefit, not theirown. They also take great strides to make sure that students enjoy theirassignments. This shows me as a student that they really do care about me.And that makes all the difference in the world.”
    9. 9. Core ValuesNow you will be broken into groups of four to answer the followingquestions before sharing with the class. Talk amongst yourselves andshare with us when the time is right:What are values? What are core values?Why is it important for an individual to have values? Why is it importantfor a school to have students that hold strong core values?Share one Core value that all people in your group agree on.You have five minutes to discuss and then you share with the class.
    10. 10. Values DefinedA persons principles orstandards of behavior;ones judgment of what isimportant in life.Everyone has a set of corevalues which drives them inlife.
    11. 11. Why are values important?The way you carry yourself matters. People around you are influenced bythe attitude that you have.If we have a student and staff body, that lives by a strict code of values,we will have a more harmonious environment.If you hold true to your core values, it will be harder for you tocompromise those values and make harmful decisions.
    12. 12. Making our campus a better place.If we all hold true tothe family conceptand the core valueconcept, our campuswill be a better placefor it.We are fortunate tohave such a greatschool and it is up tous to keep it that way.