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Strategic service design


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Strategic service design

  1. 1. Do you offer a service just like everyone else? There is a better way to do business. We call it humanising services Turns out it is more profitable too!
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Do you assume what your customers want? We get up close and personal They will show you
  4. 4. We close the gap between what your customer dreams will be their experience, and what you deliver.
  5. 5. We call this approach Strategic Service Design We humanise services By defining the experience you want customers to have you can Create great points of difference • Save time • Effort • Make things a little easier • Don’t frustrate and alienate them • Anticipate and delight them • Surprise them, Amaze them
  6. 6. We use strategy insight, empathy, and action We work with service based companies who wish to create a purposeful delightful customer journey as their point of difference
  7. 7. Can you tell a story from your customers point of view? Speak to your customers in a way they understand
  8. 8. You can change how customers feel about you It does require a customer mindset, we call this customer centricity
  9. 9. Could be implemented on a tiny scale or across an entire corporation We believe the little things can make a big difference
  10. 10. Marketing has changed. Customers are in the driver seat. We need to give your customers and employees a reason to talk about you!
  11. 11. Your customers and employees are part of the process We can feel if we are all on the same team only 40% of employees are fully committed to helping their companies succeed, 54% will do something good for the company even if it’s not expected, and 26% are likely to look for a new job within six months Jan 2012 Employee Benchmark Study.
  12. 12. How will you know it is working? You can either exceed customer expectations or fall short. Meeting them is means you are invisible. 89% if customers are lost after a negative customer experience 86% said they would pay more for a better customer experience 58% said they would recommend companies that delivery customer experiences that are superior to others Gartner • Happy customers are loyal customers • Earn the right to upsell and cross sell • Word of mouth marketing • Increase marketing effectiveness • Lead the market • High value customers (CLV) • Increase the value you create • Nurturing campaigns cost less and generate 50% more leads (Forrester) • Less staff churn • More productivity
  13. 13. Our Process We follow a service design approach to creating a remarkable customer experience. This starts with understanding your current strategy and moves into understanding your customers. We move from insight to empathy as we step into your customer and employee shoes to design pragmatic steps in the customer journey • Brand Strategy – delivering on what you stand for • Customer Experience strategy – your plan based on clear values • Digital Strategy – touch points to deliver Understand • Audit of current journey • Research customer journey and feedback Mechanisms • Staff Customer centricity and insight – connectedness and insight shared across the whole team Insight/ Empathy • Clear Mission • Design the experience in pragmatic steps – best practices • Focus on target segments and these buyer personas • Start with low hanging fruit • Priorities ambitious initiatives • Tools and training for staff alignment Action Strategic Design Process
  14. 14. What will happen if you don’t do it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is not all about you. It is all about them More than 60% who had a bad experience with a fast food chain, credit card issuer, rental car agency, or hotel cut back on their spending, and many stopped completely. But service recovery helps. For every level of improvement in how they responded to a bad experience, companies were rewarded with more sales. Unfortunately, firms aren’t very good at service recovery. Temkingroup Research Dec 2012
  15. 15. About Dan MacInnis I am a customer centric marketer and assist organisations improve their marketing by creating a purposeful customer journey that delights customers and employees. Strategic Service Design involves strategy, insight, empathy and action. My goal is to help service organisations become more customer centric and humanise services. I have worked for large corporates for over 10 years and in marketing for over 20. I have always had a passion for the “why” of marketing and being customer centric now matters more than ever.