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Effective ideas for candidate sourcing


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Effective ideas for candidate sourcing

Published in: Business, Technology
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Effective ideas for candidate sourcing

  1. 1. Effective Ideas For Candidate Sourcing As an employer, you will definitely want to recruit the best candidates for increased productivity. Professionals have high skills and years of experience. You need to reach out to them, not wait for their approach.
  2. 2. Highly qualified professionals seek for new career opportunities. Since they are professionals, they will at first, use their people skills to build strong networks with peers and previous associates. Then, they will check out specialty job boards and reputed career websites. If nothing works out here, they will refer to the major job portals. In this presentation, we will acquaint you with some useful candidate sourcing ideas.
  3. 3. Say goodbye to traditional job descriptions as ads. Attract attention by telling success stories, describing big projects and highlighting the importance of the job in the ads.
  4. 4. Make sure that your ads are visible to those you wish to appeal to. Your goal is to get your ad to the top of the listings. You can use the following to fulfill your goal:  Pay-per-click  Aggregators  Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  5. 5. Look into the recruiter networks to come across qualified and competent candidates who have just started their career.
  6. 6. Join social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and use these tools to connect with strong candidates.
  7. 7. Make use of CRM software and a proprietary resume database. Send compelling emails on a regular basis.
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