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Hypodermic Syringe Model


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A2 Media: Audience Theory

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Hypodermic Syringe Model

  1. 1. Governments had just discovered the power of advertising to communicate a message, and produced propaganda to try and sway the population to their way of thinking. This was particularly extensiveThis theory is still quoted during moral in Europe during WWI.panics by parents, politicians and pressuregroups, and is used to explain why certaingroups in society should not be exposed tocertain media texts (comics in the1950s, rap music in the 2000s); for fear thatthey will watch or read sexual or violentbehaviour and will then act them outthemselves.
  2. 2. 2 year old toddler Jamie Bulgerwas abducted and murdered bytwo 10 year old boys. 10 year olds Robert Thompson (l) and Jon Venables (r) were found guilty of murder and where sentenced to imprisonment at a Young Offenders institution. The two boys had supposedly watched the horror film Child’s Play 3 before they abducted the 2 year old. Jamie’s death was similar to one of the murders in the film. ‘The Sun’ then speculated whether violence in the media should be accepted in our society. Should violence in the media be accepted?
  3. 3. Would you want to run into Norman Bates on the street (if you didn’t know he was a murderer)? I know I would. With villains nowadays, they dress like us, talk like YUM! us, look like us - think Billy in Scream.If you hear a loud noise or rustling in bushes,you will get scared.. You’ll think MichaelMyers is coming for you.
  4. 4. N: As a result, Lazarsfeld and his group then created the ‘two-step flow of communication’ model, which states that ideasflow from the media to opinion leaders and from them to less active sections of the population.
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