Horror Movie Questionnaire Results


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A2 Media Research:
Results from the recent questionnaire I carried out on SurveyMonkey.

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Horror Movie Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. SurveyMonkey Results
  2. 2. Q1. Whats your greatest fear and how did you come about being afraid of it? 5% Heights 5% 20% Vermin 5% Needles 10% Clowns 10% Spiders Snakes 5% Death 30% 10% Zombies Small spacesWhat my audiences had described was that they were still afraid of the same fears they had as children. Themajority of my audience are afraid of spiders. This component is a possibility. The majority were also afraid ofheights. These two components may be a little hard to work with however, films such as Arachnophobia andFlight Plan could very well help me on my way.Although I want my audience to be scared, I’ll also take into consideration how scared my audience want to beand how far I can go with their fears before they get too freaked out.
  3. 3. Q2. What components in horror scare you the most? 12% 17% Darkness Fear of the unknown 19% Entrapment Monsters 28% Supernatural 7% Other 17%With this question, the majority are frightened by fear of the unknown and the supernatural. This could tie intofilms such as Paranormal Activity, The Entity, Poltergeist etc: all of which are based on true events. A possibilitywould be for me to create a horror trailer based on true events in the UK that haven’t surfaced before.
  4. 4. Q3. Whats your favourite location for horror to be set?The majority of my audiences are more interested in seeing a horror movie set in an isolated part of town with adomestic setting closely behind. This again ties into the element of truthfulness and so, this is a possibility.
  5. 5. Q4. What do you like to see in horror movie trailers? (Music, setting, voice-overs etc). 16% 23% Suspense 3% Music Voice-overs Good storyline 13% Originality Jumpy moments 3% 23% Silence Darkness 3% 16%When asking my audience what they like to see in horror trailers, I gave them the ability to choose at least 2choices. The most popular answers were suspense, music, voice-overs and darkness – four possibilities that Icould include in my horror trailer. I believe these components will add the horrific and terrifying element of mytrailer which will entice my audience as well as scare them.
  6. 6. Q5. Do you want to be frightened when you watch a horror movie trailer? 11% Yes No 89%Even though the majority of my audience want to be scared when watching a trailer, I have to take intoconsideration the 11% of my audience who don’t want to be scared. I’ll have to consider ways of enticing themajority as well as the minority in order for my trailer to be successful.
  7. 7. Q6. How would you describe your horror viewing habits? 5% 16% Always 32% Occasional Rare Never 47%The fact that most of my audience watch horror movies occasionally suggests that they would be interested inwatching a horror movie if they enjoyed the trailer. However, I’d have to work hard at achieving a great trailer inorder to raise an interest.
  8. 8. Q7. Are you attracted to blood and gore? 21% Yes 47% No To some extent 32%The majority enjoyed seeing blood and gore but to an extent. This gives me an implication that my audiencewouldn’t be interested or wouldn’t personally want to watch the movie if they saw blood and gore so, I couldpossibly add in blood to various scenes within the trailer but to a certain degree.
  9. 9. Q8. Whats the most recent horror film youve seen and what did you enjoy about it? 5% Paranormal Activity 3 5% 11.11 11% Insidious 42% Mirrors 5% Halloween 2 Piranha 3D 5% Halloween 5% Scream 5% The Human Centipede 11% 6% Black SwanWith this question, I received manymixed responses however, the mostpopular film that my audiences had An answer that struck me was Black Swan. This personwatched was Paranormal Activity 3. enjoyed that they took a beautiful profession and had twistedWhat most of the people had said was it around to make it out to be a potentially life-threateningthey enjoyed that they were unaware of profession.who/what was causing such chaos and With the answers, I have been able to take into consideration what mythat the setting was so ‘average’ – links to audience enjoys most about horror movies and Paranormal Activity 3 maymy possible setting. However, one be a film for me to watch so I am able to understand where my audienceperson had written that she didn’t enjoy is coming from.the film because it freaked her out.
  10. 10. Q9. What gender are you? 11% Male Female 89%The answers to this questions caught me off-guard. I was expecting the majority to be male however, it turnedout they were predominantly female. This may have been due to females feeling ‘closer’ to the victims or the‘final girl’ and so, they’ll feel they’ll enjoy the film more if they can relate to the characters.
  11. 11. Q10. How old are you? 0% 11% 10% 0-15 16-25 26-40 40+ 79%The fact that the majority that answered this questionnaire were between 16-25 years old automatically identifiesmy target audience. This gives me the impression that older audiences aren’t as interested in horror as youngeraudiences and the fascination with horror changes with time.