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2017 Email stats, trends and best practices


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Email trends from 2016, Email expectations for 2017 and email best practices. Includes best-in-class examples to drive acquisition, conversion, retention and winback from some of our favorite direct to the customer companies including MeUndies, Rent the Runway, Thrive, Yummly, Birchbox, Blue Apron, Evernote, and more.

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2017 Email stats, trends and best practices

  3. 3. EMAIL TRENDS Changes in how people used email between 2015 and 2016
  4. 4. grey area = image area Place Client’s logo next to the Lift logo in Masater Type blue title in ALL CAPS EMAIL PREFERRED BRAND CHANNEL 4 How consumers prefer to receive updates and promotions from brands, Marketing Sherpa. Feb, 2016 60% of consumers prefer to receive brand’s updates and promotions via email
  5. 5. 5 2017 State of email marketing, Litmus. Jan, 2017 APPLE CONTINUES TO GROW EMAIL CLIENT MARKET SHARE 1ST PLACE Apple iPhone (33%), iPad (13%) and Apple Mail (7%) leading the market with 51%emails opened remained the top three email clients in 2016 Gmail (20%), and Google Android (9%) 29% Outlook and 11% Yahoo! Mail 2% Windows Mail 1% Windows Mail Live 1%
  6. 6. 77% In B2C sector optimizing for mobile had a positive impact on the results of email campaigns for 38.5% of marketers 6 2017 State of email marketing, Litmus. Jan, 2017 FROM “YEAR OF MOBILE” TO A MOBILE ERA all websites are mobile friendly, June 2016 93% percentage of B2C brands using mobile friendly email designs (growing 88% since 2014). 43% 51% Mobile Unfriendliness is a major cause of both spam complaints (43%) and opt-outs (51%). spam complaints opt-outs 38.5%
  7. 7. 2015 7 CUSTOMERS’ OFFER PREFERENCES HAVE SHIFTED free shipping was preferred offer 2016 consumers voted with clicks for Dollars/Percentage off offers would choose one online store over another for a free shipping offer 63% 34% FREE SHIPPING - #1 BUYING INCENTIVE will only purchase online with free shipping 18 TO 24 YEARS OLD 25 TO 34 YEARS OLD 35 TO 44 YEARS OLD 45 TO 54 YEARS OLD 55 TO 64 YEARS OLD DOLLARS OFF 20.1% 23.2% 25.8% 26.9% 21.1% FREE SHIPPING 18.1% 18.6% 24.9% 26.5% 32.5% PERCENTAGE OFF 33.7% 24.6% 20.1% 17.2% 15.4% BUY ONE GET ONE FREE 15.1% 13.5% 12.8% 14.0% 17.9% 2016 Consumer Views of Email Marketing, MAPP. Nov, 2016. eCommerce State of Shipping, GoShippo. Dec, 2016.
  8. 8. grey area = image area Place Client’s logo next to the Lift logo in Masater Type blue title in ALL CAPS GREAT EMAIL CONTENT WILL BE SHARED Consumers became more open to sharing messages from marketing/advertising email on their social networks 8 44% in 2016 19% in 2015 vs. 2016 Consumer Views of Email Marketing, MAPP. Nov, 2016. 2015 Consumer Views of Email Marketing, BlueHornet. Nov, 2015.
  9. 9. Email automations as a highest revenue generating segment within email marketing Even though triggered email volume typically comprises about 5% of overall email volume, they generate the majority of email marketing revenue for some brands. 9 MORE AUTOMATED COMMUNICATION AND BEHAVIOUR BASED TRIGGERED EMAILS Triggered Email: The Killer Conversion App, KissMetrics.Nov, 2015. 2016 year in Review, Campaign Monitor. Jan, 2017. 8 Science-Backed Email Marketing Techniques to Increase Conversions,BrainSINS. Jan, 2017. The Biggest Email Marketing Trends in 2017 Will Be…, Litmus. Jan, 2017. higher CTR (2016) 141.6% higher open rate than generic emails (2016) 61.7% In 2016 automated emails generated 320% more revenue than non-automated 320%
  10. 10. 10 ADVANTAGES OF TRIGGERED EMAILS VS. SCHEDULED EMAILS TRIGGERED EMAILS SCHEDULED EMAILS Are subscriber-centric in terms of timing and messaging Are company-centric in terms of timing and messaging Serve long terms strategy Serve short-term tactic Have capabilities to add dynamic offers and customized content Can not be customized Rarely generate unsubscribes Generate most of a brand’s unsubscribes Rarely generate spam complaints Generate most of a brand’s spam complaints Typically the most engaging emails a brand will send Responsible for most of a brand’s email fatigue and disengagement Very high ROI Modest ROI
  11. 11. 11 EXAMPLE BEHAVIOUR TRIGGERS AND THE TYPES OF TRIGGERED EMAILS Cart abandon app notification (after 1 hour) Email (after 12 hours) Discount code to be used before birthday email Immediate Onboarding/Welcome email focused on CTA for the next step Immediate Thank You email with additional details/ products offerings/ review request etc Inactivity app notification Win-Back Email offering help to get started (after a set amount of time) BROWS/CART ABANDONMENT SIGNUPBIRTHDAY EMAIL PURCHASE INACTIVITY
  12. 12. 12 EMOJIS INCREASE OPEN RATES 45% Add Emojis To Your Email Messages, ReachMail. Sep, 2016. Brands beware: Don't overdo it with the emojis, YouGov. Nov, 2016. 53% 59% Emojis in subject lines increase open rates up to of young people (ages 18-34) think mixing emojis with text helps people better understand each other of Millennials aged 18-34 say brands are trying too hard when using emojis in their ad campaigns.
  13. 13. EMAIL REMAINS THE MOST EFFECTIVE CHANNEL FOR MARKETERS Email marketing influences purchase for 60% of customers 13 2016 Consumer Views of Email Marketing, MAPP. Nov, 2016. 2016 year in Review, Campaign Monitor. Jan, 2017. Email Marketing Benchmarks: 4Q16 Average Open, Click, and Bounce Rates, MarketingProfs. Mar, 2017. Cost effectiveness for marketers Email continue delivering the highest ROI for marketers: 20% spend more as a result About 1/2 are reminded to shop and purchase more often $44 ROI for every $1 spent vs. $38 ROI in 2015 more conversions generated by email marketing than social media. 174%
  14. 14. EMAIL, SMS AND APP NOTIFICATIONS DRIVE MORE CONVERSION The traditional push marketing channels are the highest performing channels in shortening the purchase process. 14 PUSH NOTIFICATIONS SMS EMAIL “Get your…” offerings have the highest open rate (11%+) Silent notifications are opened X2 often than notifications with sound. texted coupons redeemed 10 times more often than traditional coupons. “Add to Cart” emails are next-level stuff - adding the products from email directly to cart with a single click. 54 % of consumers receive at least 1 SMS daily, and 50 % of US consumers receiving branded SMS go on to make direct purchases. 7 surprising facts about open rates for push notifications, Venturebeat. Sep, 2016. Marketing With 98 Percent Read-Rate and 10 More Compelling Stats, Adobe. Jul, 2015.
  15. 15. USERS DO NOT TOLERATE CONTENT THAT DOESN’T LOOK GOOD ON MOBILE 15 of consumers have unsubscribed from promotional emails because the emails or website didn’t work well on their smartphone of consumers will delete emails if they don’t look good on mobile of consumers have marked promotional emails as spam because they didn’t work well on their smartphone 71.6% 45% 34% Mobile Email Usage Statistics, Email Monday. Mar, 2017.
  16. 16. 16 THE IMPACT OF RESPONSIVE EMAIL DESIGN responsive email design on mobile Optimizing for mobile had a positive impact on the results of email campaigns for 50% B2B marketers B2C 40.74% 38.46% 40% higher brands that only send non-responsive emails brands that send exclusively responsive emails non-responsive email design on mobile 30% higher CLICK-TO-OPEN RATES FIRST LINK CLICK RATE RESPONSIVE EMAIL DESIGN USAGE Mobile Email Usage Statistics, Email Monday. Mar, 2017.
  17. 17. ACQUISITION EMAIL GUIDELINES IN THE ERA OF “COMMUNICATION ON CUSTOMER TERMS” 17 Thank you for visiting website/subscribing to newsletter etc (based on the source of an e-mail address when it’s available) Offer something ‘extra’ with your promotional emails Rather than inundating your contacts with a slew of emails about each individual product update, consider sending a sort of Make the first e-mail - triggered email. roundup of new updates or products periodically. Customers saying what aided them in making shopping decisions. 37%.62% Free shippingcoupon promotions 41 % “buy one, get one free” 12 Different Types of Marketing Email You Could Be Sending, HubSpot. May 2016.
  18. 18. 18 EMAILS PERSONALIZATION AND CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION Six Email Worst-Practices: How to Send Your Emails to Your Customer's Trash, MarketingProfs. Feb, 2016. Email Marketing Best Practices, Oberlo. Nov, 2016. SEGMENTED CAMPAIGNS EMAIL PERSONALIZATION COMES ALONG WITH CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION higher open rate than for non-segmented lists 14% Lower abuse reports rate than for non-segmented lists 63.03% higher clicks rate than for non-segmented lists 6.36% Geography Browsing history Purchase history Language Buyer personas Buying Frequency and more Content topic
  20. 20. 20 OUR VIEW OF THE MARKETING FUNNEL TARGETED PROSPECTING LEAD ACQUISITION CART ABANDON ONBOARDING USAGE UP/CROSS SELL ADVOCACY WINBACK CONVERSION Leverage segmentation, smart targeting and top performing creative ACQUISITION Ensure we are driving potential customers to relevant experiences and capturing their information CONVERSION Continuously engage with current customers to keep them coming back for more content and new products RETENTION Interpret “no’ as “not now”. Continue reaching out to turn “not now” into “yes” WINBACK
  21. 21. Client logo ACQUISITION
  22. 22. 22 FREE TRIAL IS WIDELY USED TO ACQUIRE CUSTOMERS ACQUISITION Subscription based services LeTote, Dollar Shave Club and Blue Apron offer new clients an opportunity to trial the service completely for free. Le Tote Dollar Shave Club Blue Apron
  23. 23. 23 ILLUSTRATIONS PROVIDE INTERESTING PRODUCT STORY AND DETAIL Goorin Bros demonstrates one of its products features using illustration style that matches the brand and product language. Blue Apron uses illustration techniques to make food a center of cartoon story and emphasise its outstanding features, like freshness, organic origin and sustainability. ACQUISITION
  24. 24. 24 ACQUISITION EMAILS SHOW MONETARY SAVINGS La Mer acquisition emails offer $75 of each $350 purchase (more than 20%). Bonobos put the emphasis on savings amount and free shipping/return by placing it at the very top of the email. Blue Apron A/B test the best way to present discount offerings by alternating $ amount savings and % off within the same campaign. ACQUISITION La Mer: “Hurry—Redeem $75 Off Your Purchase of $350 or More” Bonobos: “Last day: Get 4 Solid Yarn Spun Tees for $98” Blue Apron: “Here's $35 off! Eat your way around the world with mozzarella pizza, Korean rice cakes and more.”
  25. 25. 25 REFERRAL EMAILS USING $$$ MESSAGING MeUndies gives $20 for each referred friend together with 20% discount on their first order, cool seasonal creative makes users want to share. Munchery leverage the placing of its referral program CTA right under the main product offer, giving users an idea of how to both enjoy the meal and pay it by just sharing a good product with friends. Postmates boost its referral program by increasing “shared credits” x10 - to $100 available to use on multiple orders, who can say no? ACQUISITION Me Undies Munchery Postmates
  26. 26. Client logo CONVERSION
  27. 27. 27 FRESHBOOKS ONBOARDING EMAIL SEQUENCE CONVERSION Freshbooks uses illustrations and animated doodles in their email onboarding flow to activate new customers.
  28. 28. 28 LONG EMAIL EXPLAIN BRAND’S VALUE PROPOSITION CONVERSION Birchbox, Brit & Co and Thrive Market leverage new user's scrolling habits to explain their products benefits for users in the most detailed way.
  29. 29. 29 ANIMATED EMAILS COMMUNICATE MESSAGES AND FEATURES TEXT CAN NOT DESCRIBE CONVERSION Bonobos example uses animation in email to state they have pant suit whole work week clothing cycle and demonstrate the tactile features of the product the way text can not do it.
  30. 30. 30 ANIMATED EMAIL COMMUNICATE MORE WITH LESS CONVERSION RTR uses to demonstrate multiple products for multiple occasions in one email.
  31. 31. 31 ANIMATED EMAILS ENHANCE IMAGES AND VISUALIZE THE PRODUCT OFFERING CONVERSION MeUndies use animation to show what is inside of its 3, 6 and 10 pieces saving packs. Polyvore The Dresses of Your Dreams animated email enhance the power of vignette product display making it live and interactive Me Undies Polyvore
  32. 32. Client logo RETENTION
  33. 33. 33 USER BEHAVIOUR BASED/TRIGGERED EMAILS Grammarly triggered welcome email present 3 free and 2 premium features. Grammarly saw users that install the app had longer retention and triggered an email to install if they haven't yet. If service is disabled/not used for few days, another email is sent to remind about service benefits, win user back and try to convert to Premium. RETENTION “You + Grammarly = The Dynamic Duo” “Welcome! Get the Most out of Grammarly's Native App” “Writer’s Block? We’ve Got an App for That”
  34. 34. 34 GRAMMARLY WEEKLY UPDATES AND CUSTOMER SURVEY EMAILS Grammarly sends beautiful periodical updates based on service usage. In these emails user is offered to review his/her achievements in better writing and most common mistakes as well as to upgrade to Premium. Service also actively asks its users to participate in surveys coming to improve the whole customer experience. RETENTION “Highlights of Your Year + $100 Off for 2017” “Your Weekly Progress Report + More” “Help Us, Grammarly Superheroes!”
  35. 35. 35 EMPHASIZE THE MONETARY BENEFITS WITH $$$ VALUES SPECIFIC TO THE CUSTOMER RETENTION Thrive Market retention emails utilize "what's in it for me" strategy of showing how much customer have saved and will save in future on purchasing “living well” products - an attractive benefit for continuing membership.
  36. 36. 36 DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB AND ITS ONE-CLICK “ADD TO CART” FUNCTIONALITY EMAILS RETENTION The brand combines its Purchase triggered sends with additional marketing allowing subscribers to add more products to their previously scheduled shipment with a single click. Clicking ADD button takes customer directly to the product page where he/she asked to only choose the amount of product items and can proceed to checkout right away.
  37. 37. 37 SPOTIFY UPSELLS/CROSS SELLS WITH PERSONALIZED OFFERS RETENTION As a part of retention email campaign Spotify is directly targeting artists’ top fans with customized and limited offers, i.e tickets limited presale and merchandise.
  38. 38. 38 YUMMLY SEND “MOBILE ONLY” CENTERED EMAILS RETENTION Yummly is a mobile-centered business, same is for its email campaigns. When opened on the desktop, Yummly emails look like simple image gallery with no clear functionality. Same email open on mobile device become a clickable collection of recipes, users can scroll through it naturally and get to the full recipe by tapping on the image of a favored dish. Desktop version Mobile version Full recipe by tapping on the image
  39. 39. 39 UNIQLO LEVERAGES EMOJIS TO INCREASE CHAT AS CHANNEL RETENTION UNIQLO is an example of a brand massively experimenting to be more conversational with customers using emojis, despite the fact more than half people surveyed that brands are trying to hard by doing that. The company went far beyond using emojis in its email campaigns and created a chatbot that help customers find the right clothing item using emoji based query.
  40. 40. 40 GLANCEABLE NEWSLETTER FORMATS MEDIUM leverages the Gmail newsletter functionality to preview links in a newsletter, as well as links to previous newsletters, without subscribers having to open the email. However, it’s a limited subject line—it only displays the name of the newsletter. If any part of the email is clicked on—from name or image, subject line, or any of the articles—the email will expand to include a visual representation of the three articles from the inbox view, plus an additional article.
  41. 41. Client logo WINBACK
  42. 42. 42 BLUE APRON INTERACTIVE “LOTTERY” DISCOUNT Blue Apron demonstrates well designed implementation of the rising email interactivity trend. User should click to reveal the size of discount he/she gets. WINBACK Email Landing page
  43. 43. 43 UBER OFFERS BULK RIDE DISCOUNT TO WIN USERS BACK Uber considers their clients consumer behavior patterns and sends winback emails with a discount on any next 10 commuting or nights out rides. WINBACK
  44. 44. 44 ALLBIRDS CART ABANDON EMAIL Allbirds sends cart abandon emails with simple and clean design and 1-click path back to 1-step checkout. WINBACK Email Checkout
  45. 45. 45 CART ABANDON EMAILS TO EXPRESS BRAND IMAGE MCM mastered making cart abandon email design feel like 100% brand connected and takes an advantage of site-looking style to feature cross-promotion offers. Between “evoke or provoke” MeUndies chooses… both. Creative product related cart abandon email is sent 2 days after user abandon the purchase process. WINBACK
  46. 46. 46 CLEAR UNCONVENTIONAL DATE/TIME USAGE AS A WINBACK EMAIL TOUCHPOINT CLEAR uses daylight savings as a time to market to customers through its winback email campaign. WINBACK SL: Here's your lost hour PH: Daylight saving just cost you an hour. So don't lose any more time waiting in airport security...
  47. 47. 47 EMOJIS TO EVOKE EMOTIONS WHERE WORDS NOT ALWAYS CAN WINBACK Polyvore winback email is a great example of the method and marketing strategy suitability match. Addressing to its young and connected audience brand use emojis to make an emotional connection with their customers and bring them back into sales funnel.
  48. 48. THANK YOU