Android and android phone


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Android and android phone

  1. 1. Android and Android Phones
  2. 2. is in this presentation?• Why android?• How to get started?• “Deep” Dive• How to Publish?• Resources Available
  3. 3. Android? hy Open Market Place• Instant publishing and feedback!• You can create “ANYTHING”
  4. 4. Android? hy Background Applications Finally useful apps• fBook notification• Contextual based applications• …yourapp.apk
  5. 5. Android? Develop on ANY platform• Windows• Linux• Mac
  6. 6. Android? Not just on mobile!• Netbooks• MIDs• Desktop Phone?
  7. 7. to get started? Things to install• Java Developers Kit(JDK)• Eclipse or any other IDE• Android SDK• Android Developers Tool(ADT)
  8. 8.“Deep” Dive Applications in Java Import Java libraries Import Android libraries• GUI• Widgets• Animation
  9. 9.“DEEP” Dive Activity Lifecycle• Void onCREATE• Void onStart()• Void onRestart()• Void onResume()
  10. 10.• Void onPause()• Void onStop()• Void onDestroy()
  11. 11. Application Fundamentals Activities (Application!= Activity)• What the user see on the screen• 1 app can have multiple activities• Draw using xml and call by Activity.setContentView() Services• Runs in background indefinitely• E.g. music playback even when activity is stopped
  12. 12. Broadcast receivers• Does nothing but receive and react to broadcast announcements• E.g. SMS receiver Content providers• Data that can be accessed ny the application• SQlite or any file system
  13. 13. Intent• Intent object holds the content of the message• E.g. intent is used when you want to start a new activity and intent will carry the name of the activity and content needed to be pass through Android Manifest• Declaring the application’s components e.g. libraries• Identifying any permissions the application expects to be granted• Mostly auto generated by ADT in Eclipse
  14. 14. to Publish? Export and signing your app• Export your app from Eclipse project• Application will be exported as .apk• Sign myapp.apk with Keytool and Jarsigner (within JDK)
  15. 15. on Android Market• Sign up as an Android Developer at• USD$25 sign up fee• Upload and monitor
  16. 16. Business Policies• Payment -70% developer- 30% telco• Currently paid apps in UK and US• No obscene materials (porn etc)• 24 hour return policy• Dispute resolution handled by developer and user directly• Google has the right to remove application if found of violation
  17. 17.• Android Resources • Open Source Codes for Android Application 
  18. 18.• Online tutorials• Developers Group  Google Group(Android Beginner, Developer, Discuss)  Android Group)
  19. 19. XML Tool for Android• DroidDrawHacking/Flashing Android ROMs• XDA DevelopersList of all application on Android Market•
  20. 20. Respectfully submitted to:Prof. Erwin M. Globio, MSIT