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Internal Audit: The new waveRevolutionising the Internal Audit function whilst retaining core valuesGrand Copthorne Waterf...
Day 1Wednesday 16th February 20110830   Registration & coffee                                                             ...
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Day 3Friday 18th February 2011Continuous Auditing and Monitoring Workshop                                                 ...
Speakers ProfilesAdil Buhariwalla VP Internal Audit                                                                     Da...
Speakers ProfilesIan Lawrence VP Corporate Audit - Asia, AMET, CEE                                                       T...
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Internal Audit: The new wave


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Daniel Lustenberger will be speaking at this event taking place from 16 to 18 Feb 2011 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore

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Internal Audit: The new wave

  1. 1. Internal Audit: The new waveRevolutionising the Internal Audit function whilst retaining core valuesGrand Copthorne Waterfront, “There are risks and costs to a program of action,Singapore but they are far less than the long­range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” John F. Kennedy16th – 18th February 2011 Today’s internal audit professional must be prepared to adapt to advanced technologies and effectively adopt risk-centric mindsets to remain experts in assurance and risk management. Your distinguished chairpersons: Featuring a post conference workshop on: Day One Continuous Auditing and Monitoring Uantchern Loh President Accelerating audit activities by adopting continuous auditing and The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore monitoring as a vital tool Your workshop leader: Day Two Rangarajan Ekambaram Partner – Advisory Simon Griffiths Councillor on the Queensland Chapter Ernst & Young Advisory, Singapore Institute of Internal Audit, Australia Featuring expert presentations and case studies by:Featuring international speakers: Thanabalan Ladamuthu Head of Internal AuditSimon Griffiths Councillor on the Queensland Chapter Singapore Exchange, SingaporeInstitute of Internal Audit, Australia Governor Institute of Internal Auditors, SingaporeAdil Buhariwalla VP Internal AuditEmirates Group, UAE Ian Lawrence VP Corporate Audit - Asia, AMET, CEE Unilever Asia, SingaporeDan Maini Director Internal Audit – AsiaFlextronics, Hong Kong Neil Webster Head of Audit Wholesale Bank – Group Internal AuditCrystal Zang Corporate Audit Manager - Asia Pacific Standard Chartered Bank, SingaporeInterContinental Hotels Group, China Antonio Martinez Marroquin Regional Head Internal AuditJerome Hon Chief Audit Executive Novartis Asia Pacific, SingaporeMaybank, Malaysia Daniel Lustenberger Head Group Internal AuditEsther Yap Chief Internal Auditor DKSH Management, SingaporeMalaysia Airlines, Malaysia Siew Kwan Ng Senior Manager - Corporate Auditing Fraud Investigative Services, Asia Pacific Dow Chemical, SingaporeAttend this informative event and gain Tiang Kwong Leong Audit, Risk & Compliance Senior Auditorpractical insights into: Bridgestone Finance Europe, Singapore• Developing continuous auditing frameworks to help identify potential fraud, controls and performance issues Ashley Koh Corporate Audit Supervisor – ANZ & Taiwan• Enhancing the independence and objectivity of IA to increase 3M, Singapore organisation assurance• Designing the forensic auditing process to detect potential frauds and abnormalities This event is endorsed and accredited by ISOFP. 1 hour of event attendance = 1 CPD. ISOFP members will received the CPD based on the attended hours in• Focusing on and building effective risk-based auditing this conference• Motivating and retaining the right talent in the company• Addressing internal audits role in corporate governance• Upgrading audit infrastructure to achieve greater efficiencies This event is endorsed by the Chartered Financial Consultants and accredited with 12 CPE credits for all delegates who are members of Chartered Financial ConsultantsEndorsers *Early Bird & Group Discounts Ask about our savings conferences
  2. 2. Day 1Wednesday 16th February 20110830 Registration & coffee 1330 Session Five Enhancing the role of IA in strengthening corporate governance0900 Opening and welcome remarks by Chairperson and bringing it into practise Uantchern Loh President • Zooming into corporate governance in Asia and the different impact on internal The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore audit • Actively participating in corporate governance to ensure continuous overall0910 Session One improvement Preserving the independence and objectivity of the Internal • Raising up the standards of ethical expectations, governance and compliance in Audit function to bring higher value to your organisation your organisation to provide assurance and establish trust in the organisation • Enhancing the independence and objectivity of IA to increase organisation • Improving the effectiveness of corporate governance to optimise both assurance compliance and proactive risk management • Proving the value proposition of IA to management and BOD by bringing Neil Webster Head of Audit Wholesale Bank – Group Internal Audit objective results and recommendations Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore • Finding the right balance between independence of internal auditors and support from management 1415 Session Six • Gaining confidence in assisting the management’s direction and future plans Standardising audit procedures and processes by efficient & Ian Lawrence VP Corporate Audit - Asia, AMET, CEE effective operational audit Unilever Asia, Singapore • Designing a successful operational auditing plan consistent with the overall business plan0955 Session Two • Improving operational audit framework to automate the control activity in your organisation Maximising governance confidence by driving effective corporate governance, compliance, audit methodologies and • Making greater use of computer-assisted audit technologies to help identifying audit reports: A Novartis Perspective potential controls and performance issues • Leveraging on global corporate governance standards and applying best • Conducting regular operational audit to eliminate the risk of encountering cash practices to fit the Asian context shortages and facing operational issues • Maintaining effective audit relationships with business stakeholders Ashley Koh Corporate Audit Supervisor – ANZ & Taiwan 3M, Singapore • Organising complex business set-ups into a manageable audit universe • Risk Assessment: How to select the right audits for your organisation to maximise audit findings and mitigate key risks 1500 Afternoon refreshments and networking break • Delivering reports in accordance to audit standards that meet the organisations goals 1530 Session Seven Antonio Martinez Marroquin Regional Head Internal Audit Handling investigations & “smoking gun” kind-of-information Novartis Asia Pacific, Singapore obtained during your audit and its consequences • Analysing lessons learnt from current fraud cases and its impact on1040 Morning refreshments and networking break organisation’s future and reputation • Delving deeply into the companys systems after finding out red flags of fraud or corruption in your company1100 Session Three • Outlining the importance of the preservation of computer evidence Knowing risk appetite and expectations of your stakeholders to review and develop strong controls and processes with audit • Coping with this information at the time of discovery and how to treat it & automation take to the next level • Aligning internal audit to identify and meet stakeholders expectations in this • Pursuing the perpetrators identified as a result of your investigation evolving environment • Thinking like management and bringing a new perspective to the "table" for 1615 Session Eight discussion Weighing the risks of Social Networking and how it impacts • Reporting with sufficient detail for effective action to ensure value of internal Internal Audit audit is recognised by audit committee and management • Laying out the pros and cons of the rapid development of social networking • Being the “eyes and ears” of the Audit Committee to spot emerging risks and Web 2.0 technology in connecting and interacting with partners, arising from the organisation’s activities companies and customers • Key roles on audit automation for enhanced organisational processes and • Zooming into the new dangers and risks that could affect company’s business controls • Taking steps to protect yourself if you are planning on using social networking Tiang Kwong Leong Audit, Risk & Compliance Senior Auditor by mitigating possible risks Bridgestone Finance Europe, Singapore • Implementing an effective risk management program for social networking Uantchern Loh President1145 Session Four The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore Case study: Aligning Internal Audit with Risk Management: IHG’s strategy and practice 1700 Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Day 1 Derived from risk based internal audit, IHG is actively promoting the link between enterprise wide risk assessment and audit planning. However, while implementing new applications, a heated discussion arises on how to walk on the line as being a ‘consultant’ and ‘business partner’, and how to stay Why you cannot miss this event independent and provide assurance to the risk management process. Aligning internal audit’s focus to the risks flowing from changing business priorities • Establishing partnership between Internal Audit and Risk Management and conditions has become the central mission of forward-looking internal audit (IA) • Looking at the evolving assurance need from IHG executives. Internal audit groups are taking a risk-centric, strategic approach to their • Zooming into the invention of new tools and applications to facilitate RM work in order to create a new value proposition wherein internal audit provides risk workshop management assurance as well as assurance over controls. • Keeping up a live communication via the “Stakeholder Relationship Map” The Internal Auditor role is shifting from “corporate police” to “internal consultant” • Exploring the “Dynamic Risk Assessment” and companies that are slow to make that transition will lack competitive advantage. Crystal Zang Corporate Audit Manager - Asia Pacific Higher expectations of stakeholders, increasing regulatory pressures along with a push InterContinental Hotels Group, China for transparency has evolved the role. “Internal Audit: The new wave” conference will address essential issues of a1230 Networking Luncheon modern internal auditor such as enhancing the independence and objectivity of his role, emerging roles in targeting business risks while also focusing on better talent management and need for technology enhancement to maximise the audit process. It is tailored for audit professionals to redefine their audit plans, move towards corporate governance and ensure business continuity. This 2-days conference also features a post-conference workshop on Continuous Auditing. The workshop aims to offer systematic approaches to continuous auditing and to set a platform for rapid improvements and advancement.
  3. 3. Register NowDay 2 Contact Marketing at marcus evans Tel: +603 2723 6748 Fax: +603 2723 6699Thursday 17th February 2011 Email: leec@marcusevanskl.com0830 Registration & coffee 1330 Session Five Evaluating your performance victories or shortfalls - how do you0900 Opening and welcome remarks by Chairperson measure the success of your internal audit? Simon Griffiths Councillor on the Queensland Chapter • Realising the fundamental factor of your performance measures - the value of Institute of Internal Audit, Australia the measurement to audit group management • Implementing quality performance metrics to recognise the real value of IA and0910 Session One improve your audit process Introducing the concept of having an Internal Audit function • Examining the effectiveness and efficiency of audit function to provide window based at Shared Service Center (SSC) into work performed • For which types of organisations are internal auditors based at SSCs applicable? • Building new performance dashboards to monitor and report audit’s • Enhancing the overall audit function by use of an internal audit function based performance under a mutually agreed-upon framework at a SSC to: reduce cost; increase efficiency; understand centralised processes • Setting up the qualitative and quantitative targets and indicators for internal better; increase site coverage; data mining and release resource for more specific audit risk audits Jerome Hon Chief Audit Executive • Implementing a SSC - based internal audit function: practical considerations Maybank, Malaysia • Understanding the potential risks in having a SSC - based internal audit function; and how to mitigate them 1415 Session Six Dan Maini Director Internal Audit – Asia Calling for greater collaboration, open communication and strong Flextronics, Hong Kong relationship at all levels • Developing a structure that facilitates healthy environment for accountability and0955 Session Two transparency Sharpening up Internal Audits capabilities to address complex • Encouraging free flow of information regarding any issues or concern between strategic and business risks the auditor, BOD and management • Managements expectations in an increasingly multifaceted and complex • Building a positive workplace culture to ensure effective organisational business environment performance management • Positioning internal audit to assist management proficiently and effectively in • Maintaining a strong positive relationship between the internal audit team and strategic risk management matters partnering with different departments to enhance value • Embracing internal audit’s need of competitive and decisive IT capabilities in hot Thanabalan Ladamuthu Head of Internal Audit topics such as IT security, ISO/IEC 27000, ITIL, end user computing and peer-to- Singapore Exchange, Singapore peer networks Governor • Forming high performing integrated audit teams in an ever challenging labour Institute of Internal Auditors, Singapore market Daniel Lustenberger Head Group Internal Audit 1500 Afternoon refreshments and networking break DKSH Management, Singapore 1530 Session Seven1040 Morning refreshments and networking How Internal Auditors promote “Integrity Culture” within an organisation?1100 Session Three • Promoting integrity culture in an organisation – setting the right tone from the The “Soul” purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - top Opportunities for Internal Auditing • Sharing of Malaysia Airlines Integrity Plan 2010-2012 • Involving Internal Audit in projects related to CSR to bring a unique perspective • Building in continuous auditing and monitoring mechanism to track and detect to sustainable development potential fraud risks in the organisation • How can Internal Auditor assist organisation in better achieving the CSR • Enhancing Board oversight with respective to the implementation and objectives? effectiveness of the compliance and ethics program • Adding value to an organisation’s CSR planning and reporting by internal Esther Yap Chief Internal Auditor auditing Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia • Delving into the roles , value and responsibilities of Internal Auditors vis-à-vis CSR 1615 Session Eight • Discussing whether Internal Auditors are skilled/qualified to audit and influence Securing the right auditor through talent management and corporate behaviour retention to combat attrition of highly skilled audit professionals Adil Buhariwalla VP Internal Audit • Building an effective strategy to recruit, motivate, develop and retain qualified Emirates Group, UAE talents in your company • Meeting the increasing demand of a highly skilled internal auditor capable1145 Session Four covering strategic and business risks with the ongoing evolution of the internal Taking a deep-dive into company’s processes through forensic audit process auditing to detect potential frauds and abnormalities • Marketing the internal audit’s role in a new dimension to successfully meet • Implementing a strong technological framework to reveal hidden behaviours and recruitment target with specific skill set discrepancies in data to discover origins of fraud • Matching the talent model to the value proposition by encouraging internal • Uncovering the true value of investigative auditing and forensic auditing to auditors to be more involved in company´s functions enhance the audit process Simon Griffiths Councillor on the Queensland Chapter • Designing an effective anti-fraud programme to spot the red flags of fraud Institute of Internal Audit, Australia through early signs in the primary stage • Projecting the board of directors role in investigating critical areas 1700 Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Day 2 • Mitigating fraudulent risks and increasing stakeholder confidence in your organisation through effective forensic auditing techniques Siew Kwan Ng Senior Manager - Corporate Auditing Fraud Investigative Services, Asia Pacific Who should attend Dow Chemical, Singapore • Chief Audit Executives (CAEs)1230 Networking Luncheon • Chief Internal Auditors (CIAs) • Audit committee • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) • VPs, Directors, Division Heads, Senior Managers, Managers and specialist of: - Internal Audit - Internal Control - Compliance - Audit & TaxationIn-House Training Solutions - Fraud & Investigation - Operational & Technical Audit - Finance - Enterprise Risk ManagementIf you have a number of delegates with similar training needs, then you may wish to consider - Corporate Governancehaving an In-House Training solution delivered locally on-site. Course can be tailored to specificrequirements. • Company SecretariesFor further details, please use the contact information given on the last page of this brochure. From across all industries marcus evans reserves the right to change the venue of, or speakers at the conference should circumstances require. © marcus evans
  4. 4. Day 3Friday 18th February 2011Continuous Auditing and Monitoring Workshop About your workshop facilitator:Accelerating audit activities by adopting continuous auditing andmonitoring as a vital tool Rangarajan Ekambaram Partner – Advisory Ernst & Young Advisory, SingaporeSession One Qualifications and membershipsIdentifying the power and benefits of continuous auditing and Rajan is a member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and themonitoring Institute of Internal Auditors.• What is the difference between continuous monitoring (CM) and continuous auditing (CA)? Profile• Realising the potential of CM and CA, particularly at the enterprise-wide level Rajan is Partner of Advisory Services in Ernst & Young Singapore. Rajan has over 19• Who, why and how are companies currently using CA and CM? years of experience in both external and internal audits in Singapore, India and many• Understanding the challenges, requirements and required conditions from an audit, other Asian countries. He has served clients in a wide range of industries including client, and technology perspective for smooth implementation of this process trading, retailing, hotels, manufacturing, hi-tech, construction and quasi-• What is the level of internal audit maturity required to win with CA? governmental organisations. Rajan has been overseeing the internal audit outsourcing engagements of manySession Two public-listed companies based in Singapore and also the Asian operations of aTransitioning from a traditional auditing process to continuous auditing number of multinational clients. He has also been involved in conducting internalto improve overall business efficiency audit, risk management and corporate governance training sessions for clients and internal staff.• Following the steps to implement a Continuous Audit• Understanding the continuous auditing methodology, review a detailed example, and Rajan has been involved in performing the review role relating to the controls-related practice creating a customised continuous auditing program requirements of the Sarbane-Oxley Act. He has assisted various clients on documenting internal controls and issuing recommendations to improve controls. In• Designing a CA/CM framework that supports strategic management objectives and is addition, he has performed high-level diagnostic review of management’s aware of organisation’s risk profile documentation and done preliminary evaluation to identify areas requiring• Building successful business cases to demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI) from improvement in controls and provide project management assistance. CA/CM implementation• Performing a cost-benefit analysis on continuous auditing implementation – is it something worth pursuing? By attending this workshop you will gain insightsSession Three into:Developing a continuous auditing strategy to strengthen internalcontrols and provide greater transparency into operations • Examining the dynamics and effectiveness of continuous auditing and monitoring methodologies• Increasing controls and monitoring of your Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) • Ascertaining the importance of continuous auditing to uniquely improve business efficiency• Discovering how continuous auditing can help achieve compliance with internal control reporting and other Sarbanes-Oxley aspects • Enhancing real-time reporting and providing almost instantaneous auditing• Moving from continuous auditing to continuous controls monitoring to mitigate • Boosting the overall risk and control oversight capability by conducting regular emerging risks and combat fraud monitoring system• Enhancing overall risk and control oversight capability through early detection and • Allowing management to have greater visibility into the organisation monitoring • Exploring the innovative approach and skepticism of routine audit practices• Delivering regular insight into the status of controls and transactions across the global enterprise• Integrating with governance, risk, and compliance and business intelligence initiatives About the EndorsersSession Four The International Society of Financial Professionals (ISOFP) is a non-profitDiscovering the technology advances available to drive the growth of organization dedicated improving professional standards, career opportunities andcontinuous auditing networking opportunities for financial professionals worldwide. ISOFP offers its• Maximising the use of computer modelling, intelligent agents and other software tools members special invitations to financial conferences, substantial discounts to events to utilise and monitor and professional certification through e-learning and classroom training programs.• Gain an understanding of reporting time frames and the availability and reliability of Certification programs are available for wealth management, retail banking, corporate data banking, asset management, investment banking and insurance/risk management. ISOFP is a US registered non-profit association with representative offices worldwide.• Examining automated audit procedures, information system requirements, key controls, For more information on ISOFP, please contact automated reporting, and software tools and techniques• Using automation to efficiently test a broader range of transactions and controls The American Academy of Financial Management (tm) is the worlds• Improving organisation’s bottom-line results to deliver regular insight data and fastest growing professional association with members in over 145 countries hosting information and organizing certification training worldwide and offering exclusive board certification designations to candidates who meet the highest professional standards and assessment criteria. AAFM is in alliance with the top 560 business schools in the world and is officially listed on the NASD and US Department of Labor Websites. The Institute of Financial Consultants (IFC) is an international professional organization chartered in the United States and Canada. The Institute has 8,500 members in more than 17 countries to date. IFC offers an educational program leading to the designation of Certified Programme schedule Financial Consultant (CFC) issued to qualified graduates. Chartered Institute of Day three Financial Consultants is a professional designation specializing in corporate finance and business analysis promoted by the Institute of Financial Consultants. Email 0830 Morning coffee & registration for more information. IFC aims to ensure its members provide 0900 Course begins competent, ethical and objective financial advice. This is to the advantage of clients 1030 Morning refreshments and networking break and employers, the profession and individual members of the Institute. 1100 Course commences CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, founded in 1919, is the 1230 Networking luncheon world’s leading and largest professional body of Management Accountants, with 1330 Course re-commences 172,000 members and students operating in 165 countries, working at the heart of 1500 Afternoon refreshments and networking break business. CIMA members and students work in industry, commerce and not-for-profit 1530 Course re-commences organisations. CIMA works closely with employers and sponsors leading-edge research, constantly updating its qualification, professional experience requirements 1700 Course concludes and continuing professional development to ensure it remains the employers’ choice when recruiting financially-trained business leaders. CIMA is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards of members and students, and to maintaining public confidence in management marcus evans would like to thank everyone who has helped with the research and accountancy. CIMA is proud to be the first professional accounting body to offer a organisation of this event, particularly the speakers and their staff for their support and truly global product in the fast-moving area of Islamic Finance. commitment.
  5. 5. Speakers ProfilesAdil Buhariwalla VP Internal Audit Dan Maini Director Internal Audit – AsiaEmirates Group, UAE Flextronics, Hong KongAdil has been employed with Emirates Group in Dubai for the past 24 years, and is at present, Dan recently assumed the position of Director Internal Audit, Asia in Hong Kong, for FlextronicsVice President Internal Audit. He has been recently appointed to serve as a member on the Board International, a leading Singapore-headquartered, US listed Electronics Manufacturing Servicesof Research & Education Advisors. He has been the former Vice-Chairman of the Internal Auditing provider focused on delivering complete design, engineering and manufacturing services.Standards Board of the IIA in USA, which is responsible for promulgating, monitoring and Flextronics helps customers design, build, ship, and service electronics products through apromoting the International Standards for the professional practice of Internal Auditing. He was network of facilities in 30 countries on four continents. Dan joined Flextronics in 2003 as part ofalso a member of the Communications Advisory Board of the IIA, which, among other things, is a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance implementation team; and was appointed Internal Audit Manager,responsible for reviewing various technical materials that are published by the IIA, as well as for Europe in 2004.developing an e-Learning Centre for internal auditors. Dan is currently responsible for the internal audits of Flextronics’ operations in Asia; and managesHe is a founder member of IIA Dubai Chapter and was the President of the Dubai Chapter of The a team of 19 auditors. The operations which are audited include manufacturing and logisticsInstitute of Internal Auditors (IIA) during 1998-99. He has been actively involved in promoting the sites; regional Treasury Centers and Shared Services Centers. The audits consist of performingprofession of internal auditing as well as the CIA examination in the UAE, Gulf and Middle East. ‘Compliance Reviews’ in respect of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, corporate policies and procedures,During the past year, he has made presentations on Internal Auditing to the students of various as well as general best business practice. Dan also assists in the Company’s annual Enterprise Riskuniversities in the UAE. Management assessment exercise.He is a Chartered Accountant (India), a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Prior to joining Flextronics, Dan’s previous roles were:He is also an accomplished international speaker, who has consistently been rated very highly for • MBI International – Audit Manager, Europe: set up the internal audit function of the hospitalityhis presentations. He has also written articles for the Internal Auditor, and other professional division of a privately owned multinational company. Performed due diligence and feasibilityjournals. analysis for an olive oil bottling plant. • Jardine Matheson Group – Group Audit Manager, Europe responsible for the worldwide auditsAntonio Martinez Marroquin Regional Head Internal Audit of the European based divisions of the Group in respect of luxury hotels, insurance broking,Novartis Asia Pacific, Singapore motor trading, offshore trusts and private banking.Tony is the Regional Head of Internal Audit for Novartis Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore, he was • Lonrho plc – Operational Auditor conducting business risk reviews at the company’s gold/appointed to this position in June 2008, after serving as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Novartis platinum mines, timber/ coffee estates, light aircraft charter and safari hotels in Africa; motorPhilippines. trading, financial advisers and currency printers in UK.Tony joined Novartis in 1999 and has held several positions covering multiple Finance areas: Dan completed his chartered accounting training with the then PriceWaterhouse, where he alsoBusiness Planning & Analysis (BPA), Treasury, Internal Audit, Financial Reporting & Accounting worked on several forensic investigations.(FRA) and Business Process Control (BPC). His posts were in various organisational levels Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts in ‘Accounting with Law’ from University of Kent at Canterbury and(Headquarters, Regional Offices, Country Operations) and in both corporate and operational is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.Finance: Corporate Controller (Switzerland), Treasurer (Italy), Corporate Internal Auditor(assignments in Europe / Latin America / Asia Pacific), Pharma Regional FRA Manager (Singapore),Head Financial Operations & Control (China) and CFO (Philippines). As CFO, he was also Daniel Lustenberger Head Group Internal Auditresponsible for Supply Chain Management, Indirect Purchasing, IT and Administration. During his DKSH Management, Singaporeassignments with Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Tony received the 2004 Finance Innovation global Daniel is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant and holds an Executive MBA from IMD. He has 18award for the creation of the China Internal Control Community and the 2006 Finance Teamwork years working experience in accounting, audit and management award for his contributions to the Working Capital Reduction initiative. Currently, Daniel is the Head Group Internal Audit at DKSH. DKSH is the leading MarketIn his current role as Regional Head of Internal Audit, Tony assists the Audit and Compliance Expansion Services Group with focus on Asia, 2009 net sales of CHF 6.5 billion (USD 6.6 billion),Committee (ACC), Board of Directors and senior management by evaluating adequacy and and a network of 540 business locations in Asia and 20 business locations in Europe and theeffectiveness of the group’s governance mechanisms, risk management processes and internal Americas. DKSH enables and supports companies in expanding their businesses in existingcontrol systems. The region under his internal audit responsibility turns over more than more than markets and launching into new ones. DKSH combines sourcing, marketing, sales, distributionUSD 6 bio per year and encompasses 19,000+ FTEs across 60 legal entities, 19 manufacturing and after-sales services and provide its partners with expertise and on-the-ground logistics.sites and 2 Research Centers. Business activities are organised into the four Business Units Consumer Goods, Healthcare,Tony obtained a Management degree and Master in Business Administration (MBA) from ESADE Performance Materials and Technology.University in Barcelona, Spain. He also holds a Master in International Management awarded by From 1993 to 2007, Daniel was with PricewaterhouseCoopers and worked on assignments forthe Community of European Management Schools (CEMS). PwC offices in Switzerland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Malaysia, India, Germany, and Russia. He consulted companies in Internal Control, Process Improvement,Ashley Koh Corporate Audit Supervisor – ANZ & Taiwan Corporate Governance and Risk Management, and provided technical accounting advice under3M, Singapore IFRS and US GAAP. He also supported companies in initial public offerings and merger & acquisition services, and was an instructor on PwC methodology and initiatives on InternalAshley Koh has been in audit since 2000. She began in the external audit department of Control, COSO, Sarbanes-Oxley and Corporate Governance.PricewaterhouseCoopers, then moved to its internal audit division where she led and participatedin audits of companies spanning diverse industries such as manufacturing, retail, port operationsand healthcare. She has also participated in the investigation and review of fraud cases relating Esther Yap Chief Internal Auditorto, for instance, Asia Pacific Breweries. Malaysia Airlines, MalaysiaSubsequent to PwC, Ashley joined Agilent Technologies, where her responsibilities included Esther Yap joined Malaysia Airlines in 2002 and was appointed as Chief Internal Auditor since Julycoordinating and participating in global audits and continuous monitoring projects. 2009. She reports to Board Audit Committee and administratively reports to the ManagingAshley is currently with 3M, where she is involved in the APAC region’s risk assessment, audit Director of Malaysia Airlines. Esther is also the Chairman of the International Association of Airlineplanning and budgeting activities, planning, leading and participating in audits of business Internal Auditors (IAAIA) and the Chairman of the Whistleblower Independent Committee.processes and developing data analysis procedures to enable more efficient and effective reviews. During her tenure in Malaysia Airlines, Esther was actively involved in internal control processShe holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from Nanyang Technological University and is a Certified mapping and documentation projects named System-wide Station Internal Control Manual andPublic Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner. System-wide Station Approving Authority Manual. She set up the Financial Audit and Commercial Audit Teams in Malaysia Airlines and initiated the Internal Quality Assurance Collaboration Programme with the organization.Crystal Zang Corporate Audit Manager - Asia Pacific Prior to joining Malaysia Airlines, Esther worked in one of the big five accounting firms. EstherInterContinental Hotels Group, China was graduated from University Malaya with an Honour Class II (Upper Division) Degree inCrystal has over 9 years of risk management and internal audit experience, having spent 3 years Accountancy. She is also a Chartered Accountant (CA) of Malaysian Institute of Accountantsworking in Singapore and 6 years in Shanghai. (MIA) and Malaysian Institute of Chartered Public Accountants (MICPA).In her current role of Audit Manager, Crystal is responsible for scoping and leading strategicglobal corporate audits as well as hotel audits. Prior to that, Crystal worked closely with variousclients in US, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia from consultingperspectives with Deloitte and PwC. Crystal has led numerous risk management, Sarbanes-Oxleycompliance, internal audit projects and investigations, and is highly experienced in complexproject management and solution delivery in a commercial environment.Crystal is both a Certified Internal Auditor and member of ACCA. She received her degree inbusiness administration from Fudan University and was recognized with Harvard Managementand Leadership Certification as sponsored by Deloitte Singapore during her tenure. Crystal wasnominated as 2009 Exemplary Office Lady in China by Vogue magazine.Crystal is a welcomed public speaker at various conferences e.g., Enterprise Risk ManagementAsia, Annual Internal Control and Risk Management Conference China, Fraud Risk ManagementForum, etc, where she successfully elaborated on topics including Changing Roles of the AuditDepartment, Making ERM Effective in Practice, Transparent Procurement and Cost Control.Crystal is fluent in English, Mandarin, and elementary Japanese.
  6. 6. Speakers ProfilesIan Lawrence VP Corporate Audit - Asia, AMET, CEE Thanabalan Ladamuthu Head of Internal AuditUnilever Asia, Singapore Singapore Exchange, SingaporeIan is the VP Corporate Audit for Unilever in its fastest growing Region - Asia, Africa, Middle East, GovernorTurkey and Central and Eastern Europe. He has been in the role since August 2009 and leads a Institute of Internal Auditors, Singaporeteam of 20 cross functional managers. Ian leads the Governance Network for the Global Audit Bala is VP and Head of Internal Audit at SGX. Working closely with the Audit Committee, hefunction. Corporate Audit’s role is to provide independent reassurance to the Unilever Board and assists the Board and executive management to meet the strategic and operational objectives ofthe executive that all major risks affecting the achievement of Unilever’s strategic objectives are SGX, by providing an independent and objective evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness ofunderstood and properly managed. risk management, controls and governance processes.Before joining Audit in Singapore, Ian was the Finance Director of Unilever’s second largest Prior to SGX, Bala headed the Internal Audit and Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) Compliance functionbusiness – the UK and Ireland. In this role, he was involved in the merger of the three stand-alone at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (“Chartered”). He set up the SOX Unit from itsUK subsidiaries to form one UK business and thereafter the integration of the Irish business. In infancy in 2004 and brought Chartered to successful completion and compliance each year. Balaparallel, a whole new SAP system was implemented replacing the legacy systems. He redesigned expanded the role of the SOX Unit to assume the Internal Audit role as well and set up thisthe Finance function, reducing headcount and lowering costs by 40%. The merger laid the function from scratch in for a customer and consumer focused business focused on growing customer Prior to Chartered, Bala was with the Assurance and Business Advisory Services withcategories and winning market share. PricewaterhouseCoopers. His experience in finance and operations is extensive which coversIan’s other Senior roles within Unilever include Head of Finance for Africa, Middle East and Turkey wide-ranging fields and industries including banking, insurance and manufacturing, to name abased out of Durban South Africa; Head of Mergers and Acquisitions during the acquisitions of few.Bestfoods, Ben and Jerry’s and Slimfast and subsequent disposal of €5bn of non core businesses Bala holds an MBA in Banking & Finance from the Nanyang Business School. He is a Certifiedand Finance Director of Unilever in Australia and New Zealand. Internal Auditor and a Governor in the Board of the Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore. He is also a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore.Jerome Hon Chief Audit ExecutiveMaybank, Malaysia Tiang Kwong Leong Audit, Risk & Compliance Senior AuditorJerome Hon is the Chief Audit Executive of Maybank, the largest banking group in Malaysia. He Bridgestone Finance Europe, Singaporeis a member of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) and Malaysia Leon Tiang has been involved in the Manufacturing industry since the early 2007. He joined theInstitute of Accountants (MIA). Prior to joining Maybank, he was articled with an accounting firm Ernst & Young in 2004. In 2007, Leon was appointed Audit senior of the mainly manufacturingwhere he pursued his qualification as a Chartered Accountant and served the firm for 8 years. sector portfolio, reporting to the partners. During the period of tenure as an audit senior, he hasDuring the period, he was involved in various types of audit. been heavily involved in fraud investigation and data analytics for the value adding services suchHe joined Maybank in 1994 and has since served in various positions within the Maybank Group. as Internal Audit to the client portfolio for Ernst & Young. Realising the potential for auditJerome assumed the present position in 2006 and has also been a guest speaker at Bank Negara automation, he specialises his knowledge into ACL data analytics and audit softwares.Malaysia’s Banking Supervision Foundation Course in 2008 and 2009 on topics on relating to In 2010, Leon joined Bridgestone Group as a Risk & Compliance, JSOX senior auditor. In 2008Internal Audit. Leon was poached by Flextronics International and moved on his career as an internal auditor providing, as a trainer for ACL data analytics and supporting role for the internal audit functionNeil Webster Head of Audit Wholesale Bank – Group Internal Audit for fraud allegations using data analytics and training the team function to be well equipped forStandard Chartered Bank, Singapore audit automation using ACL. Leon’s role leads the audit team and his core areas of responsibility include:Neil joined Standard Chartered in February 2006 to take up the position of the Global Head ofWholesale Bank audit based in Singapore. Prior to joining SCB, he worked within the financial • Spearheading audit analytics, developing and maintaining ACL data scripting library, in chargeservices division of PwC London for several years and subsequently moved to Swiss Re. He spent for scripting for new codes for audit execution, and enhancing the team sourcing strategy forseven years at Swiss Re where he held the position of Deputy Head of Group Internal Audit. special audit investigation;Neil is a Chartered Accountant. • Developing and maintaining the Group’s whistleblower hotline, governance and policy frameworks;Having three kids doesn’t provide much opportunity for too many interests. However he is a keensports fan which includes tennis and running. He is also one of the few people in Singapore who • Assisting the audit function by training and educating for the purpose to understand andsupports the infamous English Football Club, Coventry City. manage their objective to leverage on ACL services and solutions in a manner that leverages capabilities across the function and providing value adding services. • Perform fraud investigation with IT general controls, together with US SOX 404 and SAS 66Siew Kwan Ng Senior Manager - Corporate Auditing Fraud Investigative Services, Asia Pacific requirements.Dow Chemical, Singapore Leon holds a Bachelor of Commerce: Double majors in Accounting and Finance with distinctionsSiew Kwan has more than six years of experience with Corporate Auditing and Fraud Investigative from the Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia and is a full member of CPA Australia,Services at Dow Chemical. Responsibilities include: Certified Fraud Examiner (US), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), Certified Sarbanes• Identifying, investigating, and promoting safeguards to deter incidents of financial fraud and Oxley Professional (US), Certified Internal Auditor (US) and an ACL Certified Data Analyst. abuse within the organisation that negatively impact the companys profitability, reputation, or business operations. Uantchern Loh President• Taking a primary role in conducting supplier and manufacturer investigations related to The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore allegations of inappropriate conduct, confidentiality breaches, theft, fraud, misuse and abuse of company assets. Uantchern is the President of the Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore. He has been serving the IIA in various capacities since 1995. Uantchern is also on the International Relations• Corporate auditing responsibilities include planning, developing, and promoting an effective Committee of the Institute of Internal Auditors (International). control environment through audit reviews, consulting, and education. Uantchern is currently a senior partner with Deloitte and has 23 years of consulting experience,• Audit reviews are focused in Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance in areas such as treasury, which include helping clients build enterprise resilience, improve business processes & corporate purchasing, accounts payable, commercial, and manufacturing. governance, and use technology to manage risk. He is particularly focused in the area of businessSiew Kwan performed internal audit assignments for more than 20 countries in Asia Pacific, continuity management in the tourism, hospitality & leisure industry. In addition, Uantchern hasEurope, and North America. a keen interest in helping organisations in the use social networking and Web 2.0 technologies.He has also more than three years of experience with Corporate Treasury, he was responsible for He is:credit, funding and cash management. • Fellow of the Institute of Internal Auditors, SingaporePrior to Dow Chemical, he was working at Mizuho Corporate Bank where he performed credit • Certified Internal Auditor, Institute of Internal Auditorsmanagement of existing projects (i.e. debt restructuring negotiation, execution and completionof documentation, implementation of internal controls and ensuring adherence to headquarters • Certification in Control Self-Assessment, Institute of Internal Auditorsand local policies). • Certified Financial Services Auditor, Institute of Internal AuditorsHe holds a Master in Business Administration from Boston University and is Certified Internal • Masters in Hospitality Administration, University of Nevada Las Vegas (Dean’s List, Summa CumAuditor (The Institute of Internal Auditors) and Certified Fraud Examiner (Association of Certified Laude)Fraud Examiners). • Bachelor of Accountancy, National University of Singapore • Certified Public Accountant, Singapore • Chartered Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia • Certified Information Systems Auditor, Information Systems Audit & Control Association • Certified Information Security Manager, Information Systems Audit & Control Association • Certified Fraud Examiner, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners