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Poster Process


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Powerpoint highlighting the process of creating a movie poster for my A2 grade.

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Poster Process

  1. 1. Danielle McGrath
  2. 2. At first, we had a picture of our protagonist on the posterWe decided to use a black background for our poster as it makes however, we realised it didn’t look menacing or interesting so, wethe picture stand out and engage our audience. cut her face out of the mask using the magnetic lasso tool and placed it on top of the black background. We then changed the settings and colours on the mask it look burnt and sunken in.We then took the title from the trailer and placed it on top of themask so it would tie in with the trailer. We wanted to familiarise I then placed the age rating on the bottom left hand corner. Weour audience with this so they would be interested and know what decided on an 18 rating as our trailer contains blood and afilm we’re talking about. weapon.
  3. 3. I then started on the credits at the bottom of the poster. I had I then added the production company logo (for both Psycho Filmslooked at previous posters (like Halloween for example) and they and Universal Pictures) to again, make the poster look authentic.all include the actors and directors names. We did this to make itlook authentic.I then added the two stars of the film on top of Hush Hush to I then added the tagline at the top of the page; ‘Can you keep acreate a ‘buzz’ around who is in the film and to leave the audience deadly secret?’ This tagline leaves the audience wanting more andwanting more. encourages them to think about what could happen in the film.
  4. 4. I made sure I included a quote from a realmagazine based on films so, I included a quote The ‘4 stars’ underneath the sellingfrom Empire. This selling quote tells the quote enables the audience toaudience that movie critics liked what they understand what rating movie criticssaw and this encourages audiences to watch give the movie. We decided to give thethe film. movie a 4/5, enabling the audience to judge for themselves whether or not the film is a 5/5 instead of critics telling them that they’ll love it.