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Intranets 2011 - Socialising SharePoint


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Embrace, Extend and Leap. Three strategies to help you ensure that SharePoint keeps pace with the Social innovation that is taking place on the Internet today.

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Intranets 2011 - Socialising SharePoint

  1. 1. Daniel McPherson Founded Zevenseas Witnessed the birth of ‘Tahoe’ while at Microsoft, mostly spent in consulting (10 years). An Aussie-Brit (mostly Aussie) who left Amsterdam for Pune, India.
  2. 2. What is Social Computing?It’s a significant amount of marketing andsnake oil Knowledge Management
  3. 3. In the old days… People Network SoftwareOnce upon a time, Knowledge Management Innovationhappened inside companies.
  4. 4. Now People Network SoftwareNow Social Computing Innovation is driven by you, and isbeing done outside companies.
  5. 5. Communication You Colleague PersonalThese methods work ok for 1-to-Few but what about 1-to-many?
  6. 6. Knowledge Sharing You • Team • Department • Organisational Unit Personal Social • CompanyWe’ve needed new ways of sharing to maximise the impact
  7. 7. The Printing Press. The more thingsChange, the more they stay the same It provides us with a way to Deal with Information OverloadIt’s like a book club. Information gets better with interaction,and your relationships
  8. 8. SharePoint and Social - Embrace and Extend Embrace Bridge the Gaps 4 Leap Ahead + +
  9. 9. What is Social Analytics?Its about finding the wisdomIn your crowdsLooking at the aggregate of individuals “Social” interactionsin order to derive utility for the Organisation
  10. 10. Google FluTrends “Weve found that certain search terms are good indicators of flu activity. Google Flu Trends uses aggregated Google search data to estimate current flu activity around the world in near real- time.”Search terms can helpyou track importance
  11. 11. Google FluTrends“Weve found thatcertain search termsare good indicators offlu activity.Google Flu Trends usesaggregated Googlesearch data to estimatecurrent flu activityaround the world innear real-time.”
  12. 12. Facebook Gross National Happiness IndexSee if people are happy, supplement to your OgranisationHealth Indexes
  13. 13. Daniel McPhersonTwitter: @danmcdaniel@zevenseas.comBlog: Skype: danielmcpherson THANKS!