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Hire the right employees


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Hire the right employees

Published in: Career
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Hire the right employees

  1. 1. Hire the Right Employees
  2. 2. For a technical company to grow…… It is essential that the entrepreneurs hire Right Employees.
  3. 3. Nowadays, many technical companies have theirown department to manage and handle human resources
  4. 4. Managing human resource department is difficult, especially for small and medium companies. Putting up own human resource team is expensive as it involvesmany employee related functions along with recruitment processes.
  5. 5. Outsourcing is the keyDealing with technical recruitment is far difficult than dealing with administration related jobs. Outsourcing the recruitment process to a specialist technical recruiting agency is the solution
  6. 6. Technical Recruitment Agency FocusA technical recruitment agency offers Permanent, Interim andContract jobs in• Software engineering• Hardware engineering• Wireless Communications• Multimedia• IP• Semi conductors• Hi-tech• Telecoms• Automotive• IT
  7. 7. How a specialist agency can help?Specialist recruitment agency can function as internal HR who canefficiently fulfil your hiring requirements.The process involves:• Finding both active and passive candidates• Managing applicants• Advertising roles• Selecting CVs• Interviewing candidates
  8. 8. To Achieve Effective Result……… • Explain to the recruitment agency kind of people you want to hire • Speak about the details of your company • Provide job specifications • Ask agency staff to guide you through recruitment process
  9. 9. Technical recruitment agency offers….• Tailored processes attracting highest standard personnel• Understand client specific requirements• Reduces chances of bad hire• Saves time spent on recruitment• Expertise and knowledge
  10. 10. Therefore, retain Technical Recruitment Specialist to manage the process…..
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