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This is urgent.

I just got in minutes ago...

--> <http: />

(Lock in Your Spot at ZERO Cost)

This System builds your downline

This business is literally exploding
and it's in pre-launch.

I’m sure there will be six and seven figure earners

by the time they launch !

Launch date is 7th August and securing
a spot now could really pay HUGE dividends
this year!

--> It's an "easy" program.

--> You get paid daily !

--> It's fully automated and easy to duplicate

The industry first accelerated binary comp
plan can only be described as one of the
most powerful in the Network Marketing
industry today.

And... the system does all your follow-up
and closes sales for you.

It doesn't get easier than this!



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  1. 1. Statutory warning : In the next couple of minutes, you may watch one of the most powerful technological manoeuvre of your life … This could drastically shock and perk up your family’s financial growth and might virally propel your traditional and conventional ways of earning just like that. If you are one of those who believe in becoming a success STORY and leaving a LEGEND behind you, just stay tuned for a couple of minutes. Thank you.
  2. 2. MoralAdvisory Moral Advisory
  3. 3. Mark Zuckerberg (facebook)Bill Gates (Microsoft) Because they always believed in 1. Being @ the right place @ the right time. 2. Visioning the Trends. 3. Going with the Flow. People who made big money
  4. 4. VIDEO STREAMING. Averagely 60-75% online people stream videos daily. Commonly spoken as “NEEDS” to remain attached to the growing world. E MAILS Averagely 80-90% online people use email services daily. It is a high end tool to lesson the communication gaps. ONLINE ADVERTISEMENTS Display advertising growing at 21 percent a year, it's expected to hit $74.4 billion in 2016 and so on. 1 2 3 4 5 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT An essential course of life to reflect upon learning, performance and/or achievement. Every person on earth needs such qualities to shape their life. HIGH LEVEL MASTERMIND LEAGUE A set of private periodical membership’s product packages contenting training & newsletters from experts, thought leaders in each respective industry. Have a look on the trends around us.
  5. 5. Just observe around you.. Many of the companies around are associated with one or more of these TRENDS …. but not ALL.. IS THERE A WAY YOU CAN Get Associated With All These Trends In One Go And Benefit From It ……..?
  6. 6. VIDDCOMM-XVIDDCOMM-X First companyFirst company in the worldin the world combiningcombining allall FIVE TRENDSFIVE TRENDS into oneinto one Introducing………
  7. 7. VidcommXVidcommX ProfileProfile
  8. 8. VidcommX LLC. registered in Mainland of Dubai. A company with a start up capital value of 1 million Dirhams with more than 12 years of man operations and it’s a merger of leading 4 group of companies. VidcommX, the Company. VidcommX, possess 60 years of man experience in technology, management, marketing and venture capitalism with Group of Companies globally including US, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, UAE, Russia and Australia.
  9. 9. Connect The World More Efficiently , Help People Change Their Lives , Have Fun And Make Money At The Same Time ! We Will Achieve This By 1.Avoiding echoes of traditional communication technology. 2.Presenting a core techno-system to exchange , share, express and communicate. 3.Enabling the users to communicate in a hassle free environment. 4.Help users explore the worth of their own presence over the internet. 5.Give an extremely trendy online advertising & publicizing business methodology. 6.Delivering an extra dynamic sales channel. 7.Support people earn money using the online affiliate marketing model ! The Team at VidcommX is committed to overcome and surpass all out dated methods to a new-efficient work model to empower the growth of its customers globally. VidcommX, the Vision.
  10. 10. VidcommXVidcommX The Video emailThe Video email concept.concept.
  11. 11. VidcommX, The Platform. VidcommX is a platform enabling individuals to mobilize, channelize and commercialize personal and professional emailing with a video integrated system. The system is defined as “Video Emails” NO Typing , No Composition, No proofreading and No Editing.
  12. 12. Save your time with video emails to make more money or to take time for yourself.  Video email Features
  13. 13. Power of video in emails.
  14. 14. Business professional s Online tutors Internet marketer Network marketer Sales people Small Business owners ““VideoVideo emailingemailing broughtbrought them to thethem to the NEXT LEVELNEXT LEVEL of theirof their individualindividual andand professionalprofessional success”success” Its time for you to START using the benefits of Video emails People Who use Video emails.
  15. 15. Video email : an Outlook
  16. 16. Video email : an Outlook •Business Merchants •Traders •Doctors •Engineers •Networkers •Automobile industry •Science and Education. •Defense and public service. • People from Real estate industry Almost every corporate believes utilization of Video email.
  17. 17. Video email : an Outlook Videos Email In your inbox. This is how you see Video email in your Inbox.
  18. 18. VidcommXVidcommX ProductProduct PackagesPackages
  19. 19. Our Products for you…
  20. 20. Masterminds Choice pack… ALPHA PACK The Alpha PackThe Alpha Pack MastermindsMasterminds GroupGroup AA retreatretreat to reveal theto reveal the paradigmsparadigms of successof success
  21. 21. How do IHow do I Start?Start?
  22. 22. How to start earning?
  23. 23. How do I earn as a Publisher? U Send a Video Email with an advertisement Your friend read the email and views the advertisement. This email is forwarded to lots of people by your friends and by their friends The advertiser then pays you for your contribution in PUBLISHING the advertisement to many people. Averagely you make $5 per 1000 Views to $10 per 1000 views (However , This is a rough calculation, actual shall be narrated during the launch event of the company.)
  24. 24. Where does this concept work? Online money machines. They also make money from This is what we call FUTURE of online technology
  25. 25. Affiliate IncomeAffiliate Income CompensationCompensation PlanPlan
  26. 26. VidcommX: Compensation plan
  27. 27. Compensation Plan: Referral Income You earn a commission by just directly adding a person in your TEAM…. Referral Income Matrix Become a LEADER … Build your own team
  28. 28. Compensation plan: Referral Income “Your own Product Value signifies the Commission percentage of your referral income form your team” 20 % Referral Commission for all product PV Value 25% Referral commission for all product PV value 10% 10%10% 10% 20% 20%20% 20% 25% 25%25% 25% 10 % Referral Commission for all product PV Value
  29. 29. Referral Income Multiplication formula
  30. 30. Daily Pair matching for X.1,X.2 & X.3 caps @ 5000 PVs (25 Pairs) daily. 100 PVs earned anyhow will not be flushed but will remain till it matches. Team Matching bonus is counted @ 10% of the matched PV value One cannot earn PVs of higher packages in his tree, higher than PVs of his own product. Team Matching Income
  31. 31. Team Matching Income GROW YOUR TEAM……EARN MORE CASE: 1
  32. 32. Team Matching Income CASE: 2
  33. 33. Team Matching Income CASE: 3
  34. 34. The POWER PLAY CASE: 4 You may also notice that the left side is now “WEAKER” and the right side is “STRONGER”  Ideally U should give more focus on WEAK side to avail more binary matching by using Power of 2 formula. WEAK TEAM STRONG TEAM
  35. 35. POWER OF TWO MAKE TWO SALES AND SEE HOW THIS MULTIPLACATE SYOUR INCOME Add 2 or help your team to add 2. Number of Total Pairs = 8190/2=4095 pairs
  36. 36. Team Placement GROW YOUR TEAM……EARN MORE SPONSOR U Left team Right Team A1 A B A2 Thinkers Place
  37. 37. Team Placement SPONSOR MAX Left team Right Team A1 BOB B A2 Thinkers Place LIZ U LIZ’s grows her team to 300 and SHE made 500 sales this year! U will be missing those sales and the commissions.
  38. 38. Start SMART Start SMARTER Start SMARTEST We suggest: top account should be at the Maximum possible package 3 Ways To Get Started! Ability to earn a maximum of $15000 a day (alpha pack) Ability earn a maximum of $35000 a day (alpha pack) Ability to earn a maximum of $5000 a day (Alpha pack) Join with 1 Account Join with 3 Account Join with 7 Account REMEMBER: Your Business Method is always followed by your team.
  40. 40. Else….you would realize it too late..
  41. 41. JOIN VidcommX GLOBAL PRE LAUNCH 60 DAYS TO GO Thank you for your time and patience with us……….