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Digital Marketing Services

  1. 1. DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES At MacInnis Marketing we have become digital marketing gurus. We didn't start that way, but over the past 5 years we have honed our skills because of the dramatic change in the customer interactions online. With this revolution, has come a whole new way to market and thus digital marketing services are now a big part of a small businesses marketing kit-bag. We work with you to ensure that your online marketing strategy works and more importantly you understand what your budget is buying you. The terminology let alone the technology is confusing. We help educate you to be able to make informed decisions and ensure that you receive a report and measurement of everything we do online. We match your marketing goals with the technology and ensure your budget serves you best. DIGITAL MARKETING AUDIT WEBSITE AND CONTENT MANAGEMENT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS SEO - WEB AUDIT AND OPTIMISATION - HELPING YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMERS FIND YOU! ARTICLE MARKETING FORMS, ASSET LIBRARY AND LEAD GENERATION LOCAL BUSINESS LISTINGS EMAIL MARKETING AND DATABASE MANAGEMENT PAY PER CLICK AND BANNER ADVERTISING - PAID SEARCH MARKETING TARGETED KEYWORDS AND ANALYTICS TAKE OUR HOW EFFECTIVE IS YOUR WEBSITE AS A MARKETING TOOL SURVEY NOW. READY TO GET STARTED? WHY NOT CHAT TO US TODAY ABOUT YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING NEEDS. MACINNISMARKETING.COM.AU PHONE 0400507037 or EMAIL w w w. m a c i n n i s m a r k e ti n g . c o m . a u + =
  2. 2. THE SIMPLE MARKETING SYSTEM - Process to attract ideal customers Customer Relationship Pipeline & Buying Path UNAWARE Don’t know anything about you or your company Ideal Target Market AWARE Become familiar with you. Association referal, meet you Build a Connection ATTENTION They are in the market for what you offer Prospect INFORMATION GATHERING They want more information and are ready to explore working with you Lead EXPERIENCE At this stage, they may be ready for a “taste” or an “EXPERIENCE” prior to purchase Qualified Lead MARKETING, attract, educate, interact, SIGN UP/ SALE The lead becomes a customer when they sign the agreement and pay. Service is provided. A customer becomes a client after using on a long term basis Customer then Client SALES, qualify, present proposals, nurture, manage, track answer objections, close, manage MacInnis Marketing Small Business Marketing Better Business Decisions REFERRAL The customer is happy to refer you after experiencing great service and wants to tell your story and REFER you to their network Advocate