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NICE Monthly Webinar - January 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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NICE Monthly Webinar - January 2012

  1. 1. WELCOME to the NICE Monthly Webinar January 26, 2012 We will begin shortly!PLEASE NOTE: To control the amount of backgroundsound, please mute your telephones after dialing inby pressing *6 or by using a manual mute button on your telephone.
  2. 2. Dr. Lin Dr. MargaretN Chambers, Project Pippin, Deputy Project Scientist ScientistIC VSGC NICE TeamE Kate Spruill, Dr. AnnT Deputy Project Manager Martin, Program EvaluatorEA Andi Geyer, Program ManagerM Denice Dublin, Program & Development Specialist Cassandra Small, Program Assistant
  3. 3. AGENDA:• Announcements & Reminders• Presentations by: • Kevin Czajkowski - University of Toledo • Julie Lambert - Florida Atlantic University • Gillian Roehrig - University of Minnesota
  4. 4. ANNOUNCEMENTAmerican Indian Higher Education Consortium Spring 2012 AIHEC Student Conference March 24–27, 2012 Rapid City, South Dakota NICE Climate Education Strands on Monday & Tuesday 1-Day Faculty 1-Day Student
  5. 5. ANNOUNCEMENT Tri-Agency PI Meeting April 17-20, 2012 Washington, DC Sheraton National Hotel Arlington, Virginia agenda will be forthcoming.
  6. 6. ANNOUNCEMENT Date Change for the March Webinar to March 22, 2012 Presenters: Alanna Shevak – Public Broadcast Service JoEllen Carlson – University of South FloridaScott Lindstrom – Madison Area Technical College
  7. 7. ANNOUNCEMENTAcknowledging NASA support in publications" all publications should acknowledge NASA support, including the name of the program, and the grant number(s)"
  8. 8. Accomplishments & Reporting UpdateFY 2011 Accomplishments reported to NASA HQ • 42 new or revised higher education courses; over 1,405 students participated • 3,953 elementary and secondary educators participated in STEM PD • Over 4,000 elementary and secondary students participated THANK YOU for the metrics data submitted on the PAF’s and quarterly reports!On January 30th, the system will be opened forDecember 2011 reports • Will have a few new features to add clarity and correct some system issues • Please input your Dec 2011 report by February 24, 2012 Not Submitted Submitted • Please review and submit prior reports • Expect system to be in sync with future reporting periods • Will begin working on Version 2 in late February; suggestions are welcome.Participant Surveys and PAF’s
  9. 9. ANNOUNCEMENT Evaluators @ 2012 Tri-Agency PI Meeting Email Ann Martin at• Need to update – you can tell us in the Webex chat box!• You have all received info about the Tri-Agency PI meeting; in addition to PI-focused activities, there will be a strand for evaluators and a discussion about a common evaluation framework for tri-agency funded CCE projects.
  10. 10. ANNOUNCEMENT Evaluators @ 2012 Tri-Agency PI Meeting Email Ann Martin at ann.m.martin@nasa.govAs we plan for the event, we would like to gauge interest. If you areinterested in having an evaluator attend, please let us know which of thefollowing situation(s) applies to you: 1. You expect to be able to fund your evaluator to travel to the meeting. 2. Your evaluator otherwise has access to travel funds to attend the meeting and you will pursue this option with them. 3. You and/or your evaluator would like for them to attend but funding is an issue at this time. 4. You’re not planning on asking your evaluator to participate in the meeting.
  11. 11. PRESENTER Kevin Czajkowski University of Toledo Professor Geography & Planning
  12. 12. PRESENTER Julie Lambert Florida Atlantic University Associate Professor Science Education
  13. 13. PRESENTER Gillian Roehrig University of Minnesota Associate Professor Science Education
  14. 14. Next Monthly Webinar February 23, 2012 PRESENTERS• Robert J. Myers – Institute for Global Environmental Strategies• David Gosselin – University of Nebraska• Amy Work – Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology/Cayuga Community College