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Media question 1 evaluation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Media question 1 evaluation

  1. 1. My magazine was targeted towards a an individual and unique target audience.There are not many magazine out on the market currently that target this kindof audience, they tend to go for a more mainstream way of thinking so theycan attract the mass market. So when looking for things to base my magazineon it was a little difficult.There is a basic structure that most magazines are laid out by. This is a 3column page, a front cover or normally a close up of some one face and onlynormally one picture. The Front cover is normally covered in cover lines, pullquotes and call outs. But to attract the audience I was going for I wanted to dosomething different from what is mainstream because the target audience I amtargeting class themselves as individuals and not mainstream, so in order toappeal to this market I must do some thing that goes away from the norm.I found one magazine that was target toward my target audience and this iswhat i have based most my research on the magazine is called Clash.
  2. 2. Short intro Big colourful image3 columns
  3. 3. Bordered imagesBorder Pull quotearoundarticle Pictures bleeding of the page Reversed out text Big titleSmall, 2column text
  4. 4. Normally magazines follow conventions, its likeunwritten rules. These are to do with coloursthat go together, the layout of the pages and theimages used. Clash magazine goes away fromthe conventions and does different things thatare not usually seen in the normal magazines.This includes things like putting a borderaround articles, cutting up and borderingpictures. One of the main conventions theybreak is the fact that they use only 2columns, this is not usually seen and mostarticles are use either 3 or 4 columns. Anothermain unwritten rule they break is the fact thatthey dont cover the front page in cover linesetc. They keep it with one or two simple wrotesentences. This makes the magazine much moreprofessional looking and appeals to thisparticular market.
  5. 5. This is my front cover, in this I have challenged a lot ofconventions. The main one I have challenged is that fact Ihave used more than one image. This is unusual to see on afront cover because it is said that you have to one centre ofvisual interest but I wanted to challenge this and use morethat one image because the fact that it is film strips appealwith my target audience and what they like to do. Also Ihavent covered it in cover lines either. I have mentioned a fewstories that would be inside, I have got this from clash. Theyusually only use a few words and this works for the audiencewe are targeting. This magazine covered designed by Clashwas my main influence and I think more than one image canwork on a front cover and also limiting cover lines makes themagazine look more minimalistic andleaves the audience inclined to find outmore. Also another rule I broke is the factI used black and white images, thisconnotes old fashioned and simplisticwhich I think really works with what Iam trying to do with my magazine. Thetheme Im trying to go for is goingagainst the rules so by breaking all theseconventions it appeals to my targetaudience.
  6. 6. My contents also breaks some conventions set by other mediaproducts. Normally a contents page would have one bigimage, it is normally made up of a number of images thatreflect what is later shown in the magazine. Also mine is only2 columns this is also unusual because they normally tend toeither be 3 or 4 columns. Another thing that is unusual aboutthis page is that the word ‘contents’ in on different lines, i gotthis idea from the Vibe magazine, I think it looks different tonormal magazines and by being different it would appeal tomy genre. The main influence for this page was Vibe, becausethey also use one big image as a centre of visual image andalso write contents like I have.
  7. 7. My double page spread was based and influenced by the doublepage spreads I looked at for my research, this was the Clashmagazines. They target the same kind of genre as me and appealto the same audience. The first convention I broke was the factthat like my contents I only used 2 columns, this is unusual to seein articles and also increases the use of white space. White spacemakes the page look simple and clear, its not too busy whichreflects my genre. The second thing i added that isnt normallyfound is the fact I bordered my article, this is not normally usedbecause it can make it look like a word document but because Ibroke the border by bleeding my Polaroid picture of the page itconnoted breaking the rules which reflects my target audience. Ialso de-saturated the photos because it gives it a more vintagelook this is not normally found in magazines because they like thepictures to be bright and colourful but I wanted to go againstmainstream. One think that I did that goes along with theconventions is using plain black text on a white background. Thisis the best way to get your writing across and makes use of whitespace. I also used a pull quote and placed that straight in themiddle influenced by Clash.